Boundless CFC Review - CFC, Yeah You Know Me
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel70%
66%100Overall Score

Well, look who we have here: Boundless Technologies, back at it again with another intriguing portable vaporizer. Their newest release, the CFC, aims to be a more travel-oriented version of the Boundless CFX, with a smaller overall design intended to retain the integrity of the CFX vapor production.

The CFX has been a solidly performing device for a while now, but we have certainly been craving a more compact size for the power Boundless has been generating. Can Boundless keep up their high-quality tech while further refining the portability of their design? Let Vapesterdam show you the way!

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Product Pros

  • LED display with precise heat control
  • Stable design and sturdy build
  • Flavorful low-temp vapor
  • Strong battery life

Product Cons

  • Mouthpiece can get quite warm
  • Made entirely from plastic
  • No removable battery


Boundless CFC Portable Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Boundless holds high standards for their devices so far, and the CFC appears to be no exception. The plastic build is not quite ideal, but the medical-grade materials do still carry some heft and held up to vigorous testing. Only the mouthpiece leaves us feeling dry, with the short vapor path and uncovered plastic allowing a fair amount of heat to reach your lips. Temperature control can even be toggled between Celsius and Fahrenheit, a rare occurrence in portable vaporizers.

Heating range is quite extensive, with settings anywhere between 100C and 230C available (180C – 220C is generally the sweet spot). Battery life is an impressive 4 – 5 sessions (or approximately 60 minutes). The CFC also comes with a large heating chamber; one can expect to fit close to a half-gram worth of ground herb if they are savvy with disbursement. Overall, Boundless has retained the benefits of the CFX and filtered them into a fresh, convenient new design.


Vapor Quality

Clouds are thin and wispy at lower temperatures, but also surprisingly flavorful. This can also be sustained through higher temperatures, though flavor will inevitably be lost the hotter one goes with their session.
Be warned how the mouthpiece heats up during use; similar to the G-Pen Elite, the short vapor path may heat things up more than usual and can get a little uncomfortable. This is another reason to stick with lower temperatures when using the CFX, so bear this in mind if you like to do a more thorough cook-up.
The Vapir Prima and Arizer Air both use a slightly elongated vapor path which keeps things cooler around the lips, and the Pax 3’s oven is located in the bottom of the device.

Boundless CFC Portable Vaporizer Chamber & Mouthpiece

Look and Feel

This entirely plastic construction is not necessarily the most high-end design on the market, but the compact size fits great in the hand, and the LED display is a bright and welcome addition.

The mouthpiece leaves a bit to be desired, as the plastic will get unavoidably heated throughout the session. However, as far as plastic-dominated vapes go, the CFC is certainly among the upper echelon (and looks pretty decent, too).



The CFC is the most discreet model yet from Boundless; even the LED screen is low-key enough to dissuade suspicion while managing to keep your session control illuminated.

The stubby shape is easily hidden in the hand and tucks relatively seamlessly away in pockets. The relatively thin vapor production works in favor of discreetness, as well; minor clouds still yield fine taste and effective vapor.


Ease of Use

Similar to the G-Pen Elite, this is a simple and effective device to use. Herbs are loaded by removing the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber and then setting the piece back. Standard powering commences (5 quick clicks on the power button), and the CFC will automatically begin heating to the most recently set temperature.

The digital display and specific temperature control also make for a very conveniently customizable session.



Like the Pax 3 and V2 Series 7, the CFC fits great in a pocket and holds up fine being transported in bags. An hour’s worth of battery also gives assurance of a solid 4 – 6 sessions per charge.

Once again, the mouthpiece sticks in our craw a bit. The plastic piece feels fragile during handling, and can be popped off if a reasonable amount of pressure is applied. Make sure to take extra care of the mouthpiece during travel, or risk poppin’ off at the wrong time.


The CFC is a significant next step for Boundless in regards to refining their approach to portable vapor quality. While big clouds are not the CFC’s specialty, the rich flavor contained within the wispier clouds will certainly satisfy looking for a tastier vape experience while keeping portability and discreetness optimum. Boundless Technologies would do well to further enhance their overall vapor production to allow bigger draws while not sacrificing flavor, but this is a challenge for almost any portable vaporizer.

A longer vapor path, like the ones utilized by the Vapir Prima and the Arizer Air would be a better fit for those looking to keep their lips from getting too hot. Overall though, this is a well-balanced unit worth taking a look at.

Have you any thoughts on the Boundless CFC? Well then, leave us a gosh darn comment below, why don’t ya!

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