Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder Review - Time to Rock and Roll!
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Are you looking for the perfect grinder? Do you want the perfect rolled botanicals every single time? If the answer is yes to either, check out the OTTO Grinder. With SMART technology, the Banana Bros. were able to manufacture an all-in-one machine with 100% accuracy and precision.

How does it work? What is the build quality? Is it convenient to use? Are the results worth the cost of $129.99USD? Find out all this and more in our review of the first ever electric grinder and rolling machine! And if you are interested in more herb-inspired gadgets be sure to check out our Fun Stuff Section.

Product Pros

  • Neat design
  • Easy to use
  • No rolling

Product Cons

  • Top Heavy
  • Cone section feels cheap


OTTO Grinder Review: Breakdown

OTTO Grinder upper part

How To

For an extremely easy to use grinder and automatically roller, look no further than the Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder. It is an all-in-one machine that uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best grind and roll combination in the industry!

To use, simply open the dry herb chamber using the button on the side of the Grinder. Fill with your botanicals and snap the chamber shut. Next, load the fresh seal cone tube with a cone and attach it to the grinder.

Finally, hold the power button and press it again once when it lights up. In almost no time you have the perfect ground flower cone. You can even use this product with tobacco leaves and other botanicals. It works exactly the same way as with herbs.

If you just want to use the grinding feature, do not attach the cone tube. Instead, attach the O Funnel to the grinder and get your storage container ready. Press the power button and get ready for perfectly ground materials of all sorts!

OTTO Grinder heating chamber

Build Quality 

The grinding apparatus mimics a human hand, so you get an evenly grounded herb every time! Even better than a human, this technology changes how it grinds based on the size of your flowers. This takes all of the guesswork out of finding and buying the perfect grinder!

In terms of the quality of the cones, the Banana Bros. brand are translucent, unbleached, and fit perfectly into the OTTO grinder tube. They even come with filters so you don’t have to deal with roaches. In addition, the whole thing burns evenly, no matter what materials you use inside of it.

The Otto is well put together and made of high-quality materials that work together smoothly and quickly. The design is spill-proof, and the fresh seal cone tube attaches using the power of magnets. Even if you drop the OTTO, the connection won’t break.

This Banana Bros. device gets an A+ for build quality!

 OTTO Grinder back side


If you want the perfect joint every time with no effort, you will love this product! The Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder is extremely convenient to use. There is only 1 button, so there is almost no way you can mess this up. Say goodbye to wasted materials with the included spill-proof O-Funnel!

Even traveling with this 1.28-pound unit is convenient. The measurements are a small 2.5 inches by 7 inches by 11.5 inches. OTTO fits perfectly into luggage or backpacks and is odor-proof to avoid detection. You can charge this portable device at any USB port.

The only thing not convenient about the OTTO Grinder is the need to clean it frequently. After 3 uses you should do a quick clean, and after 10 uses you should do a deep clean. This is due to how quickly the grinding chamber gets mucked up from the botanical resin.

OTTO Grinder full kit


The manufacturers were able to create an intuitive to use, easy to figure out Grinder that needs next to no input from you. That makes this Banana Bros. invention great for beginners as well as advanced rollers that want to up their game.

If you want perfectly ground material every single time, the OTTO may be just what the doctor ordered. No matter what kind of herbs you need a ground, the SMART technology recognizes what needs to be done and does it. Not to mention it is all done quickly!

In terms of the filled cones, you get perfectly wrapped results as long as you put in enough material and use Banana Bros. brand cones. Never too tight and never too loose, you get 20 to 30 rolls per charge. The battery is very long lasting for the device’s size.


Overall, the Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder is a good deal. You can use it to fill your cones in no time. Even if you just want a perfect grind for your vaporizer, this automatic grinder performs like a manual grinder in human hands.

The combination of grinder and roller makes this the perfect device for making the perfect joint. If you have the need to roll a lot, you will enjoy the quick action of this device. Even if you just vape a lot of dry herbs, your hands will appreciate a rest!

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