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Build Quality76%
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Today, we will be talking about the Typhon Revvo kit from Aspire. Being a long time vape company, Aspire is one of the companies that are responsible for more people making the switch to vaping as they always make good products for the masses. I have always been impressed by their products, they are very consistent when it comes to quality. That is what the Aspire Typhon is all about. It is a very capable mod in a somewhat stylish but minimalist design paired with a revolutionary atomizer that is the Revvo tank.

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Product Pros

  • Max output of 100 watts
  • 5000 mah battery
  • New Aspire Radial Coil

Product Cons

  • The battery is not removable
  • Not compatible with 510 and 810 drip tips


Aspire Typhon Revvo Kit Review: Breakdown

Aspire Typhon Revvo available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Aspire Typhon mod is somehow in the middle of being simple and stylish. The body design has this splashed effect design that looks clean but adds a little playfulness which is a cool touch and makes it a little unique. The body has no sharp edges and with the fire button on the side, it makes the Typhon super ergonomic.

On the front, you will see the 0.69 inch OLED screen display and the up and down buttons above it. On the bottom of the device is just ventilating holes for the battery which is not removable and has a 5000 mah capacity. On the back is the micro USB port for charging and for a potential firmware upgrade.

The Aspire Typhon mod has a maximum output of 100 watts and supports everything an advanced vaper needs like variable wattage, variable voltage, bypass mode, temperature control and power curve settings. The kit includes the Revvo tank which many fans call the revolutionary tank atomizer.

It is a 24 mm diameter tank that features triple adjustable top airflow and can hold 3.6 ml of e liquid. It also has a TPD compliant version that holds 2 ml of e liquid. Unlike most advanced tank atomizers that have top caps that you need to unscrew to fill them with e liquid, the Revvo tank has a spring loaded filling tube in the center which is accessible from the drip tip.

The way Aspire designed it is you can directly fill the Revvo tank without even opening the top cap. The spring of the tube is soft enough to allow even the slight pressure from almost any type of bottle or dripper, but strong enough to create a seal to make it leak free.

This is a very cool feature since I can honestly say that this is the most convenient way of filling a tank with e liquid. The Aspire Typhon Revvo kit comes in 3 different matching color options and you can get it in blue, green and red.


Vapor Quality

The Revvo tank comes with an Aspire Radial Coil or what they call the ARC coil. This type of coil is a pretty new concept as this coil sits horizontally in the tank and is designed very similarly to a stove-top. The good thing about this coil design is it has an increased surface area for the e liquid to be vaporized which in turn produces a better overall flavor and vapor production.

The ARC coil is made of kanthal and has a resistance of 0.10 ohm to 0.16 ohm. It is rated to use between 50 watts to 100 watts and is highly recommended at 80 watts to 85 watts. The ARC coil is optimized for high wattage and with the 5000 mah battery, battery life is not an issue.

If you are not used to vaping on high wattages, you can still vape it at lower wattages and since it has an increased heating area, you will still be able to get a satisfying vape. The Revvo tank has triple adjustable airflow and it adds to its capability of setting your preferred vaping style whether mouth to lung or direct lung hit.

Aspire Typhon Revvo heating chamber




The Revvo tank’s mouthpiece is fixed to the top cap so you won’t be able to use your fancier drip tips on it. The Revvo tank is available in 2 capacity sizes, the standard is a 3.6 ml variant and you can opt to get the TPD compliant version that has a 2 ml e-liquid capacity.

The Speeder mod is capable of all sorts of variable and temperature modes so when it comes to your vaping style personalization and preference, you’ll get a good amount of options with the Aspire Typhon Revvo.



The Aspire Typhon Revvo is 130 mm in height, 52 mm in width and 26 mm in thickness. It is not the sleekest device out there but there will be no problems carrying it around and as long as you have access to a USB power port, you can charge the device anywhere.

Aspire Typhon Revvo front display


The Aspire Revvo is a perfect kit for those who are looking for a mod that is packed with features and a tank atomizer that is very capable of giving you an excellent or even a better vaping experience. The ARC coil is almost superior to most normal coils and the spring loaded top fill system in my opinion, is the most convenient way to refill a tank. This is a kit that is definitely worth checking out.

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