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Build Quality77%
Vapor Quality79%
75%100Overall Score

Today we are going to take a look at the Cobble, Aspire’s little new pod-style device. The Aspire Cobble uses a coil called the BVC coil which is actually the same coil that you would use in the Aspire Nautilus tank.  Unfortunately, the coil is not removable and you still have to replace the whole pod but at least it is refillable.

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Product Pros

  • Small and ergonomic design
  • Refillable pod
  • Uses BVC coil
  • 700 mah battery capacity
  • Bypass output

Product Cons

  • The coil is not replaceable


Aspire Cobble Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Aspire took a fresh turn when they designed the Cobble as most of their devices has the same boxy look As the name implies, the Aspire Cobble is heavily inspired to a cobblestone in terms of the device shape and look and it kind of reminds of the old Samsung Pebble.

The Aspire Cobble comes in 5 different color options and three of my favorites are the dark marble, the carbon fiber, and the mountain mist. While the wood grain and the zebra stripe looks fine, they take away the whole cobblestone design vibe. All of the color options have a smooth finish and depending on the design, the main body can either be black, white or gray.

The pod sits seamlessly on the top of the device which makes it look like a part of the device itself but unfortunately, it is only press-fitted and not magnetically attached which makes it a bit tricky to remove. The pod is refillable and it can hold up to 1.8 ml of e liquid but unfortunately, the coil isn’t replaceable and you have to replace the whole pod when the coil gets bad. The Cobble doesn’t have any buttons like most pod systems on the market and it makes it look super clean aesthetics-wise.

The device only has a battery indicator, an e liquid window and a micro USB port on the side and since it has no buttons, it features an automatic draw system which most pod systems have nowadays. The Aspire Cobble, while small, has an internal battery that has a capacity of 700 mah. This is a very good thing since you can expect a very long uptime on a low powered device like this.


Vapor Quality

The Cobble uses Aspire’s own BVC coils which stands for bottom vertical coils. This coil is not new and it has been used for the Nautilus tank and some of their older clearomizers. The coil is made of NiChrome instead of kanthal and it is basically an upgrade to their older BDC coil. This coil has a resistance of 1.4 ohm and is primarily made for the flavor chasers.

This coil is practically a beast when it comes to flavor production due to its vertical coil setup that allows for faster heat build-up and dissipation. This also makes the coil last longer than other normal coils which is a big pro. The Aspire Cobble features a bypass output, which means the power it can produce depends on the remaining battery life.

It will fire at its strongest when the battery is full and will go down as it drains. The good thing about this type of output is that you can utilize the whole power of the internal battery and you can get the most flavor and vapor when the battery is fully charged until about half.

The downside is you will definitely notice the drop in performance once it reaches the lower half of the battery life. The Aspire Cobble is a mouth to lung device, which means it produces a tight and restrictive hit which greatly pairs with a nicotine salt based e liquid.




Just like most pod systems on the market, you can’t get anything else from the Aspire Cobble as it is a true mouth to lung only device. Normally, this can be a big deal breaker but the market for this type of device are the newbies who just got off of smoking cigarettes.

The tight and restrictive hit the Cobble can produce is a perfect simulation of smoking a normal cigarette and it is a great transition device to the world of vaping.



The Aspire Cobble is only 78mm in height, 41mm in length and 15.5mm in width. It is a very pocket-friendly device and it is a great vaporizer when you are out and about.

It also has a big battery for a pod system which greatly helps to its portability factor as you don’t have to worry about charging it in the middle of the day just to continue your vaping enjoyment.


The Aspire Cobble is a cool little pod system for the flavor chasers out there. Its utilization of the BVC coil is a good thing since we are now almost seeing a full tank atomizer performance on a pod device and while it creates some kind of an identity crisis due to the fact that Aspire labeled it as an all-in-one device, it still is a pod system at heart.

The shape and design of the Cobble are cool and very refreshing, however, they should have made the pod magnetic as opposed to being press-fitted for the sake of convenience. I also have mixed feelings about the bypass output since it is only good when there is more than half of the battery life left and I think it will be better if they just went for a fixed or constant wattage output.

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