Aspire Breeze Review - It's a Breeze
Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality78%
76%100Overall Score

The Aspire Breeze is toted as an easy to use all in one system that aims to make vaping as easy and user-friendly as possible, relieving you of the required maintenance and prerequisite knowledge needed to start vaping on a more advanced setup. The Aspire Breeze is an extremely compact and pocketable device with a total battery capacity of 800mAh. How does it compare to its direct competitor, the iCare 2? Let’s find out! Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Stealthy & Pocket-Friendly
  • Great Flavor

Product Cons

  • Not easy to refill




Aspire Breeze Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Comparing the Aspire Breeze with the Eleaf iCare 2, you’d be hard-pressed to spot any major differences, especially at a distance. At closer inspection, the Breeze is just a tad thicker than the iCare but not by a big enough margin for it to really matter.

To give you a better idea the Breeze measures in at 93mm * 33mm* 18mm while the iCare comes in at a similar yet slightly smaller 86mm* 31mm *13mm. If you’re absolutely into getting the smallest device possible between these two options, the iCare might be a good option. But for most users, the small size difference doesn’t really matter in real life usage.

One of the major differences in build quality between the iCare 2 and the Breeze is that the former uses a rubbery and grippy material for the body, whereas the Breeze has a smooth and satin-like finish. Both feel good to the touch and its mostly just user preference at this point as to what kind of feel you’re looking for in a device.

One of the things I liked about the Breeze is that it came packaged with a protective cover for the drip tip preventing dirt or lint from entering the chamber which is especially handy if you’re the type of vaper who tends to cram multiple things into one pocket.

The side of the Breeze holds the window peering into the tank where you can check out remaining eliquid levels. The Breeze sports a similar LED indicator which can be found on the tank of the device allowing you to gauge remaining battery life and when is the best time to recharge the device. The tank window lights up bright violet when full,  blue when at medium capacity,  and red when its finally time to recharge.

A micro USB port can be found at the bottom of the Breeze along with sufficient battery venting. The front of the device is where you’ll find the recessed and clicky fire button which feels adequately responsive. Overall I find the firing button on the Breeze a lot easier and more satisfying to press compared to the iCare 2 which simply sits flush with the body of the mod making it a bit more prone to accidental firing especially when pocketed.


Vapor Quality

One of the major advantages the Breeze holds over the iCare 2 is the slightly larger battery capacity sitting at 800mAh compared to its competitors 650mAh battery, though this is somewhat offset by the larger wattage output of the Breeze over the iCare 2. Although Aspire hasn’t specified the exact wattage of the Breeze, it definitely packs a stronger punch than the iCare 2’s 15-watt maximum and I would go as far to estimate it at somewhere around 25-30 watts.

The 0.6ohm coils on the Breeze are better quality than those on the iCare 2  as well lasting for about a week while producing more flavor and vapor. I had to be careful about chain vaping on the Breeze though as doing so would sometimes lead to dry hits, hinting the wicking capabilities on the coil cant keep up with the higher wattage.

A cool feature found on the Breeze is the option to switch between an “Automatic” or “Manual” vaping mode. When setting the Breeze to Automatic, it functions similarly to a cigarette wherein the device will automatically fire as soon as you take a draw from the drip tip. Manual mode lets the Breeze function just like any other regular mod that fires when pressing the firing button. Although I personally don’t find the Automatic mode to my liking, transitioning vapers who are coming from smoking tobacco might appreciate the cigarette-like feel that this mode gives.

One minor drawback of choosing the Breeze over the iCare 2 is that it’s not quite as easy to refill the 2ml tank, requiring you to unscrew the rod from the tank and thus having to deal with a wet and eliquid drenched coil to hold as you pour or drip eliquid down the tank on the Breeze.




The Aspire Breeze doesn’t offer much in terms of versatility. It vapes at a fixed wattage with an unadjustable airflow.

Aspire doesn’t provide any other coil options as well other than the 0.6-ohm model that comes packaged with the device.

This can be a good or bad thing depending on what kind of vaper you are.

Those looking for variety might be a bit put off, but for those who are seeking a uniform and consistent vaping experience with every puff will like what the Breeze has to offer.



Both the Breeze and iCare 2 offer similar battery life which is both… not so great. Of course, this is something to be expected from devices as compact as these.It should be noted that the Breeze does hit a bit harder than the iCare 2 making for more satisfying hits.

The Breeze is compatible with a portable charging dock that holds a maximum battery capacity of 2000mAh, essentially tripling the battery life of the device. One disadvantage of the Breeze’s portable charger though is that it doesn’t allow operation when plugged into the dock, unlike the portable dock of the iCare 2 which holds up to 2300mAh and allows pass-through charging and lets you operate the device when charging it this way.

Take note though that the Breeze can still be used when charging the device through the Micro USB port.


The Aspire Breeze is a compelling option for those who want an easy to use and compact vaping experience. The relatively high output produces a satisfying hit and the automatic mode gives an almost cigarette like feel when operating the Breeze making it my preferred device between this all in one by Aspire and the Eleaf iCare 2.

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