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Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality70%
Look & Feel70%
68%100Overall Score

Boundless Technologies burst on to the vape scene recently with the Boundless CFX unit, which produces quality vapor but also has limits to portability. Their little brother unit, the CF, looks to rectify travel limitation while keeping the same quality of vapor satisfaction.

Can Boundless keep pushing their limits? Read the Vapesterdam review and see where the CF improves on its older sibling (and could also learn a few things from).

If you are new to the world of vaporizing, definitely check out the Vapesterdam Buyer’s Guide and get yourself geared up for some gear.

Product Pros

  • Unique stealth mode
  • Consistent quality vapor
  • Simple, discreet, and portable
  • Secure build (even for plastic)

Product Cons

  • Short battery life
  • Plastic shell does not bode well for longevity
  • First temperature setting is useless


Boundless CF Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The CF relinquishes the digital display of its big bro the CFX in favor of portability and discretion.

Despite the solid overall construction, we are always somewhat wary of vaporizers compromised primarily (or in this case, entirely) from plastic. The Crafty has been able to rise above this generalization, with a stronger plastic body holding up increasingly strong in their recent models. Only time will tell if Boundless can reach the same effect with their products. The rubberized grip on the handle of the CF is certainly a step in the right direction.

Overall, there are no defects apparent and the smooth finish has held up well to repeat use.


Vapor Quality

If you are familiar with the vapor of the Boundless CFX, then you will notice how the CF produces nearly identical quality. Both units use the same heating chamber, which combines convection and conduction to create a uniquely satisfying vapor flavors and textures. The plastic mouthpiece does give a slight chemical flavor, which thankfully dissipates over a few uses.

Perhaps the only disappointment with vapor quality is how low the temperature range goes (an unnecessary 170 degrees Celsius), making this particular heat setting basically useless.

Boundless CF Heating Chamber


Look and Feel

This is a nicely tactile piece, with the smooth finish and rubberized grip providing a pleasant and secure feeling for the user.

The lack of digital display makes the CF look a little less slick than than the CFX, but this is a fair trade for the improved discreetness. The generic and fairly minimal look of the CF works in favor of the device looking like business as usual instead of a special occasion.



The CF improves on the CFX for keeping a low profile while still producing a tasty and effective vapor. The small size and pocketable shape makes the CF a solid bet for traveling in your pocket, and the sturdy build should hold up to rattling around in a bag if it needs to be quickly hidden.

Make sure to utilize the “stealth mode” for disabling the LED lights on the CF. This will help to keep sessions from becoming unnecessarily illuminated and suspicious.


Ease of Use

Like many portable vaporizer manufacturers, Boundless Tech uses minimal controls to help idiot-proof their devices.

The fairly standard 5-clicks to power the unit on and off, and two clicks to scroll through heat settings. 5 automatic temperature settings (170, 180, 190, 204, and 213 degrees Celsius) are offered though 170 degrees Celsius is too low to get much vapor effect from the CF.

Auto-shutoff is enabled after ten minutes of use to preserve battery life and general usability. Also worth noting is the the larger chamber, which holds around half a gram of ground herb. Make sure to fill up the chamber more than halfway for best results; for those wishing to use their herb more conservatively, the Utillian 720 handles a half-packed chamber with much more consistent results.



The size and shape of the CF makes for a significant improvement over the CFX for travel potential. It is slightly larger than the size of a hand, but slim and stubby enough to fit comfortably in pockets or purses. The durable build also lends itself to the wear and tear of rolling around in backpacks and bags.

The only limitation to portability is the battery life, which only lasts for approximately 2 to 3 sessions tops. This is kind of piddly compared to some of the more robust vaporizers like the Zeus Smite or the Utillian 720, which both last for a more solid 4-6 sessions.


The Boundless CF is a strong new contender in the portable vaporizer market, with a decent build, great vapor flavor, low-key appearance, and simple controls. The relatively short battery life is a slight disappointment, as some of the portability of the smaller design is traded off. With this in mind though, Boundless Technologies looks to be stepping their game up for portable vaporizers, so you could do a lot worse than the CF.

For those already enticed to pursue the Boundless CF, also give some consideration to the Utillian 720 which features 3 additional temperature settings, broader temperature range, plus a more resilient body and magnetic mouthpiece. Either way, you can look forward to getting quality vapor on the go.

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