Bud Bomb Pipe Review - Bomb's Away!
Build Quality90%
Smoke Quality87%
Look & Feel88%
Ease of Maintenance77%
86%100Overall Score

Today we’re taking a look at a competitively priced hand pipe with a unique design. Anyone who’s broken one or two (or five or six) glass chillums has probably considered investing in something a little more solid. Unfortunately, metal chillums come with their own particular set of problems; they heat rapidly, creating a harsh smoking experience which gets progressively worse. The Bud Bomb Original is clearly meant to bridge this gap. At under $30, it was easy to justify making the purchase so I could see for myself. Still, a generic glass chillum can be bought for $2. At 15 times the price, the Bud Bomb Original has to pack a serious punch to be worth it.

Product Pros

  1. Can be chilled for smoking ease
  2. Discrete
  3. Easy to clean

Product Cons

  1. Doesn’t stay cool long
  2. Overpriced
  3. Difficult to load

Bud Bomb Pipe Review: Breakdown

Bud Bomb Pipe colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Bud Bomb Original is a much better option than a glass chillum when it comes to build quality. My main concern was that a combination of residue and pollen would eventually cause the piece to stick together.

However, the threading is thick and I didn’t experience any issues. The pieces go together intuitively, and even the clumsiest smoker shouldn’t have any issues loading this piece.

However, mobile smokers should note that this piece is not as easy to load as a traditional chillum. Unscrewing and loading this piece requires two hands, making it difficult to juggle a grinder as well.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality I achieved with the  Bud Bomb Original is significantly better than that of any other chillum I’ve used, particularly when it has spent time in the freezer.

The cooling factor only last for one or two hits, but it makes a huge difference in the smoking experience. Hits taken when the piece is chilled are not just smooth, they’re flavorful. A chillum which allows you to actually taste your herb is somewhat unheard of, and makes puts this piece in a class of its own.

Even without the additional cooling, the Bud Bomb Original seems to be well insulated. It heats slower than a similarly sized glass chillum, meaning that it can be hit for longer periods of time.

Bud Bomb Pipe detached




Look and Feel

This piece is incredibly solid, especially when it is compared to the flimsy glass models which make up the majority of the market. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, which is great, because this is the kind of piece you’re going to own for quite a while.

All of the finishes are brushed metal, so it’s not going to show fingerprints. If you buy pieces for flash and sex appeal, this isn’t the piece to invest in. The brushed finish is fairly nondescript, and even the gold finish is not particularly striking.

The upside is that it is incredibly discrete. As long as you load it in advance, no one is going to think twice if they see you hitting this piece on the street.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Chillums are easy to clean by definition. Most smokers simply fill the chillum half full of alcohol, add a bit of table salt, and shake until clean.

Though easy, this method is fairly risky with the popular glass models. The Bud Bomb Original is more suited to a completely hands-off cleaning method. Simply put the whole unit in a dish of alcohol and leave it there until the pipe is free of residue.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. This piece requires very regular cleanings. Any significant build up of residue or pollen will likely cause issues with the threads that connect the parts.

Bud Bomb Pipe full kit


The Bud Bomb Original is a well designed piece which is built to last. The dense metal body and diffusion technology allow it to function on a level that a typical chillum cannot. That being said, this  innovative, cooling chillum is limited by the temperature of your freezer and it’s ability to stay cold. It takes quite a while to cool down, and it just doesn’t stay cold long enough to be a game changer for me.

Plus it’s so complicated you’ve got to sit down at a table to load it. That’s not necessarily a problem, but it’s not what I expect from a one-hitter. After spending some time with this piece, I’m far less excited than I was when it first arrived. It seems there’s only so much quality you’re going to get out of a simple chillum.

The Bud Bomb Original is a nice chillum, but at 15 times the price of the competition, it ought to be far better than nice. This piece is simply not worth the money.

If you are looking for more of unique take on the modern pipe be sure to check out the Genius Pipe and for a more affordable glass spoon pipe check out the Jane West Spoon.

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