Atmos Q3 Kit Vape Pen Review - Cutie Q3
Build Quality55%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel60%
Ease of Use55%
54%100Overall Score

Atmos is famous for getting tons of shit on Reddit for their release of the AtmosRAW, which came missing screens and became a huge pain to rectify.

Atmos has since recovered with some marginally-better-performing models like the Jump, but we’re still not really sold on their wares as a whole. The Q3 Kit is supposed to be a new and advanced wax pen, but just from looking at it, we can already tell this is hardly new and barely advanced. Will the Q3 Kit end up transcending the formula or sinking like the rest? Only the intense scrutiny of a Vapesterdam review will reveal the truth…

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Product Pros

  • Decent vapor quality
  • Triple glass quartz atomizer
  • Good build quality

Product Cons

  • Not particularly portable or discreet
  • Rip-off design
  • Can only be used for concentrates


Atmos Q3 Kit Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Q3 right off the bat is very similar to the Exxus Go, but seeing how most of the Exxus line looks like cheap Chinese nonsense, we were a bit more optimistic about how Atmos has built their machine. The 1100mAh lithium-ion battery is decently strong, and the triple glass quartz atomizer is also appealing.

The patented spring-loaded battery connection of the Atmos should keep the body relatively durable between the batteries and the heating chamber and charger. Aside from this though, there doesn’t seem to be much else of a difference between this and other, cheaper, older models we’ve seen before.


Vapor Quality

By all accounts, you should be able to get decent vapor size from the Q3 from the start, due to the triple glass quartz coil. There is also a water percolator attachment available to cool down the hits, as they can get a bit overpowering for those new to concentrates. It’s not necessarily the best-tasting vapor out there, but it’s definitely some of the stronger power you can get at a value-based price.

If you’re looking for something to get more flavor from your concentrates while keeping it portable, there are more convenient and affordable options out there like the Zeus Thunder 2.

Atmos Q3 Kit Pieces

Look and Feel

This is a fairly average level of aesthetic quality; the plastic build is nothing to excite most consumers. The included base stand makes the Q3 come across a bit more civilized, but this is about as far as the aesthetic appeal going

The rubberized finish is a good attempt to put it above the Exxus Go and makes it feel a bit more secure in handling, but overall it’s still a flimsy construction and we are not exactly impressed.



While the overall size of the unit’s base is fairly small, keeping low-key with the Q3 is a bit of an upward battle. This is not necessarily a good unit for discreetness due to the long mouthpiece, which will inevitably bait you out if you try to use it in public. Best to keep the Q3 at home, where you won’t have to really worry about discreetness. Otherwise, you’ll likely have warranted attention drawn to the Q3.


Ease of Use

The learning curve is fairly minimal with the Q3. Hitting the power button five times turns the unit on and it will automatically starts to heat up. The LED turns green when it’s ready to rip, and will turn red to let you know when the battery is getting close to pooched.

Remove the rubber cap on the bottom of the mouthpiece tank, then fill it up about three-quarters of the way for best effect. Once full, you can place the mouthpiece/tank back on the heating element; press the button to activate the heat, and after ten seconds of continuous heating, the Q3 will automatically turn off. The standing base is a nice touch to keep the Q3 easy to use while stationary, but overall this is fairly run-of-the-mill as far as ease of use goes.



Overall, portability with the Q3 is more limited than it may seem. A 5-hour charge should give you around 2 to 3 days of regular use, but the Q3 is not really great for portability due to the long glass mouthpiece quickly becoming cumbersome. This makes for a pretty decent piece to keep around the house, but unless you detach the mouthpiece and carry it along in a case like the Zeus Armor, then perhaps it’s best to the leave the Q3 at home.


The Q3 Kit is fairly decent unit for getting started with vaporizing concentrates. Like the Exxus Go, the Q3 also suffers from not being particularly portable, so this would be best suited to using at home.

With a bit of research, there’s definitely some better options you can consider if you’re looking to do easily concentrates at home, like the FocusVape Tourist. Or if you’re looking for something high-performing but more portable, then perhaps the V2 Pro Series 7 or even the G-Pen Elite may give you a better combination. Either way, here’s hoping Atmos can step their game up beyond cheap Chinese re-brands.

We would love to hear what you think about the Atmos Q3 Kit, so leave us a dang comment below!

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  1. Pumpkinfan

    In less than 6 weeks my Q3 lost the ability to maintain heat control and burned it’s self out…. the manufacture does not replace but sells you another for half price… was going to do it, but the atmos vape pen that I bought at the same time did the same thing… So I’m just going to pass on this brand in the future


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