Boundless Water Pipe Adapter Review - Piped Up
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Welcome to our review of the Boundless Water Pipe Adapter! This piece is designed to maximize the vapor flavor and texture from your Boundless units by connecting glass water filters. This is what you’ll need to get  “luxury hits” from your glassware, so if you’re looking to get the most vapor flavor and out of your Boundless products, then this adapter will be an essential product to check out.

Product Pros

  • Strong build quality
  • Helps maximize vapor flavor and texture

Product Cons

  • Only works with Boundless CF, CFV & CFX


Boundless Water Pipe Adapter Review: Breakdown

Boundless Water Pipe Adapter Reverse Shot



The sturdy stainless steel build of this adapter should definitely hold up to a fair amount of use as it helps to secure your glass pieces. Take your existing mouthpiece out and you should be able to easily screw in the adapter; the Boundless Water Pipe Adapter should fit both 14mm and 18mm pieces for both male and female glass joints and fits snugly into the stems we tried it with. Not only is the piece itself built with a high degree of care and quality, the quality of vapor from the CF, CFV, and CFX had all improved tremendously.



This piece will definitely elevate the taste of the vapor produced from the Boundless CF, CFV, and CFX. Not only does the glass adapter help to enhance both flavor and texture, but it will also help to cool down your vapor and make feel smoother on your throat. As some Boundless units can sometimes emit hotter and harsher vapor, this adapter will make for a tremendous upgrade for the advanced user and a fun curiosity for newcomers. It’s not exactly an essential piece, but after using the adapter to vape through your glass, you’ll definitely notice the difference between regular Boundless vapor and what you can get with the adapter.



This water pipe adapter is a great way to maximize the vapor potential of various Boundless vaporizers;the adapter makes it simple and effective to bridge your old-school bong hits with the lush smoothness of vaporizing. Don’t be surprised if you end up generating big enough clouds you won’t be able to inhale it all at once. Overall, the Boundless Water Pipe Adapter is not quite essential but very highly recommended nonetheless.

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