Aspire Dynamo Kit Review - Vaping Dynamo?
Build Quality77%
Vapor Quality85%
79%100Overall Score

While the vaping world is in the middle of the pod system hype, Aspire didn’t give up on making some cool-looking advanced mods and they have a really good reputation on making quality products as we have seen on some of their devices such as the Puxos, the Skystar, and the Speeder. Now, they are giving us a new device with some new innovations and a tank that utilizes a set of brand new coils called the Aspire Dynamo kit.

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Product Pros

  • Dual battery configuration (18650, 20700, 21700)
  • 220 watts maximum power output
  • Child lock system
  • A bright and colorful screen display

Product Cons

  • The device is big and hefty


Aspire Dynamo Kit Review: Breakdown

Aspire Dynamo available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

When I first took the Dynamo out of the box and turned it on, the only thing that came to my mind is a smartwatch. I am not kidding when I say that the Dynamo looks like a smartwatch that is attached to a charging dock of some sort.

I guess Aspire is looking to bring a new design trend to the table when they designed the Dynamo and whether it looks good or bad is up to your personal preference. For me though, it actually looks clean and refreshing. The round color screen display is bright and crisp and it actually doesn’t look like a TFT panel, although it will be so much better if Aspire makes all their screen panels into OLED for a much better screen display that is just nitpicking on my end.

It goes to show how Aspire can make anything work in terms of design and they pretty much have a good record on making good-looking devices. The Dynamo is constructed out of metal and plastic and I understand why they made it this way since the Dynamo natively supports dual 21700 batteries.

It is a big and hefty device and converting some parts into a lightweight material really helps in shedding some weight to the mod. The overall feel of the mod screams quality even to the smallest details like the fire button and the adjustment buttons which are very tactile and responsive.

I also really like the modern look of the device especially the carbon fiber design on the back which adds to the premium design even though we know it’s not a real carbon fiber panel. The quality doesn’t end with the Dynamo as the tank that comes in the kit is one of the most beautiful tanks on the market.

It is called the Nepho tank and it is a 27mm tank that features a child lock mechanism and dually adjustable airflow. What’s special about the Nepho tank is that it has knurling on the top and the bottom piece making it very easy to disassemble and adds to the overall sexiness of the tank.


Vapor Quality

The kit comes with 2 Nepho coil heads. The pre-installed one has a mesh coil inside that has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and is rated at 60 to 75 watts. The other included coil has a resistance of 0.5 ohm and is rated at 65 to 75 watts. I already expected the mesh coil to be as good as some of the mesh coils I have tried and I was not disappointed. It might actually be even better but it might have that effect due to the fact that the Nepho tank is one beast of a tank.

The flavor production on the mesh coil is superb and the same goes for the vapor production. I wished they just included 2 mesh coil heads instead of having an extra kanthal coil head which is somewhat inferior to its mesh counterpart in terms of flavor but it is not a bad coil head. Either way, you will be chucking clouds all day as the vapor production on both coil heads is on a tournament level.

Aspire Dynamo battery slot




With the amount of power the Dynamo can provide, it can pretty much fire any coil build you want to use. It is also good that it can support different types of batteries as the most common battery until now are the 18650s.

The Dynamo is also compatible with atomizers that are 30mm in diameter without overhang which is pretty neat.



The Dynamo is a huge mod and the Nepho tank is not small either. The whole kit is 137mm in height, 49mm in length and 34mm in width. It will surely be a struggle putting it in your pocket and if ever you managed to fit it in, it will most probably stick out.

It is not a discreet vape mod by any means but portability-wise, if you are good carrying it around inside a bag, I’m pretty sure there will be no problems. It also has a micro USB port with a 2A charging feature so if you forgot to bring some extra batteries, charging it will be quick and easy.

Aspire Dynamo tank


If you are looking for an advanced mod that has all the right features any vapers could ever need and comes with an awesome sub-ohm tank that can be considered as one of the best tanks on the market right now, then the Aspire Dynamo kit might be the perfect vape kit for you. It has plenty of power, support for every vaping modes, compatible with all types of batteries, a bright and colorful screen, and good aesthetics overall.

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