Aspire K4 Starter Kit Review - Lofty Aspirations
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality74%
72%100Overall Score

The K4 Quick Starter kit is Aspire’s own participant into the world of entry-level mods geared specifically for beginners. Featuring a sleek carbon fiber exterior, a 22mm diameter K4 tank, and a 2000mAh internal LiPo battery pack. It’s a tiny and compact little kit that offers ease of use and simple, hassle-free maintenance. While it may not have the features of more advanced devices, the K4 promises similar satisfaction thanks to the Clapton coils bundled with the kit. Let’s dive down below into the nitty gritty of this kit, and see if the Aspire K4 Starter kit is a good fit for your needs.

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Product Pros

  • Sleek tubular design
  • Great flavor and vapor production

Product Cons

  • Small battery life


Aspire K4 Starter Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Fans of the carbon fiber look will feel at home with the Aspire K4 with its svelte exterior that reeks of a premium feel all throughout the mod. The tubular design has a maximum diameter of 22mm that extends all the way up to the attached tank ensuring a small and easy to hold design that’s both ergonomic and stylish.

The singular button found on the device is a round firing switch displaying the Aspire logo. The clicky response coupled with the mods minimal firing delay makes for a comfortable vaping experience all throughout. The top of the mod uses a spring loaded 510 connection that is thankfully standard, so you’ll have the option of using other atomizers with the K4 just as long as it’s not larger than 22mm in diameter.

A micro USB port is located at the bottom of the mod for quick passthrough charging. While I’m normally averse to charging ports located at the bottom of mods, I don’t particularly mind it on the K4 since it’s not often that tube-style vapes are charged standing up.

The included K4 tank uses a stainless steel construction that gives it an overall solid feel. One thing I particularly like is how well machined all the threads on the tank are, making threading the tank on the mod a painless affair. Thanks to the tight tolerances in the build quality, there is also no gap between the tank and the mod with everything sitting nice and flush.



Vapor Quality

The K4 Starter kit comes with 2 Clapton coil heads ohming out to 0.27 ohms on both coils. Each coil head is wicked using organic cotton and is rated for up to to 55 watts in power mode. The build quality on these coil heads are fantastic offering a dense yet clean flavor with lots of vapor production.

Despite the unassuming looks of the K4 mod, the performance of the entire kit is pretty impressive thanks to these Clapton coil heads, giving it an easy edge over the stock performance of other high powered mods that only utilize simple rounds wire builds in their bundled coil heads. Coil life is pretty great as well with each coil head giving at least a week up to 2 weeks of optimal flavor and vapor production.

The K4 Tank uses a rotating ring at the bottom to adjust airflow to get that draw just right, with three airflow slots that let you fine-tune your vape exactly to your preferences. A Pyrex glass tank is used for the eliquid chamber that lets the tank house up to 3.5ml of eliquid which is pretty decent for a kit of this size.

The stainless steel top cap easily threads off revealing the adequately sized portholes for filling with eliquid. The top cap uses a food-grade 510 Delrin drip tip allowing you to swap it out with your own custom drip tips allowing for even more customisability.





The K4 doesn’t offer much in terms of advanced vaping features, opting to trim the entire vaping experience to the bare bones fixed wattage power mode. A simple 5 clicks on the firing button turns the device on or off, then press the firing button to start vaping.

Although the Aspire K4 shares all the physical characteristics of a mechanical tube mode, that doesn’t mean it comes with all the limitations. Despite the lack of variable wattage control, the mod still has support for a host of safety features such as short circuit protection, low battery voltage protection, and overcharge protection.

Unlike other tube-style devices which are AIO’s the Aspire K4 lets you remove the included tank and use any atomizer that’s 22mm in diameter which is a great option for those who decide to branch out and try other tanks or RDAs.



While the non-swappable 2000mAh battery of the Aspire K4 might not get you through the entire day, the micro USB charging port gets it up to speed pretty quickly with the help of a power bank or USB power source making it a handy mod for those on-the-go. Pass through charging is also supported meaning you can vape on the K4 even while it’s charging though this is often discouraged in order to preserve battery integrity.

Standing at a height of 84mm and with a diameter of 22mm, the K4 is a pretty compact device, easily fitting into pockets or small carry cases. The carbon fiber exterior gives it a nice hand feel and also helps to avoid the mod from slipping out of sweaty or careless fingers.


While the Aspire K4 is probably not the most updated device, it still offers a pretty solid vaping experience thanks to its support for Aspire’s Clapton coil heads which offer heaps of flavor and vapor with every puff. While the 2000mAh battery isn’t anything to write home about, it still manages to get through the better portion of the day.

For those looking for a non-mechanical tube style mod that offers all the safety features of regulated devices, the Aspire K4 kit is a great option especially for the beginners out there. For intermediate users who are in need for a more advanced or involved vaping experience, check out our review on the Vaporesso Revenger for an all-around great device which offers great support for temperature control and customisable vaping modes perfect for the vaping savants to fiddle with.

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