Cannador Humidor Review - Humidity help for your Herbs
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There are a lot of stoners out there, some being more into the lifestyle than others. There’s the ordinary consumer, and then there’s the enthusiast. You might be an enthusiast if you’ve found yourself talking about your bud’s aroma and appearance in scrutinous detail.

If you’re that kind of consumer, you’re in luck. This product was made specifically for the connoisseurs with refined taste. The Cannador will take anyone’s game to the next level. The Cannador Humidor is a premium storage container designed to maintain the optimal level of humidity for the preservation of flower. The Cannador will preserve the flavor and overall quality of your botanical.

Product Pros

  • Beautiful Construction
  • Nice seal

Product Cons

  • Large & Heavy


Cannador Cannabis Humidor Review: Breakdown

Cannador Cannabis Humidor open

Build Quality

This is a very premium-looking piece that would look great in just about any room. Unlike the cold stainless steal of the CVault, the mahogany design of the Cannador is stunning, and it feels very sturdy and well-built.

The design of the Cannador was clearly given a lot of thought. It looks great, and it does so without sacrificing performance.

The Cannador was designed to blend beautifully with any room while preserving the flavor and quality of your cannabis.

 Cannador Cannabis Humidor top view


The Cannador maintains a humid atmosphere to preserve the quality of your herbs, and it requires very little from the user.

To keep your Cannador humid and preserve the quality of your herbs, simply submerge the included vapor beads.

They attach to the underside of the lid via the magnetic vapor beads system used to maintain humidity inside the Cannador.

The Cannador comes with several containers for cannabis storage, and accompanying them are lids with adjustable ventilation. They even come with dry erase labels so you can label your herbs strains over and over again.

The Cannador utilizes a mahogany build because mahogany holds up well against humidity. Plus, mahogany won’t affect the flavor of your bud.

It was the perfect material for the device’s functionality, and it happens to look extremely classy.

Not only does the Cannador keep your cannabis fresh, but it even keeps it safe. That’s right, the Cannador locks in order to keep your bud secure. It comes with two keys that you can use to lock or unlock your Cannador at any time.

Cannador Cannabis Humidor coils


The Cannador Cannabis Humidor looks fantastic anywhere in the house, and it does everything that it claims. It maintains the freshness of your marijuana, and it does so with style.

Additionally, it does a great job keeping your bud safe when locked. It has a pretty good lock and a very sturdy build, so getting into it without a key would be quite the task.

Cannador Cannabis Humidor box


With the Cannador, you can preserve the freshness of your herbs while keeping it safe. Storing your herbs in the Cannador noticeably extends its lifespan, and it preserves the quality and aroma of the bud.

Its intuitive vapor bead system effectively maintains a humid atmosphere inside your Cannador, while its beautiful mahogany finish gives it a premium quality.

This luxury style allows the Cannador to blend seamlessly into any room, hiding your cannabis in plain sight.


The Cannador Cannabis Humidor is a very elegant and functional device. It claimed to be able to preserve the quality and freshness of herbs, and it totally came through. It flawlessly preserves the quality of your herbs by using its vapor bead system to maintain optimal humidity. It works extremely well, and its classy, luxurious design is just icing on the cake.

I recommend the Cannador to cannabis enthusiasts with a refined taste for bud. If you are a vapor, you can pair the Cannador with the Zeus Temple, using Cannador to keep your herbs fresh and then using the Temple to dry your herbs before you vaporize them. If you have an advanced palette and you care about the quality and flavor of your herbs, use the Cannador to keep your flower in prime condition all the time.

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