Cheech and Chong’s Strawberry Beaker Review
Build Quality73%
Smoke Quality70%
Look & Feel74%
Ease of Maintenance65%
71%100Overall Score

Today we’re discussing a piece from the original tokers, Cheech and Chong. Cheech and Chong brought toke culture to the masses through movies, tv shows, and various promotions. In their later years, they turned to glass. They’ve done a few glass production products separately, but now they’ve come together for a notable collaboration. I was excited for this piece on reputation alone. If anyone knows what makes a good piece, it’s these guys. Without further ado, let’s see what Cheech and Chong’s Strawberry Beaker has to offer.

Product Pros

  1. Small
  2. Easy to pass
  3. Easy to travel with

Product Cons

  1. Overpriced
  2. Small bowl
  3. Fixed Neck
  4. Hard to Clean



Cheech and Chong Strawberry Beaker Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Small water pipes are very hit or miss. Glass houses tend to cut corners on their smaller pieces, using cheap glass and fittings on these less profitable pieces.

This piece is made of surprisingly thick glass. The fittings are glass on glass. Unfortunately, the piece does not come with keck clips, so you’re going to have to purchase your own, or the finely ground fittings will almost certainly get stuck.

I really like the angling on the fixed downstem. I tend to prefer a removable downstem, but the glass is thick and the female section where the bowl connects is bent inwards in a manner that makes it less likely to break.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

This little water pipe gives a lot of bang for your buck. The downstem is diffused, so your smoke gets plenty of physical contact with cooling water.

There’s no room for ice in a little piece like this, but with such a small chamber, ice-cold water will serve the same purpose. My main complaint on this piece is the bowl size.

Sure, this is a small piece, and it makes sense that it comes with a small bowl. Unfortunately, this bowl is just too small.

In my life, a small piece is good for use in intimate groups of up to three. If you’re being considerate, you and a friend could share this bowl. But it’s not reasonable to assume that you could use this piece in a group.




Look and Feel

It packs really easily, and requires no additional accessories. Given the thick glass and sturdy design, you can pack it without worry. The base is incredibly thick, meaning that it’s very well weighted. It doesn’t wobble when you set it down, and it’s easy to hold, pass, and load. I’m a big fan of a small piece with a well sized chamber, and this definitely fits that.

Can an experienced smoker easily clear a fully packed bowl in this water pipe. Most definitely. But an inexperienced smoker without a ton of lung strength can hit this piece comfortably, control the size of their hit and inhale the whole thing without leaving a chamber full of stale smoke. The thick base and fixed neck combine to produce a piece which is incredibly easy to handle.

You can pass it around with the carelessness with which you would pass a pipe. Of course, with a bowl that only holds two hits, you won’t be doing too much passing.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This isn’t going to be the easiest piece to clean. Sure, it comes apart as you’d expect, but the downstem is both fixed and diffused. This means that while the downstem has multiple small openings which must be cleaned for proper use, you’re also going to have an incredibly hard time doing so.

My first instinct was to remove the mouthpiece to clean the water pipe. But you can’t. This little wonder has a diffused downstem which (I repeat for emphasis) must be cleaned. And yet the designer has provided us with no easy way to do so.

What’s the solution? Well, you could repeatedly soak the interior in a solution of alcohol, using a sizable amount of table salt in order to deal with the residue left behind. Alternatively, you could buy a commercial cleanser. The idea of a small piece which retails for under $100 yet requires professional cleansers is a little silly to me, but hey, I don’t know your budget.


This is a worthwhile little piece, but certainly nothing to write home about. It’s well-crafted in that it isn’t likely to break (either by accident or carelessness), but it doesn’t have any particularly exciting features.

The strawberry mini is attractive, but not so attractive it will draw the attention with strangers. Your friends won’t ask for it by name when they come over to smoke. Essentially it’s a pretty average piece. It does precisely what it’s supposed to do, and it looks alright doing it. It’s super hard to clean, and it costs more than it should. This one is definitely a let down from our buddies Cheech and Chong.

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