Atmos Pillar Review - Pillar of the Earth
Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel 55%
Difficulty 50%
51%100Overall Score

Designed by Atmos in collaboration with the American rapper Tyga, the Pillar is a groovy-looking cylindrical device designed to handle both herbs and concentrates with conduction-style heating. As with most entertainer-affiliated vaporizers out there, we tend to automatically think of them as sort-of gimmicky and cheap. As well, Atmos caught substantial flak for the Raw rollout disaster a few years ago, where units were sent out without the proper screen pieces to keep it from basically becoming an electronic pipe. So how does the Atmos Pillar hold things up nearly three years since then? Read the Vapesterdam take to see how it all went down!

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Product Pros

  • Can be used with herbs and concentrates
  • Ceramic heating chamber

Product Cons

  • Vapor quality is somewhat limited
  • Unknown temperature settings
  • Rip-off design


Atmos Pillar Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the Pillar is almost exactly that of the Top Bond Torch, which we weren’t even much of a fan to begin with. The body is made from the same type materials, with an embedded ceramic chamber for herbs (titanium cup included for concentrates) and a compact, ergonomic grip size.

Three air holes are on top of the Pillar, which are used to allow air into the oven, then eventually the mouthpiece; this helps to keep the device fairly cool while it’s in use. There are 6 pre-set temperatures to choose from, though unfortunately Atmos doesn’t tell us exactly what they are. Overall, this makes the Pillar a mixed bag at best.


Vapor Quality

The Pillar can produce a fair amount of vapor during your sessions, and it ends up both decently smooth and powerful. The wide mouthpiece frees up airflow, allowing things to not get too hot. The package includes a titanium concentrate insert for using with wax, so you can get thick, dense and occasionally flavorful vapor with low draw resistance due to the open airflow.

Inspecting the herbal duff left over should give you a good idea of how even the heat distribution. For wax and other concentrates, basically just use the highest temperature setting and you should be fine to get some decent clouds and flavor.

Atmos Aegis Heating Chamber & Mouthpiece

Look and Feel

Hope you like Tyga, because his name is right on the side of the Atmos Pillar. Thicker than a traditional pen-style vape and available in either black or gold with a black mouthpiece on each, the Pillar is definitely gaudy. However, the ridged, ergonomic design help to keep things cool in your hands, which is appreciated for longer sessions.

Like most entertainer-endorsed/designed vaporizers, we feel the Pillar is maybe trying a bit too hard to look slick while not actually coming across  like a quality construction.



With the standard black design, this should be a fairly discreet vaporizer to take out and about. It’s small and slight enough to be hidden in the hand, and the LEDs can be pretty easily covered with your fingers while in use.

If you opt for the gold version, this will look somewhat more conspicuous, even if the unit itself is pretty small overall.


Ease of Use

Using the Pillar is fairly simple, as it tends to be with one-button devices. Unlocking or locking the device works by clicking the power button three times rapidly in succession. The Pillar will then begin to heat up, as indicated by the LED lights blinking; this won’t take long at all,

The LEDs turn solid when it is ready for use (around 20 seconds for heat up time), then you just start drawing; the low draw resistance should allow decent pulls from the Pillar.



The size of the Pillar is small enough to rattle around fine in a pocket or bag for some time and you probably won’t have to worry about much in the way of wear and tear, due to decent build quality.

The battery should also last for approximately 2 to 3 hours after being charged for a similar amount of time through the universal USB port. Overall, portability for the Pillar is fairly par for the course, but nonetheless should prove convenient for most basic users.


This is a good example of how a promising idea can either come to fruition or never get off the runway (just like what happened with the Top Bond Torch recently). This version is not any more stable or appealing a variation on this kind of design, differentiated only by the gaudiness of the gold Tyga tie-in design.

Even for the price point ($150 USD), this is probably not one of the better portable vaporizers you can get out there for herbs and concentrates, especially if you’re new to vaping in general. With a bit more research, you could end up with a similar-functioning but better-performing model like the Vapir Prima or a Pax 2 or 3. Don’t be afraid to explore all your options!

How has the Atmos Pillar held up for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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4 Responses

  1. Bernardo

    Why did you score the Pillar with 40% of Vapor quality ?

    You review about that was pretty decent, I don’t understand.

    • Kevin H

      Good point, Bernardo! Perhaps we were a bit too hasty with our scoring; our rating has been updated to reflect this. Thanks for the comment!

      • CB4

        I’ve only had mine a week but notice it seems to turn off (or maybe sleep?) after I’ve been taking puffs for over a minute or so. Is this normal? And maybe to prevent overheating? I’m not sure how to resume vaping after this happens (other than shutting the unit down by pressing the button three times and then powering it back up). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Whammy

    My Atmos Pillar vape failed in less than a year. It’s hilarious they call this a warranty. They offer no repair or replacement after 30 days, period…it’s just a hook to sell you more of their products (like the one that failed me), at dealer cost, no big loss for them. Read this direct quote from my contact with them:
    Me: “Is the $45 replacement offer my only option? Just trying to find out if there is actually a warranty, or if the warranty is just me purchasing another unit (like the one that failed me) at dealer cost. Thank you.” Atmos: “At this point we can set up the replacement for you for $45.00. You have a 5 year LIMITED warranty. If you read it in it’s entirety, there are no free replacements outside of 30 days. We offer deep discounts on replacements under your warranty protections. If you need more understanding, please call customer care.”


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