Boundless CF710 Wax Pen Review - Wax On!
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality70%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Use70%
69%100Overall Score

Herbal waxes and concentrates are becoming bigger than ever, and can be daunting to navigate as well. “Nectar collectors” or “honey straws” in particular are getting hot, using a heating unit dipped in a container for concentrates, and then inhaled from there.

Sound complicated? The Boundless CF710 is designed to simplify this process on the go while providing heavy-duty cloud potential. How essential is this piece for your portable arsenal? Let Vapesterdam lead the way!

If you are new to wax pens, please feel free to check out our Wax Pen Buyer’s Guide to help get a handle on the specs which will matter most to you.

Product Pros

  • Very portable
  • Impressive vapor flavor and quality
  • Strong battery life
  • Simple controls and operation

Product Cons

  • Niche item may not appeal to casual vapers
  • Inefficient concentrate consumption
  • Lack of temperature control


Boundless CF710 Wax Pen Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Not the most stylish build around, but a solid one nonetheless. The CF710 heats up coils in seconds and generates results for the consumer almost immediately.

The Boundless CF710 uses a 900mAh battery, which is a plus as most wax pens tend to use 650mAh batteries and tap out within few sessions. The CF710 puts less stress on the battery by only being used for approximately 30 seconds at a time, so you will spend less time charging and more time vaping. Some sort of temperature control would be a nice addition, but the simple operation of the CF710 still produces quality vapor.

Overall, we continue to be impressed with the construction of Boundless devices, if not necessarily blown away by their design aesthetic.


Vapor Quality

Very decent vapor was achieved through the Boundless CF710. 2 atomizers are included: one is a dual quartz coil, which generates terrific flavor but overall thinner vapor. The other is a single ceramic coil, wrapped in a thick Clapton coil. This is meant for cloud chasers seeking highly visible draws, but flavor quality is sacrificed and the texture is much harsher.

Unfortunately, there is no temperature control, so you can only change heat by holding on the power button. Holding this button should generate larger-sized clouds, and shorter taps will bring out more flavor with the lower temperature. Despite this, vapor quality from the Boundless CF710 is still impressive overall, though if you would like at least some temperature control then this can be found in the Linx Ares Honey Straw.

Boundless CF710 Wax Pen Close-Up


Look and Feel

The thicker design of the CF710 compared to other honey straws may be initially off-putting.

As compared with a slicker pen style like the Linx Ares, the CF710 can look somewhat cheap. Looks can be deceiving though, as the CF710 does still feel like quality product when being handled. Pieces fit together great and there were no noticeable defects of any kind during testing. Overall, the device feels like a solid construction and should hold up well to regular use.



While the overall the unit itself is fairly low-key, using nectar collectors and honey straw style vaporizers is not particularly discreet in general. Best results are generally achieved by placing the dish on a flat service and heating with the atomizer from above. Just think about this will look when you are out and about.

That said, being able to switch between the two atomizers helps keep quality clouds on the low-down.


Ease of Use

This is, quite simply, one of the easiest vaporizing devices around for concentrates. The device is loaded by filling the included quartz dish with concentrate, then dipping the heating coils therein. This totally bypasses traditional concentrate session loading and makes for a much easier portable session.

Users should note how much wax needs to be used for best results from the CF710. As with most nectar collectors, a large amount of concentrate is needed in the dish to function properly. So, if you’re not careful with your sessions, you will likely run out of material to use much faster than usual.



This is a great device for portable vaping, with an easily pocket-fitting shape and simple setup. Honey straws in general are designed to take waxes and such on the road and not worry about loading. Dipping is generally not the most portable way of getting your vape on, so keep this in mind when using these kinds of vaporizers.

So while the inherent portable nature of these wax pens is somewhat limited, the CF710 is one of the more convenient nectar collectors around. As well, the 900mAh battery will keep on truckin’ for days without a charge.


While the Boundless CF710 could be considered a niche device, it is definitely a quality curiosity for those fixated on concentrates. The ease of use and impressive vapor quality make for a fine introduction to the zany world of nectar collectors, and the ability to make rig-sized draws on the go is appealing to the more advanced user. Build quality holds up well, although there are nicer devices on the market like the Linx Ares. Overall, this makes for a quite appealing, if not necessarily essential addition to the portable vaporizer market.

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