Aspire Puxos Kit Review - Pucker Up
Build Quality77%
Vapor Quality79%
73%100Overall Score

Aspire has always been the company that is consistent in producing devices that are powerful and full of features but I think this is also the first time they invested a lot of time in the design department as the Puxos features interchangeable side panels with a variety of unique designs.

The kit comes with the new Aspire Cleito Pro tank which as you might have guessed, is just a newly designed Cleito tank and the good thing is, it is compatible with the latter’s coil heads. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • 100 watts maximum power output (with 21700 battery)
  • Interchangeable side panels
  • 3 ml e liquid capacity
  • Convenient top fill design

Product Cons

  • Not compatible with 510 and 810 drip tips


Aspire Puxos Review: Breakdown

Aspire Puxos available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The first thing you will notice with the Aspire Puxos is its wild and hip design. Kudos to Aspire for putting together a variety of side panel options that is surely going to match everyone’s taste. There are 14 different styles and finishes from modern contemporary designs to the basic plain colors.

It surely brings the mod to life as you can also mix and match as both side panels are swappable. When it comes to build quality, the Aspire Puxos is super lightweight as the entire mod is mostly plastic including the side panels. The good thing about it is it makes the mod easier to hold but it can feel a little bit on the cheaper side compared to some mods that have a little weight on them.

This also poses a question whether the Aspire Puxos will stand the test of time as the materials used doesn’t feel durable enough to endure accidental drops. Construction-wise, the Puxos feels solid in the hand even though it is made of plastic so I guess we will have to trust Aspire on their decision to build it this way.

In contrast to the design, the display and the button layout on the Puxos is very common which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. Some people like colored screen displays while some people like me prefer to have a simple bright screen that can show all the essential information which what the Puxos has.

The Aspire Puxos has a maximum power output of 100 watts but only if you use a 21700 or a 20700 battery. If you are going to use an 18650 battery, the maximum output will only be 80 watts.


Vapor Quality

The atomizer that comes with the kit is the new Cleito Pro tank. Since it is a re-designed version of the Cleito and the Cleito Exo tank, one of its features is its compatibility with its older siblings’ coil heads so if you have some Cleito and Cleito Exo coil heads, you can use it with the new Cleito Pro.

There are 2 included coil heads for the Cleito Pro and they both have a resistance of 0.5 ohm. In terms of flavor and vapor performance, I can honestly say that it performs exactly the same as the Cleito Exo, or even better.

The Cleito Pro is one of the tanks that have a balanced profile which means it can easily produce some dense clouds with the help of its 3 adjustable airflow slots while maintaining a very flavorful vaping experience.

Aspire Puxos mouth piece detached




The feature I like the most with the Puxos mod is its compatibility with 3 different battery types. Even though its native battery support is for a single 21700 battery and Aspire is even kind enough to include one in the kit, you still have an option to use a 20700 or an 18650 battery.

The Poxus mod has a maximum power output of 100 watts but that is only if you are going to use a 21700 or a 20700 battery. If you choose to run it with a single 18650, the maximum output will only be 80 watts, which is very understandable as it has a smaller capacity.

The Poxus mod not only supports wattage mode but it is also capable of temperature control for different kinds of coils such as nickel, titanium and stainless steel. It also has TCR, and power curves for those who want to further personalize their vaping experience.

The Cleito Pro tank has 3 adjustable airflow slots which you can easily set for a mouth to lung or a direct lung style and it has a very convenient top fill design which is a normal feature on tanks nowadays. The only thing I don’t like about the Cleito Pro is that its drip tip is fixed so normal 510 and 810 drip tips are not compatible.



The Puxos mod with the Cleito Pro installed is only 124 mm in height, 48 mm in length and 30 mm in width. For a single 21700 battery mod, its size is average so you will have no problems carrying it around when you are out and about.

Battery life is not an issue too especially if you are going to stick with the single 21700 battery configuration and with its fast 2A charging, vaping downtime will be short.

Aspire Puxos tank


The Aspire Puxos kit is a solid kit if you are shopping for a new mod and tank combo. The Puxos mod has some cool design options and is definitely not lacking in vaping features whether you are a newbie or a long time vaper. The Cleato Pro tank is also an excellent addition to the kit as it can be considered as one of the better tanks on the market right now.

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