Atmos Aegis Review - Age of the Aegis
Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality52%
Look & Feel50%
52%100Overall Score

Atmos has been coming out with some pretty rad vapes for a minute now, and the Atmos Aegis is designed to be a really simple vaporizer for first-timers to get started with. It’s a quick-heating, easy-loading portable vape with the potential for big clouds, and even though it’s made mostly from plastic, it looks really sturdy. This dry-herb convection vaporizer, like so many others, is being trumpeted as the next innovation in optimized convenience in efficiency. And, like so many others, we’re gonna put it through the Vapesterdam wringer and see where it stands. Read on!

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Product Pros

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Strong build quality
  • Quick heat-up time

Product Cons

  • Mixed vapor quality
  • Can only use dry herbs


Atmos Aegis Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Aegis comes across as pretty similar to the G-Pen Elite right off the bat, with parts composed of a hard plastic shell with rubber components and three buttons on the front for power and temperature control. The heating chamber is also made from hard-anodized stainless steel, which is a decent offset from the rest of the plastic.

However, twisting the cap off to access the heating chamber does make us think it will break at some point (or sooner, with enthusiastic users), so overall the Aegis may not be one for the ages. As far as the digital components go, the LED screen features both temperature and battery life and is clear and easy to read without being overly conspicuous.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Aegis can get substantial, if you get used to the heat settings. Temperature controls range from between 320°F and 430°F; using the Aegis between 347°F and 392°F will get you the most optimal results, so we recommend hitting mid-stride temp to get close to get a good balance of flavor and cloudiness.

Vapor will end up decently strong but less flavorful than we would have liked, though bumping the heat up will get you some decent clouds. The silicon filter included helps to retain flavor as well, though the plastic mouthpiece is always a bit of a compromise when it comes to overall vapor quality.

Atmos Aegis Mouthpiece & Heating Chamber

Look and Feel

At a size of 126.2mm x 26.2mm x 26.2mm, the look and feel of the Aegis is fairly basic, but has an ergonomic touch to it with the rubber grip pieces. The LED screen on the front is also a nice touch and displays temperature and battery life clearly. The plastic build is not necessarily the nicest to lay eyes on, but overall you’ll feel like you’re using a decent construction.



The overall shape and size of the Aegis can be hidden in the hand pretty decently in a pinch. You can cover the LED screen pretty effectively with your fingers while holding it.

It’s thicker than the average pen-style vape, which means it will look slightly conspicuous when you’re out with it. Hiding the base easily in the hand helps to keep it low-profile, though.


Ease of Use

Like most one-button vaporizers, the Aegis shouldn’t give much issue in operation. Click the power button three times to turn the unit on; the plus and minus buttons set the temperature, and you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by holding the minus button for two seconds. Twist the mouthpiece counter-clockwise to remove it from the heating chamber, pop your herbs in, and you’re on your way to vaping.

Heat-up time is pretty quick (within 90 seconds), but make sure to only pack the heating chamber about half full in order to maximize airflow. Automatic shutoff occurs after three minutes to conserve battery life and promote safety. The pieces all come apart pretty easy for cleaning as well, and the silicon filter in the mouthpiece is especially convenient.



The small and svelte design definitely helps to keep the Aegis portable and easy to use on the go, and it should fit pretty reasonably in most pockets.

It’s light enough to not make much impact when carrying it, but hefty enough to hold up to some transit wear and tear. Overall, the Aegis should be a convenient and simple vape model to take on the road with you.


Overall, this is a pretty decent low-cost dry herb vaporizer. It’s small, easy-to-use, relatively discreet, and the vapor quality is acceptable enough for first time users. There are definitely some models out there which can perform similarly but more efficiently, but at $139.95 USD, it’s a decent enough value. Atmos  is also now implementing a 5-year warranty program, so make sure to save your receipt in case the Aegis ends up being a dud. That said, most new users will likely end up satisfied with the Aegis, but like in most of our reviews, we recommend scoping out some other available models. The aforementioned G-Pen Elite is similar but generally better-performing in every area, so keep this in mind when checking out the new vapes on the block.

What are your thoughts on the Atmos Aegis? By jove, let us know in the comments below!

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