Black Rock OG Ceramic Vaporizer Review
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel72%
Ease of Use85%
73%100Overall Score

Today we are reviewing the Black Rock OG Ceramic Vaporizer. This is a wax pen made for on the go draws and portability. The unit functions similar to a portable eNail, as it lets you take draws discreetly and thoroughly. Stay tuned, and we’ll see how the OG performs!

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Product Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • All ceramic chamber
  • Air clogging problem solved
  • Magnetic closures
  • Portable
  • USB charger

Product Cons

  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Irreplaceable battery
  • Safety Case not included



Black Rock OG Ceramic Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Black Rock OG flat display

Build Quality

Build Quality

Black Rock made the oven in the OG completely out of ceramic. This ensures metal and wick materials do not touch your vapor and impurify its taste. In terms of build strength, the body is made entirely out of stainless steel. It’s hard to destroy.

Most vaporizers at this price range are held together by threading. Although dependable for awhile, it can wear down over the years. Black Rock took that into account and switched the threading to magnetized pieces! Not only is the OG quicker to assemble, it’s easier to clean!

Another part of the OG’s build quality that needed to be changed was the air hole location. Lucky for us, the manufacturer moved them to the top of the atomizer itself. No more clogging and no more impossible resistance! Only smooth airflow.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the OG Ceramic Vaporizer is just so-so. There wasn’t anything special about it. However, there wasn’t anything bad about it either.

It gets the job done with no frills and no real complaints. For the price, it is exactly the kind of vapor quality you would expect.


Black Rock OG mouth piece


Look and Feel

For those of you that like weird and wacky colors, don’t get too excited. The OG only comes in black and white. Nevertheless, the look of this unit is still classy for a vape pen. Even the logo doesn’t draw too much attention or look gaudy. We think that’s a win!

In terms of feel, we love the strength of the external parts. Black Rock Originals is out of Aurora, Colorado, so they understand the need for a tough exterior. Whether hiking, biking, or rock climbing, the company knows you need a strong little vaporizer to take some rough hits!



Discreetness is an area where the Black Rock OG Ceramic Vaporizer shines! If you don’t want to attract attention to yourself, this little vape pen is the way to go. It looks a lot like all eCig pens, and only the most knowledgeable of partakers can tell the difference.

Another thing lending to the OG’s inconspicuousness is its small size. Not only is it short, it is also narrow. A bigger hand will be able to cover the whole unit when necessary. Using two small hands will be able to cover the entire thing as well.

If you want to be extremely careful about the smell, check out Black Rock’s Safety Case. It is supposed to keep scent at a minimum and is sold separately. We talk more about this product later.

Black Rock OG heating chamber


Ease of Use

How easy is it to use this wax device? Our answer is not that hard. If you have ever used any kind of pen type vaporizer before, you probably already know how to work it. There are 4 pieces to the entire unit: mouthpiece, atomizer cover, ceramic chamber, and battery.

To charge, simply screw the magnetized battery into the included USB charger and plug it in. Red means charging, and blue signifies that the battery is fully charged. Once it has finished, put on the ceramic chamber followed by the cover and mouthpiece. You’re ready to vape!

Press and hold the button down while you inhale. The first few tries might yield little to no vapor. That’s to be expected while the unit heats up, so don’t get discouraged. You can hold down the button for up to 10 seconds before the OG automatically stops heating.



Portability is another area where the Black Rock OG gets a gold star! This device is extremely lightweight and skinny. That means you can carry it in your pocket without needing a belt! It also means you will have an easy time fitting it into tight places like your full pack.

To add to portability, Black Rock makes a Safety Case that is sold separately. This non-included piece of equipment locks so your pen doesn’t accidentally get turned on in your pocket or purse. We were disappointed that the manufacturer didn’t add in the case for safety reasons.


This is a very basic and straightforward wax pen. There are many other vaporizers on the market that are extremely similar to the OG. Overall, don’t expect to be wowed, but don’t expect to be disappointed.

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