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Aspire isn’t the type of company to be left behind in trends and have come up with their own innovative solution to make vaping as easy as possible in the tiny form of their Aspire Gusto Mini kit. Firing up to a fixed maximum wattage of 17 watts, it might not be a particularly inviting mod for the experienced user, but for neophytes to the tech, it looks to be a noteworthy entry into the growing repository of devices flooding the market. Let’s find out why.

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Product Pros

  • Ease of Use
  • Small Form Factor
  • Good Construction

Product Cons

  • Pods should be refillable


Aspire Gusto Mini Review: Breakdown

Aspire Gusto Mini Color


Build Quality

Build Quality

With its C-shell design, the Gusto Mini evokes a simple yet elegant aura that belies its ease of use and performance. Offered in an array of simplistic color combinations that work best as a stealth vape, the mod definitely isn’t one to draw attention to itself with its minuscule form factor and smooth linear lines. Measuring out to a tiny 70mm in height, 47.5mm in width and 22mm in thickness, it’s easily palmed by even the tiniest of hands making it perfect for concealment against peering eyes.

The robust zinc alloy construction that comprises the tank door and the actual body of the device give the mod a nice solid feel that feels great in the hands and the ergonomic C-shape ensures prolonged vaping sessions are comfortable as possible. In accordance with the spartan design of the Gusto Mini there really isn’t much to be said about the difference knick-knacks you’ll find on the body of the mod itself.

A simple firing button is located on the front which offers a satisfying click to accompany the rapid power delivery. The tiny yet functional drip tip located up top doesn’t protrude too much further aiding in this devices pocketability. A tiny LED indicator can be found on the front to show that the device is powered on and also acts to display remaining battery life, while the micro USB port used for charging the 900mAh LiPo battery can be found directly below it.

The way the Gusto Mini operates is very similar in practice to another ultra portable device, the JUUL. Both utilize proprietary pods sold by their respective vendor in a variety of flavors.

Installation of pods on the Gusto Mini couldn’t be simpler, just pop open the door that houses the tank, take your pod and simply pull off the two silicone stoppers then slap the pod firmly in between the two connectors that are designed to firmly hold the pod in place. Once you’ve replaced the cover and let the pod sit for a few minutes to let the wicks saturate with eliquid then you’re all set to start vaping.


Vapor Quality

The pods come with a capacity of 4.2ml (or a TPD compliant 2ml if you’re buying them in the EU). Not only do they hold eliquid but each of them comes with a coil built in which ensures that you’ll rarely stop with the need to replace coils. The pods are built with a resistance of 1.5 ohms which fits perfectly with the fixed 17 watts of output that the Gusto Mini has to offer.

While the included pods offer a nicotine strength of 12mg/ml which might seem a lot less than the 50mg/ml that JUUL has to offer, the slightly bumped up wattage and increased airflow of the Gusto Mini help tip things in its favor.

Vaping the Gusto Mini in direct lung mode lets the coils produce lots of flavor and vapor, however vaping them with a restricted airflow isn’t as satisfying unfortunately. One thing I was hoping for as well with the included pods is that they would offer refillable pod options to let you use your favorite eliquid flavors instead of being limited by small (yet still tasty) selection of pod flavors Aspire has to offer.

Aspire Gusto Mini Inners




The Gusto Mini, similar to the JUUL doesn’t offer anything in regards to alternate vaping modes such as temperature control, pre-heat, and customisable TCR curves. This is understandable since the device is geared towards beginners and I imagine the designers wanted to avoid confusing neophytes with advanced modes that might hamper the ease of use of the mod.

The Gusto Mini, however, does offer a slew of safety measures included to make sure that vaping is as safe as possible. This includes an auto cut off which limits the firing of the mod to under 10 seconds which is invaluable in case you forget to lock the device and the firing button accidentally gets pressed inside your pocket or your bag. An overheat protection is also included to ensure that the device doesn’t get too hot during prolonged use, while an overcharge protection lets you charge the device without worry.



While the Gusto Mini isn’t as compact as the JUUL, it still offers a lot in terms of overall portability. It’s able to fit virtually anywhere and its lightweight construction means that keeping it in your pocket won’t bog your pants down with unwelcome weight.

Since the Gusto Mini is also larger it offers more battery life lasting a good deal longer than the JUUL, letting you vape for a good duration of the day. In case the battery needs topping up, the 900mAh charging rate lets the  Gusto Mini get up to speed in almost no time at all.

Aspire Gusto Mini on back


The Gusto Mini is a welcome alternative to the JUUL, offering the same extreme ease of use in a compact frame with a slightly longer battery life. While both devices vape great, I’m personally inclined towards the Gusto Mini as the JUUL’s extremely small footprint might mean that careless people such as myself will be even more likely to lose or misplace the device.

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