Atmos Jump Review - Might As Well Jump?
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality50%
Look & Feel50%
58%100Overall Score

We’ve been taking a good, long look at Atmos units lately and how they’ve been rolling with the cheap plastic knockoff crap like the Q3 Kit. The Atmos Jump unit is a conduction-style vaporizer with carbon-fiber housing wrapped around the body of the unit, priced quite low and positioned as a value vaporizer for newbs.

Launched in 2015, the Jump is supposed to be one of the most durable and compact “true” vaporizers, meaning it does an actual cooking of the herbs as opposed to a half-assed combustion. Unlike the Atmos Raw, which basically just burns the herbs, the Jump should be the next step up, right? WRONG. Read on and discover more about how we at Vapesterdam got intimate with the Jump and came quickly back to earth.

Product Pros

  • Very lightweight
  • 5-year warranty

Product Cons

  • Battery chamber gets warm to an alarming degree
  • Plastic build and mouthpiece
  • Poor vapor quality


Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Overall, this is a fairly perfunctory manufacturing job. The Jump is a fairly stock design pen-style vaporizer design, with the only real novel element being how the outer shell is encased in carbon fiber. The idea is that carbon-fiber housing is supposed to be more secure to use than steel, as it should ostensibly protect your hands from potential burns. Otherwise, this is supposedly the exact same vaporizer as the original IMAG, and it looks just like it.

The blue anodized steel chamber heats up quicker and holds 0.25 or 0.3 of a gram. When the battery is running low, the LED indicator will light up 8 times. After 3 of these indications, the device will power off until charged. The initial charge will take upwards of 6 hours to complete; regular charges will take around 4 hours, so make sure to keep this in mind for when you’re getting ready to use it.


Vapor Quality

There’s only one temperature setting with the Jump, so hope you like whatever it’s set at (approximately 380°F). Heating time is around 7 to 10 seconds; the light will turn yellow as it heats up, then green when it is ready (should take 30 seconds or less).

The ceramic filter in the mouthpiece also helps to keep the vapor taste relatively pure; the quality of vapor isn’t quite as weak as we would have expected, but the flavor profile is pretty limited. As well, it can be difficult to achieve any degree of cloudiness, which I suppose is a boon for discreetness but not much else.


Look and Feel

Overall, the carbon-fiber outer shell of the Atmos Jump is a decent step up from the usual plastic shenanigans but doesn’t end up making as much of a difference to how it looks or feels as we would have liked. This still feels like a fairly standard plastic construction housed in a slightly higher-quality wrapping, making us feel a little bit cheated even at the low-price for the unit ($75 USD).



The discreetness factor of the Jump is fairly on par with most other portable vaporizers, with a small enough design to be hidden away easily in a pinch. As well, the clouds from the Jump are relatively minimal, so even if you’re drawing from the device while out and about, you should still be able to keep a relatively low profile.


Ease of Use

The Jump should be fairly easy for most users to get a pull from. You just pop the top, load up the herbs, fire it up with 5 clicks of the power button, and you should be able to start building some vapor within 60 seconds. The Jump charges through micro-USB as well, which should be par for the course by now.



The 1200mAh lithium-ion battery should give a decent charge for moderate use throughout the day, but for anything more it will need a charge after some session-ing. Shape-wise, the Jump is easy enough to fit in most pockets and bags with relative ease, though we feel as though the plastic under the carbon-fibre wrapping will likely crack if dropped on to a hard service. Proceed with some caution if you’re prone to dropping your devices.


At around $75 USD, the Atmos Jump is definitely low-cost and a relatively low-risk endeavor, but aside from these points there’s not really a lot else to recommend it above other, better-performing units like the G-Pen Elite or the FocusVape. It would have been nice if the unit had a removable battery, or perhaps some more temperature options; as it is, the Jump feels merely perfunctory at best.

Like many new vaporizers out now, most people are giving them great reviews based simply how many promotional products they wish to receive. We figure this is the only way generic Chinese knockoffs like this keep getting rave reviews from vaporizer critics across the internet. Maybe we’re just fussy, but we know what’s out there for vaporizers and we’re just not easily impressed by the Jump or Atmos in general. Better luck next time, folks!

Have you tried the Atmos Jump yet? We want to know what you, the discerning customer, have to say, so let us know about it in the comments!


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  1. Gina

    It burnt my lips it got so hot. Wish I was warned about this beforehand. I’m contacting customer service tomorrow I bought this 3 weeks ago it’s already broken on me after burning my lips. If they cannot upgrade me to the new one which I hear has great reviews which does both flower and wax I am not buying their products anymore. So not happy I spent over 60 for that


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