Atmos L'Or Review - Ready L'Or Not
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality59%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Use64%
58%100Overall Score

A name like “L’Or” brings up images like a lipstick or mascara, or perhaps cascades of golden jewelry. The new Atmos L’Or wax pen doesn’t quite reach these decadent comparisons, but not for lack of trying. This pen is designed specifically for concentrates, dabbing while on the go and looking half-decent while doing it too. The Atmos L’Or is another Tyga collaboration similar to the Atmos Pillar Kit, but the unit itself is more like the Atmos Magna. So now this is basically the “Atmos Tyga x Shine L’Or Kit”, and Vapesterdam is here to see if there’s performance beneath all the flash.

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Product Pros

  • Comes with both single and dual quartz/titanium coils
  • Magnetic see-through chamber
  • Effective use of concentrates

Product Cons

  • Weak battery life
  • Unknown temperature settings


 Atmos L’Or Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The novel idea here is to combine the power of titanium coils with the supposedly more flavor-potent qualities of quartz rods in two atomizers which can be easily swapped out and held in place with magnetic “SnapTech” technology (meaning small, powerful magnets are used to hold the pieces together). The build quality of the L’Or is fine enough for a lower-priced vape pen, though perhaps not as strong as the outer body would suggest.

The see-through magnetic chamber is designed to give the user a clear look at how their material is being used. The mouthpiece is all glass this time around as well, making for a decently clean flavor from the vapor.

Battery is a 650mAh lithium ion piece, which probably will get you around 15 short sessions if you’re light with your temperature settings.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Atmos L’Or is fairly wan. The device uses a single GR1 quartz atomizer or two titanium atomizers which can be swapped out; these options are intended to give more neutral flavor from your extracts with the quartz or bigger clouds from the titanium atomizer.

There are three temperature settings available, although we don’t know exactly what temperature these settings are at. Draw resistance is fairly average as well. Glass mouthpiece similar to the Magna vaporizer but different from other Atmos vaporizers we have reviewed recently; this makes for generally cleaner vapor flavor from the L’Or compared to other Atmos units.

Atmos L'Or Vaporizer Full Kit

Look and Feel

The Atmos L’Or looks and feels solid enough, even as the gold-style outer wrapping with “TYGA” scrawled on it doesn’t necessarily scream “class appeal”. If anything, the flashy look  isn’t necessarily the best for people seeking a more neutral aesthetic with the vaporizer.

However, it handles fairly well while in use, and the L’Or kit pictured above has a certain style and charm to it.



The flashy look of the L’Or does not make it one of the most inconspicuous vaporizers out there. While it’s not exactly going to bait you out immediately, the L’Or is designed to show a bit of flash while out and about.

Overall, the L’Or is small enough to be hidden fairly easily, and one’s hand can be used to cover up the flashier elements.


Ease of Use

Like most Atmos units, there’s just one single-activation button for heating, and clicking it three times will go through the heating options. Switching between coils is fairly easy as well with the magnetic “snap” technology, so this should be an easy enough device for the novice vaper to use.



The slim design of the L’Or is designed to be carried in the some of the smallest of purses, if not the lightest of pockets. The heat up time is just a few seconds, and the magnetic cap for the mouthpiece also helps to keep the glass elements secure while in transit. However, there are a few caveats to go with this.

The relatively weak battery life is not exactly the best for portability, as you’ll be able to get 10-15 short sessions if you’re lucky. Also, the battery will take around 2 hours to charge, so remember this for when you’re out and about with the L’Or; the session life is clearly not intended for all-day type of use.


O verall, the Atmos L’Or is a comparable wax pen to the KandyPens Elite and other slick vaporizers with a stylish look wrapped around a fairly standard device. The use of the different types of atomizers is a welcome touch, though we imagine the target market for this type of device may be fairly limited. The magnetic chamber cover helps to keep things secure, and the acrylic/glass vapor path is decent for retaining vapor flavor.

At approximately $70 USD, this is fairly bargain type of pricing for this type of vaporizer, and the usual 5-year warranty from Atmos also helps to make you feel more secure in what could end up being a lower-quality product. If you’re into the fancy-style wax pens, you may be better off with the KandyPens Galaxy for the slickness, or the Dr. Dabber Aurora for higher performance. Either way, there’s no reason to feel like the Atmos L’Or is the classiest wax pen out there.

Is the Atmos L’Or your vape pen of choice, or has it all been flash for you to? Let us know in the comments below!



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