Bo One Kit Review - One Pod to Rule Them All?
Build Quality91%
Vapor Quality92%
93%100Overall Score

All the vapers I know, including me, own a pod-style vaporizer because of its simplicity and style. The market for pod style devices are very saturated now but the Bo One all in one pod device made by a French company called J WELL is one of the leading devices due to its luxurious design and superb build quality.

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Product Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Luxurious and ergonomic design
  • Many varieties of flavors
  • Leak free pod design

Product Cons

  • Small 380 mah battery
  • You can’t see the remaining e liquid
  • No micro USB port



Bo One Kit Review: Breakdown

Bo One available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The first time I saw the Bo One, I was instantly impressed by its design and luxurious feel. Just from the color options alone lets you know that they mean business. There 6 different color options available which will fit your preference and style.

The gray and matte gold has a ceramic coating while the black has this soft rubber kind of texture and the other 3 has this unique street artwork design. The Bo One has no buttons as it has an automatic draw system which means you just need to take a draw and it will produce vapors automatically.

It has a battery LED indicator on the front and on the bottom are 2 magnetic contacts that you can use to charge your device. It comes with a small proprietary charging dock that you can plug into a USB port for charging the device, which for me is a con since having a micro USB port for charging is way more convenient than having a separate charger for your vaping device.

The Bo One comes with a built-in battery that has a capacity of 380 mah which is pretty small for some but considering the size of this device, it is understandable. With this battery, you can expect to get 4 to 5 hours of vape time if you are a heavy vaper.

The kit comes with 2 pods they are calling the Bo Caps and it has an e liquid capacity of 1.5 ml. The pods are prefilled and there is no option to refill it. The Bo One is a draw activated system device so all you need to do to start vaping is install the included pod to the base and just start taking draws as long as it has enough battery.

The pods are disposable so once it is empty, you just have to replace it with a new one. One minor flaw with the Bo One’s design is that when the pod is installed, you won’t be able to see how much e liquid is remaining and you have to take it out every now and then just to check if it needs replacement.


Vapor Quality

The pods included are prefilled with a nicotine salt based e liquid with a 50 PG and 50 VG blend. Compared to most pod style vaporizers, the airflow on the Bo One is a bit more open but it is still considered as a mouth to lung device.

Vaping on it feels like smoking a normal cigarette and I am pretty sure the new vapers will love how it vapes. Even though it has a lot more airflow than most pod devices, the vapor production is on the lower end and it certainly is not going to chuck clouds.

What it does best though is producing rich and refined flavors and it is mostly due to the fact that it features temperature control which controls the power to its optimal state to give you the best vaping experience every draw you take. This feature also prevents you from getting any dry hit which is super nice since some pod devices are prone to this issue.

Bo One detached




Most closed pod systems feel limited when it comes to flavor options but not with the Bo One. It has a total of 21 flavors with 3 different strengths that feature tobacco, fruit, mint, pastry and bubble gum.

You can also get some optional accessories to go with your Bo One such as the Bo Cable and the Bo Power. The Bo Cable gives you more flexibility when charging your device and the Bo Power is a very handy power bank case that has a battery capacity of 1500 mah which can charge your Bo One up to 4 times.



The Bo One by itself is super thin and compact which is true for every pod style devices and you will obviously have no problems carrying it around.

If you are outside most of the times though, I would suggest getting the optional Bo Power as it will provide you more vape time and it will also act as a protective case for your device.

Bo One Kit inclined view


The Bo One is one of the best pod style devices on the market right now. The instant you hold it in your hand and you will know how good its build quality is. It is meant for the beginners but it feels so luxurious for a pod style device. Some vapers don’t like the idea of a closed pod system but the Bo One has a lot of good flavor options that you really won’t feel you need to get your own e liquid. It performs just like any pod style devices on the market but the temperature control brings the Bo One ahead of the competition.

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