Boundless CFC Lite Review - Lite on Features
Build Quality55%
Vapor Quality57%
Look & Feel65%
60%100Overall Score

Costing only $65USD, the Boundless CFC Lite safely falls into the category of “entry level vaporizers.” You can only expect so much from a vaporizer as inexpensive as this one, but thanks to the rapid growth of the vape industry, new entry-level vaporizers offer more value every year. So what does the Boundless CFC Lite offer for such a low price? Let’s jump into the full review and find out.

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Product Pros

  1. Conduction heating
  2. Easy to use
  3. Portable

Product Cons

  1. Wispy vapor
  2. Bad flavor
  3. Super short battery life
  4. Cannot stand alone
  5. Feels cheap


Boundless CFC Lite Review: Breakdown


Boundless CFC Lite top view

Build Quality

Build Quality

Not quite as well built of a budget vaporizer as the Utillian 420, the CFC Lite utilizes a lot of plastic and rubberization in its finish. The body of the unit has an industrial design, while the ceramic herb chamber and ceramic mouthpiece bring are fairly run of the mill.

You get a replaceable 18350 battery with this unit. Buy a couple of batteries and charge one while the other is in use. This way, you never really have to worry about charging times. This is a very welcome feature that you rarely see in budget vaporizers like this one.

Speaking of features rarely seen in budget vaporizers, the CFC Lite surprisingly has haptic feedback: a feature typically reserved for more expensive vaporizers. Additionally, the CFC Lite’s use of ceramic materials does a lot for the unit’s vapor quality.


Vapor Quality

Not quite on par with a unit like the Focusvape, The Boundless CFC Lite has passable vapor production, especially for a vaporizer with such a small footprint and such a low price. It doesn’t hold a candle to more expensive vaporizers made with vapor production in mind, but no one should expect it to.

Considering its size and price range, the CFC Lite’s vapor quality is better than you’d expect. While the vapor is rather thin and whispy, it’s also very tasty thanks to the CFC Lite’s ceramic oven and mouthpiece. It isn’t the best vaporizer on the market in terms of its vapor quality, but it’s likely the best that you can get for $65.


Boundless CFC Lite mouth piece detached


Look and Feel

The Boundless CFC Lite’s aesthetic matches that of the rest of the Boundless lineup. At this point, this is a look that is quintessentially Boundless. It has a rubberized body with a matte black finish and strategically placed grooves for improved grip.

It’s an industrial-looking design that’s very ergonomic. The glowing lights give the unit’s otherwise bleak aesthetic a little more character. It isn’t the best-looking vape on the market even for the price.



The CFC Lite is fairly easy to operate. Simply load your herb chamber and turn the unit on by pressing the power button five times.

You can alternate between the CFC Lite’s three temperature settings by holding the power button down for three seconds. Once it reaches the set temperature, it’ll vibrate to let you know. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Boundless CFC Lite flat display



The Boundless CFC Lite is just under four inches tall, making it a rather compact vaporizer. This little vape will fit comfortably in your pocket, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Remember to bring an extra battery along with you, because the CFC Lite doesn’t hold a charge very well.



The CFC Lite’s small footprint and dark color scheme make it a fairly discreet vaporizer, but the glowing blue lights are a dead giveaway. They attract attention, but luckily, it shouldn’t be very hard to cover these lights during use.

The CFC Lite’s small form factor will allow it to mostly disappear in the average-sized hand. The mouthpiece might stick out of your hand ever so slightly, but overall, the CFC Lite is a pretty discreet vape that shouldn’t attract too much attention if used with care.


The Boundless CFC Lite doesn’t offer a ton of value for $65. Its vapor production only passable and battery life is atrocious. The few positive features can’t do much to rectify the lackluster vapor of this unit.

You get a replaceable battery, a feature that can effectively eliminate the time that you spend waiting for your vape to charge but when your charge time is only good for 1 – 2 sessions it becomes more annoying than helpful.

If you are looking for the absolute cheapest unit that is still decent, check out the LITL 1 or if you are looking for a budget unit that offers a bit more check out the Utillian 421.

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