Atmos Kiln RA Kit Review - The Kiln & The Kit
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality55%
Look & Feel55%
57%100Overall Score

If you’re like us, you’ve probably run out of room long ago for another wax pen but still need to try every vaporizer on the market. So, with this in mind, let’s review yet another wax pen fixing to be all that and more for the vaper on the go. This kit allows the Kiln atomizer to be combined with other batteries, or just to use with the one included. On paper, this sounds like it could be the perfect place for a vaper to start with different atomizers and wattages. However, this looks suspiciously like the KandyPens Mini with a rebuild-able atomizer. Let’s get acquainted with the Kiln and see how it’s set apart.

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Product Pros

  • Replaceable atomizers
  • Pass-through charging

Product Cons

  • Vapor gets hot
  • Can only work with concentrates
  • Clone build


Atmos Kiln RA Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the Atmos Kiln itself is fairly hearty for a vape of this size.  The all-ceramic build of the Kiln itself is a sound enough construction, and there’s a white ceramic cup  which screws into the battery with the 510 thread attachment. This new pure ceramic heating chamber is decent quality, and while it’s housed in a faux-ceramic type of build, we hope it will hold up to a drop or two.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Kiln Kit is fairly standard for this type of pen. The chamber is fairly small as well, though you’ll be recommended to only use a small amount of material. Otherwise, you can risk splattering the material within the heating chamber and making the device more difficult to clean. It’s also recommended to only use the Kiln at a wattage of 5 to 15 watts, otherwise you’ll risk damaging the atomizer.

With this level of strength, there are some points for power. The atomizer gets hot instantly, and the heating of the wax is relatively even and should give a decent flavor. There’s only a small amount of draw resistance as well, so this should be relatively easy for most users to pull from.

Atmos Kiln RA Kit Mouthpiece & Chamber

Look and Feel

Measuring at 2.12 inches high and 0.875 inches in diameter, the Kiln atomizer is a pretty small but standard type of unit. The ceramic-style build feels decent to handle, and it fits pretty well in one’s hand.

Otherwise, there’s not really much particularly notable about the look and feel of the full Kiln. This sort of clone is acceptable enough for new vaporizer users, but once you’ve seen a few models like this, you’ll be less impressed.



This should be a discreet enough device for most users looking to get a pull off in public (no, not like that, jeez). It’s small enough to be concealed with your hand in a pinch, and there’s little in the way of display to bait you out.

The trade-off with changing atomizers is how the bigger vape clouds aren’t really the best for keeping a low-profile. As well, some odor still remains on the device after using, which could end up as a giveaway


Ease of Use

The Atmos Kiln is fine for first-time users to get a handle on, though there will be a bit of a learning curve. The one-button operation is simple enough to begin with, as 5 clicks will lock and unlock the Kiln. The kit also comes with all the tools needed to help replace the atomizer if you’re so inclined. If you want to replace the atomizer in the KandyPens Mini, you’ll have to replace the whole chamber rather than just the heating element (ceramic cup) which will contain the concentrate.

We recommend using the Kiln with either 900mAh or 100mAh 510-threaded batteries to not overload the Kiln; we also recommend starting with a lower wattage (around 5 to 15 watts) to ensure the smoothest experience



Like most pen vapes, the Atmos Kiln Kit is built to be a fairly portable device. It’s small and light, as well as being easy to keep in a pocket or bag, and pass-through charging also helps to keep sessions rolling while you’re on the go.

The rebuild-able atomizers don’t really add much to the portability factor either, unless you plan on keeping all of the pieces for assembly in transit with you. Otherwise, the Kiln and the associated pieces are best used at home.


Despite the claims of the Atmos Kiln being a next-level vape in an accessible package, overall it’s not much we haven’t seen before. The retail price is approximately $84 USD, making it a relatively low investment for newcomers to the concentrate game, but for around the same price you can get other wax pens which are simpler to use

If you’re looking for a similar type of concentrate vaporizer, the Atmos Kiln is very similar to the KandyPens Mini, which is even smaller. Overall, the Atmos Kiln is a fine clone for concentrate vaporizing, but there’s no need to have such a samey device even with rebuild-able atomizers.

Have you tried the Atmos Kiln, either on its own or as part of the full kit? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Responses

  1. JB

    I had my kiln ra for a week and a half, used it 3 times maybe, and the light just blinks, fully charged. After talking to customer service they say it’s the atomizer, which happens to not be covered by the amazing warranty. But they are “graciously” giving me a one time free replacement.

    I would be VERY careful buying this. The quality may be suspect.

    Update: After waiting 11 days, just found out the order wasn’t placed. Really wish I could return this thing.

  2. David

    I had my RA for about 2 months, but the ceramic housing would not pull up and expose the ceramic chamber (so I could clean the thing). Finally, it got to the point where I needed the housing to come off so I used some pliers. The housing still didn’t come off, instead it pulled the battery apart and pretty much destroyed the unit. Please note, that I didn’t just up and do this one day either. I studied trying to get the housing off, watched videos to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but nope – it would not come off (I figure it was defective from the start). I contacted the company, and despite me sending them detailed pictures of the issue and how it is destroyed (and the battery circuitry now smokes and is a fire hazard), they said they would not help me unless I sent the unit back to them for investigation. So … I’m supposed to break how many federal laws to send a fire hazard back to you?? Their customer service was about what you would expect from a WalMart food court worker. I would look elsewhere.

    • Kevin H

      Woah, sorry to hear about this! We are definitely not surprised to hear about these kinds of difficulties with the Atmos Kiln RA Kit, though we are sorely disappointed to hear about the safety issues! We hope Atmos is able to make the necessary changes to their products to avoid such issues. Have you picked up a replacement unit yet?

  3. jj

    This happened to me. I figured it out. The vaporizer screwed in to far so it wasnt making contact with the battury. Simple fix: make sure full contact.


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