Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Review - Form factor fail? (+Video)
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality50%
Look and Feel60%
Ease of Use65%
Discreetness 40%
54%100Overall Score

Welcome to the Atmos Orbit vaporizer review!  The good people at Atmos have adopted the Flowermate V3.0 as the Atmos Orbit. If you don’t believe us, you can go check it out for yourself. We’ll even have a side-by-side picture down below to show you! Seeing as the only thing they changed was the printing of their own brand, it’s the same vaporizer and means we can review them both at the same time! Let’s get to the Atmos Orbit vaporizer review to see how it performed.

Product Pros

  1. Classy and simple look
  2. Light in heating chamber makes it easy to see your herb
  3. Easy to use

Product Cons

  1. A bit difficult to empty and clean
  2. Turns itself off before you’re done your session
  3. A bit on the large side





Getavape made a video in which he is reviewing the Orbit and find a surprising fact about the air intake:

Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Review : Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The unit is pretty well built. The shell is made from an anodized metal that is very scratch resistant and makes for a very clean look. The base of the exterior is covers in a leather or faux-leather (we’re betting it’s fake) but does manage to make the unit look nice and gives you a place to firmly grip the unit comfortably without worrying it’s going to slip from your fingers. From what we can tell, the heating chamber is ceramic and has a stainless steel screen at the bottom and an led that shines to illuminate the dark chamber. The mouth piece is the only place that leaves much to be desired with a rubber mouth piece that has a ceramic filter stuck into the bottom of it. There’s no point in talking about the Flowermate V3.0 separately because it’s the exact same thing in terms of build quality.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of this unit is at best above average. The ceramic heating chamber sort of reminded us of the Ascent and made for some relatively even heating of our herb which made for some pretty nice vapor production. We were also please to find out that the rubber mouth piece didn’t add any plastic flavor to the vapor. The main complaint all of us did have is that the vapor was warm and kind of harsh at time because of how short the distance was between the heating chamber and the mouth piece. This was a bit of a disappointment, but it didn’t totally ruin our sessions. The other issue that is harder to sense of course is the air intake that is worrisome and I only found out after taking the unit apart. The unit also doesn’t have any means of customizing the temperature, so some enthusiasts might find themselves wanting a bit more in terms of vapor thickness, but the unit still vaporizes nicely and gets the job done without question.

Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Review - Orbit next to the Flowermate V3.0


Look and Feel

The unit actually looks pretty nice. The anodized shell looks nice and polished and the fact that it keeps the unit from scratching easily so it stays looking nice even after many uses and being transported a lot. The leather at the base of the shell keeps up the classy look and  gives it a nice feel from a quality perspective and a functional perspective as it makes for a nice place to grip the unit securely. This unit’s simple look is really where it does it’s best. It manages to look high quality and stylish without too much extra nonsense that would clutter it up. Once Atmos turned it into the Atmos Orbit they didn’t change much, but it does have the Atmos logo plastered all over it in an attempt to make us forget it’s really the Flowermate V3. It really isn’t, and that didn’t change out thoughts on the matter. If anything, it took away from the unit’s original simple and classy look some.



This would be pretty discreet because it’s mostly black, but it is a bit big. The size does end up being a major issue when it comes to using it in public. It isn’t the most ninja of all vaporizers by any means, and even in a relatively quiet area or in a big enough crowd, you couldn’t hope to use this unit without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. The unit only has one temperature setting, so you’re tied to that temperature and the level of smell it creates. Luckily, it’s not much at all and it should easily and quickly dissipate into the air without much effort on your part.


Ease of Use

This unit is super easy to use. It operates a lot like a pen-style unit would – turning it on and off is a matter of pushing the power button 5 times, and  to engage the heating chamber all you have to do is hold the button for 3-5 seconds. The light flashes red, then turns green and you’re ready for take off. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The heating chamber also has a little light in it so you can peek at your herb to see how vaporized it is no matter how dark the world around you might be.



This is one area where the unit will take a few hits (hardy-har-har). The unit is a bit on the big side and unfortunately and the size and weight make it difficult to carry around comfortably in most pockets. The shape is nicely rounded and the diameter isn’t that much of an issue, but the unit is just too tall to make it very portable for most people. It does well if you slip it into a purse or bag and the anodized shell will keep it from getting scratched up by other objects it’s being transported with, but in the end it’s still not the most portable vaporizer we’ve ever seen.

Warning: Not Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is not compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of compatible units, so we highly recommend considering a whip-compatible vaporizer to take advantage of this stellar ZEUS accessory item. All compatible vaporizers will have a compatibility notice.


The final word on this unit is that it kind of gets the job done, but for the price, there are units that can get the job of a portable vaporizer done much, MUCH better. I must point out how weird me and my friends felt using this unit around each other. The form factor just kills it and as per the video, the air intake is a bit worrisome. Taking draws from this thing feels awkward as hell and I was subjected to many jokes testing this unit that are too hilarious and inappropriate to list here. At least this unit is still a step up from the Atmos Raw (click if you want to giggle at a vaporizer that doesn’t vaporize). It seems Atmos is certainly improving so to that I give them kudos! But, if you are looking in this price range, I would recommend you check out the review of the Smite which compared to the Atmos orbit doesn’t have it’s short-comings. The Smite is much more portable and discreet than the Orbit and the Smite’s 3 temperature settings really make the vapor quality shine above and beyond the Orbit too.

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20 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I’m a bit confused. Is this a pen vape or a vape shaped like a pen? Basically i wanna know is can this thing vape herb?

    • Dan C

      It’s actually exclusively for dry herb. We would not suggest putting concentrates in it. It just looks kind of like a pen in pictures. When you hold it, the size really separates it from pen vapes.

  2. anonymous

    it is hard to draw and i can not get it to produce any vapor, it this normal?

    • Dan C

      No, that doesn’t sound normal. You should give it a good cleaning to make sure the vapor pathway isn’t blocked. Is it the first time you’re trying to use it?

      • anonymous

        Yes Dan, it is. I read the directions, viewed youtube videos, and contacted the seller. It heats up and when I open the chamber it is producing a vapor but when I put it back together, it does not draw easily. I have tried removing the plug where it charges as it seems that is the only air intake. It does draw a little better but not very well. I have tried packing it tightly, packing it lightly, putting in a little, putting in a lot, and stirring it in between draws.. I have tried it with the plastic plug that fits in the mouthpiece and without it. The seller did say that when he/she draws hard they get no air and no vapor but when they draw very lightly they do get vapor. I have also noticed that each and every time I have opened the chamber, the other piece that attaches to the chamber with the little holes is clogged . It appears that when drawing, it lifts the herb and clogs the holes above the chamber.

      • Dan C

        Hmmn, that sounds problematic. Firstly, is your herb bone dry? The more moist your herb is, the more difficult it will be to get any vapor from just about any vaporizer. Secondly, does the heating chamber feel like it’s hot? If you have a temperature gun, check inside the chamber and see if it’s actually getting hot enough in there. It’s possible you got a unit that doesn’t heat up or just doesn’t get hot enough to give you any vapor. There is a decent amount of drag from this vaporizer when you take draws, but you should be getting some vapor from it. Lastly, what are you using to grind up your herb before you load it into the unit? If the grinder isn’t great or if you just not careful with some grinders, you can grind up your herb too small and it will easily get into the holes of the screen and clog it. Hopefully we can help you figure out what’s going wrong with your vaporizer!

      • anonymous

        Thank you Dan for responding. The herb is not bone dry. Not sure what you mean by moist but, it is fluffy and stickyish. I measured chamber temp with a thermometer you use for meat. When the button light turns green for the first time, the temp measures 199F (with no herb in chamber). The heating element does not stay on for very long, maybe two minutes. I immediately pressed the button again and hold for 3-5 seconds to turn the heating element back on. I get a second reading of about 285F. I did this a third time and got a top temp of 304F. The grinder I’m using grinds the herb well but I did notice that the herb does stick to the piece that you remove from the chamber. This piece does have small holes and they do get clogged because the resin coats this piece and the herb sticks to the resin.

      • Dan C

        No problem at all! I noticed 2 things from what you just described: 1) your herb might do well with a bit more drying out on a wire or mesh screen for a day or 2. It is still plant matter and the water in the plant makes it hell for vaporizers to do their job properly. That being said, I don’t think that’s the main problem here. 2) The temperature in the heating chamber is likely the problem. It’s often pretty difficult to get vapor even at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, so if the reading you got from your thermometer is right, that unit is WAY under temperature to provide even a half decent experience. Sounds like your unit isn’t working up to spec. Contact Atmos and tell them what you told me about the temperature and see what they can do. If you want to try one last time just to make sure, give your herb some time to dry out more like I mentioned before and then give it a go and see if that doesn’t make a difference.

        I hope that helped and good luck!

  3. Vape fan

    Well what the heck, why did two different companies call their vaporizer the Orbit? I did research on the Vaporfi Orbit and decided that was what I wanted for portable use. I already have an Arizer Solo, which is the best vaporizer ever, but not portable. So I went on Ebay and bought an Orbit, but didn’t realize it was an Atmos Orbit, not a Vaporfi Orbit. This unit is too big and heavy to go in the pocket, I’m sending it back. Very frustrating.

      • anonymous

        Thanks for your suggestions Dan. I went ahead and sent the Atmos Orbit back. I bought it on ebay for over half of retail and should of expected the possibility of a defective product. I found your reviews after I had purchased it and saw the rating of 54%, not a good rating and I can see why. Product was either defective or just a horribly designed product. Will go over your ratings and reviews again before pursuing vaping further.

      • Dan C

        Glad there is some sort of closure for that story. Good luck with your next purchase! Here’s hoping it’s the long lasting reliable companion that the Orbit wasn’t.

      • Vape Fan

        Update: I received the other Orbit yesterday, by Vaporfi. I am sad to report this unit is not up to snuff. It has three temperature settings and I tried them all. After much time spent and minimal vapor, I removed the material and put it in my Arizer Solo and got a ton of vapor. 🙁

        The Solo is awesome, just wish it was smaller. So my search for a portable vaporizer continues. I should mention that I do have a Magic Flight Launch Box, I’ve had it for years. It is ok, just barely, but it does work, sort of. Also, after using for over 35 years, I have not smoked anything in over a year, it is strictly vaping for me. I am very happy not to be smoking anymore.

      • Dan C

        Good for you, Vape Fan! Sad to hear your unit isn’t up to snuff. Atmos really doesn’t have the best units out there. The Solo is amazing though and I’m glad to hear you had a backup for your session! 😀

  4. james

    not happy with mine at all. It hurts to try and pull from the Atmos Orbit. It’s that hard. even blowing through the empty chamber without mouthpiece is extremely hard. I purchased the Crafty since, and that’s a dream. Like breathing through a straw.
    I can’t use my Orbit and they said it wasn’t defected and I couldn’t return after having it a week. Not good business Atmos!

  5. anonymous

    Hello James,
    We had the same experience with the Atmos. We bought ours on ebay for $89. My husband is an engineer and he felt that there is no draw because there is no inlet for any air to come into the chamber. No air, no draw. As for the Crafty, a little out of my price range, $399. Glad you were able to find one that works wonderfully.

  6. shaun

    I am really happy with my orbit. Whenever I notice that the draw is not happening, I clean the filter in the mouthpiece. Either put it in boiling water or blast some air through it. What seems to cause it is from drawing too hard on it. I noticed that you dont need to draw very hard on it at all. All you’re doing is just sucking the herb up into those little holes and clogging it up hence making it hard to draw. No air flow. So teach yourself to just draw lightly but steadily and you’ll find it to not clog up much at all. Hope this helps.

    • Dan C

      Great tip, Shaun! It’s always best to draw very lightly with your vaporizer. The results will always be much better.

    • anonymous

      A light draw was already tried. The herb so close to the holes is, in my opinion a design flaw. It did not matter how soft of a draw, the herb still clogged the holes. If you read my response from Jan. 30th: The heating element does not stay on for very long, maybe two minutes. I immediately pressed the button again and hold for 3-5 seconds to turn the heating element back on. I get a second reading of about 285F. I did this a third time and got a top temp of 304F. The temp never got over 304F. Even at that temp and soft draws, it was not hot enough to vap properly. Glad to hear yours works for you.


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