Atmos Greedy M2 60W Kit Review - Greedy Draws
Build Quality79%
Vapor Quality78%
Look & Feel70%
75%100Overall Score

The Greedy M2 60W Kit is the newest vaporizer by Atmos. The manufacturer made this unit extremely versatile in terms of heating attachments. Not only that, but it included the Greedy M2 attachment to get you started. With all the potential variety, you will never get bored! Or will you?

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Product Pros

  1. Easy access mouthpiece
  2. Adjustable airflow
  3. Smart battery
  4. Powerful
  5. Pre-heat function
  6. M2 attachment included
  7. 510 threading
  8. Splash prevention mouthpiece

Product Cons

  1. Gets overheated quickly




Atmos Greedy Review: Breakdown


Atmos Greedy tank

Build Quality

Build Quality

The thing that sets the Atmos Greedy M2 Kit apart is the versatility of the unit. It features 510 threading, which is the most common across manufacturers. That means you can literally use any other 510-threaded atomizer with the base of this kit.

The best thing about the Greedy M2 Kit is the battery quality. It is 60W, 1400mAh, and intelligent. What does that mean exactly? The battery actually recognizes what type of cartridge is attached and adjusts. That means the wattage and voltage are automatically corrected. The spring pin makes it easy to switch between batteries.

The Atmos Greedy M2 is the actual atomizer, and the unit comes with the kit. It features a dual titanium and quartz rod oven. This allows you to heat up your wax or dry herb to the perfect temperature, using the chamber and battery to optimize vapor consistency.

To prevent overheating, let the chamber and battery cool between uses. We recommend only going for 2 or 3 cycles before letting the components cool down. Battery life will also be improved if you follow this rule!


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality you get out of this kit really depends on what type of atomizer you use. Just like the original Greedy, this second-generation vaporizer can hold the Kanthal Clapton coil quartz rod, stainless steel quartz rod, and the Kanthal twisted coil quartz rod chambers.

If you use the included Greedy M2 chamber, you will get very good quality vapor from both wax and dry herb. It is a truly high-quality atomizer that is well worth the price of this kit. The dual adjustable airflow allows you to increase or decrease your draw resistance as desired.


Atmos Greedy coils


Look and Feel

The feel of the Greedy M2 60 Watt Kit is quite durable. Atmos included stainless steel housing to add an extra layer of strength and protection from drops.

They also added a stainless steel finish to increase the aesthetics of the unit. We think it looks and feels like it costs much more than it actually does.



This Atmos kit is quite discreet when put together. However, it isn’t a compact unit. In fact, it looks just like a small eCig mod. If you aren’t blowing clouds, no one will be able to tell the difference. The base does say Atmos on the side, but your hand easily covers it up.

Storing the M2 60W device in your pocket may prove to look a bit awkward. The base of the mod is square with soft corners and the atomizer at the top is wide. Both are about the same length.

Atmos Greedy kit review


Ease of Use

If you have ever used a pen or eCigarette vaporizer before, you will know how to use this unit. The base is pretty basic. There is only 1 button on the whole thing.



The Greedy M2 kit is very portable when put together. It can be used on the go wherever you are.

The battery is intelligent, so it lasts much longer than regular vaporizer batteries. Just make sure you have a convenient bag or other places to store the somewhat awkward shape.


Overall, we recommend the Atmos Greedy M2 60W Kit for anyone interested in vaping both dry herb and wax. You can have pretty much any cloud experience you would like using this unit bottom. That’s the beauty of the smart battery, 510 threading, and dual adjustable airflow.

If you still aren’t sure, there is an included 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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