Aspire Cygnet Revvo Kit Review - Skynet of Vapes?
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality84%
78%100Overall Score

The Cygnet mod is Aspire’s take on a simple, barebones but very functional vape mod. A very similar set of traits that we all have seen on the Eleaf Pico which is its trademark. The Aspire Cygnet has the same feel to it as with the Eleaf Pico, a compact vape mod with simple features that caters more to the casual vapers who don’t really like to fiddle with other vaping modes such as temperature control, TCR and power curves.

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Product Pros

  • 80 watts maximum power output
  • Convenient top fill design
  • Triple adjustable airflow

Product Cons

  • Short battery life (single 18650 battery)
  • Doesn’t support temperature control
  • Not compatible with 510 and 810 drip tips


Aspire Cygnet Revvo Kit Review: Breakdown

Aspire Cygnet Revvo available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Looking at the Aspire Cygnet, you will realize that it has a strong resemblance to the very popular Eleaf Pico. From the body shape to the way the top slopes down to the 510 plate that holds the atomizer, I am pretty sure that Aspire really did get their design inspiration from the Eleaf Pico.

The Eleaf Pico is one of the best compact mods on the market right now and I think that it is a smart move mimicking its design to boost its popularity and sales. We have seen other big companies do this to some of their products and as long as it is not a blatant copy, it’s good.

After all, we vapers are the ones benefiting from it as we continuously get good quality mod selections. The Aspire Cygnet is a single 18650 mod just like the Pico but unlike the Pico, the Cygnet has its battery door on the bottom that is recessed.

Also found on the bottom of the mod are the up and down buttons just like on the Pico. This is a somewhat questionable decision from Aspire since the only complaint people have on the Pico is the placement of those buttons as it makes it harder to do quick adjustments on the mod.

On the plus side, it makes the Aspire Cygnet look cleaner as the front only has the fire button and the LED screen display. The screen display is on the small side but it is fairly bright. For a mod with simple features like the Aspire Cygnet, a screen this small is enough to see all the information you need.

The fire button is placed just above the screen display and has a satisfying click to it and is very responsive. The Aspire Cygnet is paired with the Revvo tank, which is dubbed as the revolutionary tank atomizer. It is a 24 mm atomizer that features 3 adjustable top airflows and can hold up to 2 ml of e liquid.

The Revvo tank features a nifty top filling design which is why it is called revolutionary. The Revvo tank utilizes a spring-loaded filling tube in the center that is accessible from the drip tip.

How it works is you can directly fill the tank without opening the top cap by pushing the tip of your e liquid bottle or dripper to the tube as it is soft enough to allow even the slightest amount of pressure but strong enough to create a seal to make it leak free. I can honestly say that refilling a tank has never been so easy with the Revvo tank.


Vapor Quality

The Revvo tank comes with 2 coils called the Aspire Radial Coil. These coils sit horizontally in the tank and are designed very similarly to a stove-top. The coils are made of kanthal and have a resistance varying from 0.23 ohm to 0.28 ohm.

The cool thing about the ARC coil design is it has an increased surface area for the e liquid to be vaporized which in turn produces a better overall flavor and vapor production. The Aspire Cygnet has a maximum power output of 80 watts and it is more than enough for the ARC coil.

It actually doesn’t matter if you vape at max 80 watts or on a lower wattage as the ARC coils are optimized for both. Thanks to its very wide heating area that is evenly spread, flavor and vapor production are top notch.

Aspire Cygnet Revvo flat display




The Aspire Cygnet is a very simple mod catered to the vapers who only need the basic features. The Cygnet only has 3 vaping modes which are variable wattage, variable voltage, and a bypass mode, which are actually good enough for people who don’t really use temperature control.

I actually like this type of mods that only give you what you want and need since most of the time, the newbies or even the longtime vapers don’t really care about TC and TCR and it is becoming a wasted feature on most of the advanced mods.



With the Revvo tank installed, the Aspire Cygnet is only 72.5mm in height, 48mm in length and 24mm in width. It is one of the most compact single 18650 battery mod on the market which rivals even the Pico.

The size of the mod allows for a very discreet vaping as it can be easily concealed in your hand and putting it inside your pocket will be no problem at all.

Aspire Cygnet Revvo tank detached


The Aspire Cygnet Revvo kit is a great alternative if you are looking to buy a compact single 18650 mod like the Eleaf iStick Pico. It basically has the same good features as the Pico and knowing Aspire, reliability is guaranteed. The Revvo tank with the ARC coil performs really great and is a very different experience when it comes to refilling.

I can honestly say that it has the best top fill design out of all the tanks on the market right now. Another thing to add is that the Aspire Cygnet offers more vibrant and hip color options than the competition which makes it a better buy when it comes to aesthetics.

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    I love this vaporizer!! Great billowing clouds! Beautiful mod design!! My fave so far!! Highly recommend!!


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