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Build Quality53%
Vapor Quality54%
Look & Feel55%
Ease of Use70%
55%100Overall Score

Despite being relatively cheap, the Black Widow comes with a lot of bells and whistles you often find in more expensive models, and that is why it is above average. one-button button operation, powerful 2200Mah battery, and a high-quality ceramic heating chamber, the Black Widow promises it has everything required to be your ideal dry herb vaporizer, but does it?

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Product Pros

  • Fairly priced
  • Excellent clicky button
  • Ceramic vapor path
  • Excellent mouthpiece
  • Five heat settings

Product Cons

  • Comes with no screen
  • Unknown manufacturer
  • Heavy


Black Widow Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


black widow front display

Build Quality

Build Quality

The airpath way and chamber are both entirely made of ceramic (except for the stainless steel mouthpiece), meaning that you will get that immaculate flavor that you will not get in dry herb vaporizers that come with steel chambers.

The manufacturers of the Black Widow intended it to have a free-streaming draw, thus they have designed the chamber to have fairly low resistance in comparison with other dry herb vaporizers, meaning that you can draw through it easily regardless of the fact that the chamber has been stuffed firmly to provide maximum efficiency.

Also, the capacity of the oven is quite impressive as it can contain 0.5 grams of dry herbs at a time. With that, you can get a decent 10 to 15 draws before you have to discharge it and top it off again with new dry herbs. The mouthpiece of the vaporizer is made of stainless steel and is firmly affixed by solid magnets which keep it perfectly secure. However, you shouldn’t worry about that as it can still be easily removed when required.

Additionally, the device comes pre-installed with a 2200mAh lithium ion battery which is very powerful and will provide you with a lot of vaping sessions. Besides, the device comes with a micro USB charger, which allows you to charge the device whenever and wherever you want.

Also, this device comes with a 5- minute auto shut down feature, which means the charge of the device will not be wasted when you forget to turn it off after use.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the vape is really good, and the temperature range provides you with incredible flexibility to find an enjoyable level, and the ceramic pathway ensures the vaporizer produces the best possible flavour.

Due to the design of the oven, it heats up in about 30 seconds. That means you won’t be kept waiting for long as the device is very fast in its operation. Obviously, the Black Widow is primarily built for use with dry herbs, however, the Black Widow is a very versatile device, and it comes with a chamber insert which can be installed in the oven to allow you to use your concentrates also.

In addition, there are various options on the device, ranging from medium vapor manufacturing at the lowest settings to quite savage vapour manufacturing on the highest settings with packs of flavour with it.


black widow flat display


Look and Feel

Smooth, hard, and lightweight, the Black Widow has a metal body that is very lovely to hold, and is easy to slide in and out of the pocket. The device has an ergonomic build, which means it will not slip out of your hands easily while you are vaping on-the-go.

Also, the round bottom and top alongside the curve of the mouthpiece provides the device with an overall pleasant feel. The device also has a top-quality aluminium alloy finish, which gives it a light, sturdy, yet shinny appearance.



When it comes to the discreetness, the manufacturer of the Black Widow surely put a lot of effort to make it look as discreet as possible. Measuring 5 x 1.73 x 1 inches in length and weighing just 5 kg, the Black Widow is one of the smallest portable vaporizer ever made, which makes it the perfect option for on-the-go vape enthusiasts.

It is really small and discreet that you can easily conceal it in the palm of your hand.

black widow mouth piece


Ease of Use

Furthermore, the Black Widow is very easy to use and is actually one of the simplest dry herbs vaporizers you can find on the market. It comes with a simple one-button operation which ensures it is user friendly and to turn the device on and off, it only needs 5 clicks.

Also, to change the temperature and see the options, all you need to do is hold it down for 3 seconds. There are 5 different temperature settings on the device that you can select from to personalize the Vape. With this, the strength and levels of the vapour can be altered to your taste or requirements.

Additionally, the button is excellent and clicky, making this device really superb to use. While the device doesn’t come with a screen, it has several lights which allow you to know the temperature setting in use or that you have chosen.



Mere looking at the Black Widow vaporizer, you would instantly notice its incredible portability. While it is not the most portable dry herb vaporizer on the market, it is surely one of the most portable vaporizers out there. The Black Widow is comfortable to hold and fits well in the pocket that you will almost mistake it for a smartphone.

While most portable vaporizers usually don’t come with powerful batteries, the reverse is the case with the Black Widow Vaporizer. The unbelievable portability of the device doesn’t compromise its battery power, and its pre-installed 2200 mah battery is very impressive compared to other portable vaporizers.


The Black Widow vaporizer is just okay for a starter vaporizer. It borrows a lot of design elements from the Pulsar APX,  which we would easily recommend over the Black Widow.

However when it comes to budget vaporizers, there is one that stands out from the rest, the Utillian 420, which offers a ceramic heating chamber, glass mouthpiece, and digital display all for under $100. We highly recommend checking it out if you are a beginner.

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