Boundless Tera Review - Pushing the Bounds
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality86%
Look & Feel75%
Ease of Use88%
85%100Overall Score

Today we are reviewing the newest release in the Boundless line: the Tera. This unit can fit in the palm of your hands while producing high-quality vapor on the first draw. At least, that’s what the manufacturer says. What will our findings be? Stay tuned to find out whether or not Boundless has found its boundary.

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Product Pros

  1. Extremely powerful
  2. USB charging
  3. Water pipe attachment included
  4. Convection heating
  5. User manual included
  6. Removable batteries
  7. Large temperature range for herbs

Product Cons

  1. Only 1 temperature for concentrates




Boundless Tera Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Boundless isn’t messing around. The Boundless Tera is the first concentrate vaporizer of its kind to use 2 removable batteries in the design. However, they aren’t just 2 average batteries. The manufacturer used only the best: 2 LG 18650 2500mAh Lithium-ion batteries. That’s a whole 5000mAh powering your Tera!

Overall, we like what we saw in terms of the Boundless Tera’s build quality. The outside is sturdy, but it’s what’s on the inside that differentiates this device from the competition. Instead of the bare minimum offered by some vaporizer companies, Boundless takes pride in their products.

The Tera has an isolated heat path that keeps vapor from coming in contact with any electronics. The mouthpiece has been redesigned for less throat and lip irritation. Even the heating chamber improves upon past vaporizers: the stainless steel design is used to radiate heat and improve vapor quality!

One thing we should note is that a previous iteration of the Boundless Tera was said to have teflon insulation in the vapor path which was a cause for concern for some users. However, the most recent news from Boundless is that the teflon has been removed on all future models which is a plus.


Vapor Quality

We were impressed by the overall vapor quality of the Boundless Tera, this thing can produce some serious clouds. We thought the convection-heated air combined with radiative heat transfer did a great job of providing a solid session. The materials were warmed evenly thanks to the stainless steel oven.

In terms of temperature choices, this vaporizer offers quite a range for flowers. You can go as low as 140°F, or as high as 428°F. As usual, stick with lower temps to savor the flavor and higher heat to exhale fluffy clouds.

Unfortunately, there is only 1 temperature offering in concentrate mode. While 500°F is a good wax vaping temperature, it doesn’t leave any room for personal preference. You will get a good draw, but you won’t get extreme clouds.

We really appreciate Boundless for including a water pipe adapter. This adds an extra layer to the overall experience. The thought of smooth, cool vapor sweetens the disappointing single temperature concentrate mode.


Boundless Tera mouth piece detached


Look and Feel

We’re not going to lie, we don’t exactly love how the Boundless Tera feels in the hand. There are grooved on the exterior that appears like they are ergonomical and should easily rest in your hand, but this is not the case.

The device is also rather chunky and reminds us of a can of soda or a beer bottle with how your hand forms around it. It also isn’t going to win any awards for pocketability and will most likely need a murse or jack pocket to take this baby out.



Because of its size, the Boundless Tera is not the most discreet unit on the market. While the overall design may have people thinking it’s either an oddly shaped battery charger or e-cig its definitely going to draw some attention.

The convection style heating does lend itself to the overall discretion of the device, this is because your herbs are only heated as you draw from the Boundless Tera and therefore only emitting odor when your exhale vapor.

There is even haptic feedback to let you know when your device turns on, off, and ends a session. This comes in handy anytime you have to hide the unit quickly. You can easily feel it vibrate through a jacket pocket or in your hand.

Boundless Tera battery


Ease of Use

Whether you have a taste for herb or wax, you will find this unit easy to use. The heating chamber is inside the mouthpiece, and you use the same oven for both materials. The only difference is that the concentrate pad must be added for waxes.

When you turn the Boundless Tera on, it is automatically in flower mode. Simply select the temperature and wait to vape. To get into concentrate mode, click the power button 3 times after loading your materials and replacing the mouthpiece.



This Boundless unit is not small, and is a bit girthy at 2.25 inches wide. Although not unheard of, this could turn some users against the Boundless Tera. Skinny jeans are in, and the girth may create too much of a bump if the unit fits at all.

That being said, this device checks all other portability boxes. It is lightweight and can fit easily into a bag or backpack. It is perfect for vapers who live their lives on the go.

The Tera even has two mouthpieces. One is made of glass and the other plastic. Unlike other so-called portable vaporizers, the Tera doesn’t make you risk your glass.


The results are in; when it comes to pure raw vapor production the Boundless Tera is an absolute beast, but it won’t be taking any awards in the flavor. The dual 18650’s are a welcome addition to power such a beast, however, it does not result in a longer battery life, maxing out in about 90 minutes. The Boundless Tera also is not the most portable device on the market making it much better suited as an at home device.

With that being said, if you are just looking to blow clouds than the Boundless Tera may be for you. If you value portability and flavor a bit more than we suggest checking out a unit like the Utillian 721.

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