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Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality73%
70%100Overall Score

High quality and consistency are some of Aspire’s strong suits ever since and it continues on when they made the Breeze and Breeze 2 which vapers, whether new or veterans really loved as these are the most popular pod systems on the market after they released it. But we are not here for the Breeze and Breeze 2, as we are going to talk about Aspire’s new take on the all-in-one pod system, the Aspire Spryte.

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Product Pros

  1. 3.5 ml pod capacity
  2. 650 mah battery capacity
  3. Constant 12 watts output

Product Cons

  1. The bottom has an angle so it is hard to set it down upright
  2. Small battery for a bulkier body


Aspire Spryte Review: Breakdown

Aspire Spryte available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Aspire Spryte is long and looks bigger when compared to other devices in its category which is surprising since the Breeze and the Breeze 2 has such a small and thin profile. The good thing is even though the Aspire Spryte is not so stealthy and has a rectangular shape design, the edges are rounded so it feels very good in the hand.

The Aspire Spryte comes with a protective cap which is translucent to keep dirt away from the mouthpiece and it can be attached to the bottom of the device when removed since it matches the overall shape of the Spryte. The problem with the Aspire Spryte’s design though is that it is slanted on the top and the bottom so if you want to set it down in an upright position, it will look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is funny.

I guess it was intentionally designed this way since the micro USB port for charging is on the bottom so it is really not meant to be set down in an upright position. Speaking of charging, the Aspire Spryte has an internal battery that has a capacity of 650 mah.

This is somewhat questionable since the Spryte is definitely bigger than the Breeze 2 but they were able to cram a 1000 mah battery on the latter. The good thing is, its battery is still bigger than most pod systems out there that only has 300 mah or smaller and the Spryte will surely last longer in terms of uptime.

The Aspire Spryte features a constant wattage output which means it will consistently fire at a regulated 12 watts. This is a good thing since the flavor and vapor production of the Spryte will not deplete even as the battery drains which is common with other pod systems.

It has a big fire button on the front that also serves as the power button and is translucent in color for LED indicator to be seen through it. The LED is bright and serves as an indicator when the device is being fired, as well as showing the remaining battery life when in use or being charged.

Now, let’s talk about the pod. The pod has an e liquid capacity of 3.5 ml and is also translucent in color to easily see the remaining liquid inside. The pod is refillable and the coils can be replaced as well.

Removing and replacing the pod is super easy as it clicks into place on the top of the device, although I wish they made it magnetic. The Aspire Spryte is mainly made of aluminum alloy and it is available in 5 different color options. You can get it in olive green, gray, black, blue, and pink.


Vapor Quality

The Aspire Spryte kit comes with two coils which are both BVC coils that Aspire introduced a long time ago. Even though they are both BVC coils, they are still different with each other as one has a resistance of 1.8 ohm and the other has a resistance of 1.2 ohm and is optimized for salt based e liquids.

Both coils perform almost exactly the same, whether using a normal e liquid or a salt based e liquid. Flavorwise, the coils perform really great and I can honestly say that they are at the top when it comes to flavor but don’t expect too much on the vapor production as the cloud they can produce are very thin which is to be expected from a high resistance coil and a low powered device.

Aspire Spryte tank detached




One cool thing about the Aspire Spryte is the option to replace its coil and I think, all pod systems should have this feature instead of having to replace the whole pod which makes it more expensive than the former.

Another cool thing is that despite it being a pod system, they managed to include an adjustable airflow control under the pod so you can choose to have a mouth to lung or a direct lung style of vape.



The Aspire Spryte is only 108 mm in height, and 26 mm in both length and width. It is slightly bigger than most pod systems especially when comparing it to the Breeze 2 but it is still a pocket-friendly device thanks to its design.

It’s also cool that it has a protective cap so you don’t have to worry about dust and dirt going into the mouthpiece when it is in your pocket or in a bag.

Aspire Spryte flat display


I am pretty sure the Aspire Spryte will join the ranks of the Breeze 2 and the others when it comes to the top pod systems on the market. It has a big battery, an excellent coil, a constant wattage output, and a fairly big pod capacity. The only issue I think people will have on the Spryte is its shape and design. Breeze 2 fans love the flat design as it makes it look like a very small and compact device compared to the rectangular shape and design of the Aspire Spryte.

But for me, it’s just preference as I do know a lot of people who like the long and boxy style which the Aspire Spryte has. When it comes to vaping experience though, the Aspire Spryte is one of the best, and the ability to change coils can greatly help in cutting expenses for your vaping needs.

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