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Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality77%
Look and Feel69%
69%100Overall Score

Hello and welcome to our review of the Boundless CFX. It was released back in 2015 and has been gaining a lot of attention because of its direct comparison to Storz & Bickel’s Mighty vaporizer. We are definitely excited to get our hands on a unit that seems to have a lot of hype behind it.  So without any further gilding the lily let’s take an in-depth look at the Boundless CFX.

Product Pros

  • Large ceramic heating chamber
  • Large Digital Display
  • Haptic Feedback

Product Cons

  • Unit is too large
  • Inaccurate battery gauge

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The one thing we noticed right away from the Boundless CFX is amount of plastic used in this unit. While we have not had too many issues with high end units that incorporate plastics like Storz & Bickel, with the price of the CFX we are a little skeptical of the quality of plastic and how it will hold up over time. For the most part from a manufacturing standpoint seems to be on point. There were no glaring defects, plastic seams, etc. The one thing we found quite impressive was the quality of the display. It is big, bright, and easy to read, we can easily say this is the best display offered on a portable to date. However we are concerned how the screen will hold up over time or if the device is ever dropped. But for now we are pleased with the overall build.


Vapor Quality

The Boundless CFX is advertised as a convection vaporizer; however it operates more as a hybrid. If you turn the unit on and put your finger against the sidewall you will feel the sidewalls heat up instantly. This means there is a heating element in the side walls that helps cook herbs along with the hot air pulled from the bottom of the unit. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact we really enjoyed the vapor we got off of this device. However the quality of vapor lies somewhere between a conduction unit and a convection unit, it certainly tastes better than the G-Pen elite, however it is not nearly as pure tasting as the Mighty. Because this unit does utilize both styles of heating the draws you can achieve at high temperatures with a full packed chamber are substantial. We are able to achieve huge clouds with this unit, however at 220 celsius the flavor had more of a cooked flavor and the draws tended to be more harsh, but if you like to chase clouds, this unit will satisfy. With the temperature turned down to something more reasonable like 190 – 200, you still achieve satisfying exhales while maintaining decent flavor throughout your session.


Boundless CFX Display


Look and Feel

When you first pull this unit from the packaging it looks really slick. It has a familiar shape and style, similar to the Mighty and a large digital display. The size of the unit is somewhere between the size of the Mighty and the size of the Crafty. While the size of the unit is okay, it still is not small enough to be considered the most portable unit available. As we noted previously this unit uses a lot of plastic in its design, glossy plastic, which means fingers prints and scratches can show up easily and if the unit ever gets dropped we worry about how well it will survive. Another aspect we found there could be improvement on is the mouthpiece; it is considerably larger than the Mighty and made us feel like we were sticking a toe in our mouth rather than a mouthpiece. With some time you get used to it, but it doesn’t mean we like it and wished it was smaller.

One feature we found impressive was the LCD display, it is easily the largest digital display on a portable vaporizer and it’s gorgeous. The display is bright, easy to read and is presented like the dashboard displaying your temperature, battery life, and session length. However, like all displays in an outdoor setting in bright sunlight we did struggle to read it.



As we previously discussed this unit is a little on the large size. It cannot be easily concealed in your hand and putting in your pocket may even be an issue, so if you need to quickly hide your unit, the CFX may not be the right unit for you. As well the display on the unit is quite bright when you are in the dark, so if you are trying to get a stealthy session, the bright light may blow your cover. If you are looking for a unit that was built with discretion in mind definitely check out the Zeus Smite.


Ease of Use

The Boundless CFX is really straight forward and easy to use. Simply press the power button 5 times to turn the unit on and it will begin to heat up. Use the up and down arrows to set your temperature and that’s about it. This unit heats up really quickly, usually within 1 minute. Loading this unit is also really simple, just twist the mouthpiece open to expose the heating chamber, pack your herbs and twist it shut. It really can’t get much easier than that.



As we discussed in the previous section, this unit is large. No it’s not as big as the mighty, but it is still large. It is not the easiest unit to fit in your pocket, especially if your pockets are semi-full already. It is much better suited in a bag or purse if you really want to bring this unit with you. In our eyes, this unit is more like the mighty which we consider as a stay-at-home portable.


The Boundless CFX is a good unit if you are just looking for a portable unit to use at home or to take with you on the random occasion, but because of the size it is hard to recommend it as a daily portable unit.

The use of plastic makes us worry about wear and tear over time, though from first impressions manufacturing quality seems to be up to par. We really did enjoy the digital display, its large, impressive and will certainly turn heads. We wish the mouthpiece was a bit smaller but it is something that you get used to. Overall though we feel like the Mighty, the CFX is too large to be seriously considered as a go-to to put in your pocket for a day out.

If you are looking for a comparable unit that is much more compact we strongly suggest checking out the Utillian 720. It also features convection heating, provides excellent vapor quality and is roughly the size of the Crafty making it far more portable.

If this sounds like a unit you may be interested, you can pick up your Boundless CFX from, they offer free shipping on orders over $100.

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