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Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality83%
81%Overall Score

The Aspire NX75 kit is a great mod and you should buy it. There. Review over. Jokes aside, the NX75 looks to be one of the most promising little kits I’ve seen released in a while. It’s a single 18650 mod that fires up to a maximum of 75 watts, is built like a tank with die-cast zinc alloy construction and comes with an awesome tank to boot.  The Evo Atlantis tank that comes bundled with the kit features an omnidirectional adjustable airflow, supports Aspire’s awesome Clapton coils, and one of the smoothest and polished machining jobs I’ve witnessed on a tank.

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Product Pros

  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Great flavor production

Product Cons

  • Only a single 18650  mod


Aspire NX75 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Evo NX75 from Aspire is a work of art if vaping devices could be considered art. Available in a select few colors such as a matte black, stainless steel, and pure white, the NX75 stands out with its pure simplicity which underlies a craftily engineered (One might even say over-engineered) design. The die-cast zinc alloy construction gives this mod a satisfying hand feel that is rarely experienced on other devices with just the right amount of heft.

Looking at the front end of the device, it’s easy to tell that this mod is a far cry from typical starter kits that aim to simplify one’s approach to vaping as much as possible. The front face is decorated with an assortment of buttons which make changing the device’s settings as easy as possible which is an impressive feat considering the number of features this mod supports.

A dedicated wattage button is used to switch the mod between voltage or wattage mode while the temperature button makes cycling between temp control modes painless and hassle-free. All buttons including the firing button and up/down buttons feel solid, clicky, and satisfying to press with their great tactile response.

One of the best characteristics of the NX75 is the battery compartment. The door which is affixed to the device by magnets acts as the housing for the single 18650. Instead of slipping the battery in between the positive and negative pins, replacing or installing the battery involves simply sliding the 18650 into the battery door chamber then letting the magnets do all the work of keeping everything in place. The mod feels 100% stable with absolutely no rattle when shaking so no worries of your battery suddenly falling out.

The top of the mod features a spring loaded gold plated 510 connection that can accommodate atomizers up to 22mm in diameter without overhang. Off to the side is the micro USB port which can be used to charge the device or to upgrade the onboard firmware.


Vapor Quality

Thanks to the included Clapton coil heads which are bundled with the kit, flavor and vapor production easily outstrip the performance wrought by other manufacturers coil heads which only utilize simple round wire coils. Coming in at a 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm option with the 0.4ohm offering a wider airflow with the lower resistance allowing more wattage and therefore more vapor. I found the 0.5ohm more to my liking as the airflow was a bit more restrictive which meant getting a denser and fully formed flavor from the vape.

The Evo Atlantis tank is constructed from primarily stainless steel and one of the things I instantly noticed was how Aspire did such a great job on the machining of the tank. Threads are perfectly smooth, there are no burrs, scratches, or imperfections on any part of the atomizer which not only make it great to look at but also extremely easy to use as threading the top cap off and on is made hassle-free. Speaking of the top cap, Aspire included a rubber top cap cover which makes gripping the knurling on the top cap a whole lot easier allowing for quicker refills.

The tank is a top fill and the top cap makes a perfect seal on the chamber. So far, the Evo Atlantis has been leak-free from the time I’ve been using it. Dry hits are a thing of the past with this tank as well since the included coils wick eliquid quickly thanks to the multiple large wicking ports found on each side of the coil heads which is a good thing for all chain vapers out there.

Aspire NX Display




The Aspire NX75 is probably one of the most versatile and customisable box mods in the market. Supporting the ability to customise the menu screen with text of your choice not to mention full support for the standard gamut of temperature control modes such as stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. The pre-heat function is also highly adjustable allowing you fine-tune the exact output of your vape with a detailed power curve which you can even monitor as you’re vaping.

Customizable TCR is also standard for a device of this caliber and I’m glad to report that temp control works admirably well for this device coming close the accuracy and performance of DNA mods. Unfortunately, the kit didn’t come with any temp control coils out of the box so if you’re looking forward to trying the TC mode out you’re going to have to source the coils on your own.



While a bit larger than most single 18650 battery devices in the market, the Aspire NX75 makes up for it with its robust design and rigid construction. The NX75 is still plenty compact measuring out to 75mm * 22mm * 35mm which should appease all vapers out there who are fans of small and compact mods.

Battery life isn’t really an issue since the battery can simply be swapped out when on the go. And while battery life is largely dependent on the brand and quality of batteries used, I found the battery life on the NX75 to perform at par with many other single 18650 mods using similar 18650 batteries.

Aspire NX 75 with top off


The Aspire NX75 might not be the newest mod out right now, but it’s definitely one of the best-designed devices to grace my review table in a long while. The high-quality materials used, as well as the careful thought that went into designing the mod, make it a winner in my eyes and a definite must-buy for anyone in the market for a single 18650 box mod.

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