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Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel55%
62%100Overall Score

You know the drill: another day, another wax pen promoted as the be-all, end-all of herbal extract vaporization. The Cloud Pen Paragon is meant to be a wax pen for folks of all stripes, with a complete kit included for the newbies and a range of mods available for the expert. It’s small and svelte and Cloud Pen claims it’s one of the most unique and finely-made wax pens available on the market. These are some pretty bold claims, so we are here to put the Paragon to the test and see how cloudy we can make things.

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Product Pros

  • Built-in dab tool
  • Large heating chamber
  • Comes with convenient non-stick concentrate jar

Product Cons

  • Ho-hum design
  • Negligble vapor quality
  • Only works with concentrates
  • Limited warranty

Cloud Pen Paragon Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

While the Cloud Pen Paragon has been touted as one of the world’s “finest and most unique vape pens available”, it’s not actually particularly special to us. The Paragon uses a 510-threaded 2200mAh battery which should fit all tanks and mods available, and the dual heating rods are made from quartz and the coil wrap is made from titanium, making for a fairly sturdy heating setup.

The Cloud Pen Paragon is also described as having the largest chamber in the game; we don’t know if this is necessarily true, but it is quite roomy and should be able to hold enough material to keep more than a session going. The package includes the aforementioned “No-Goo Jar” which is a well-made addition. The warranty is somewhat limited though, with only 30 days of coverage on the atomizer and a year for the battery.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Cloud Pen Paragon is fairly fair, once you’ve tried a number of these devices. You can choose between three preset temperatures indicated by the LED light on the side of the device, and two dual quartz atomizers are used to retain a decent amount of flavor. The air-control valve on the side of the mouthpiece helps to adjust the flow of air, although this doesn’t end up making a huge effect on the vapor. For a lower, smoother flavor from concentrates, the Zeus Thunder 2 or the Pulsar APX Wax could be considered more appropriate options for those just getting started with wax vaporizers.

Cloud Pen Paragon Concentrate Container

Look and Feel

The Paragon is a fairly rudimentary design, but it feels decent enough to handle and use. There’s nothing particularly special about how this design has come to be, but it feels decent enough while handling and should hold up to a bit of wear and tear while in transit. The neon green “No-Goo” jar offers one of the only jolts of color, but also makes handling extracts easy on the go.



The Cloud Pen Paragon is a fairly discreet device, as most wax pens tend to be. The size is small, the weight is light, and the overall design is fairly inconspicuous. The only element which may bait you out a bit is the neon green used in the concentrate container, but considering you’ll only be using this piece when loading the device, it shouldn’t be of particular concern.


Ease of Use

The Cloud Pen Paragon comes equipped with a number of packing and loading tools which will make first-time use real easy for the neophyte, especially the travel container for extracts located at the bottom of the Paragon. Including these tools is a good idea for people who like to take their devices on the go but don’t necessarily have the wherewithal to bring all the associated pieces with them. The Cloud Pen Paragon operates with a one-button design and you can navigate through the three heat settings by holding the button.



The small size and relatively light weight of the Cloud Pen Paragon makes it a strong option for portability. The unit takes “only” three hours to charge, but should last for upwards of 8 hours which makes a decent amount of consistent vaping on the go. The silicon jar for carrying extracts also makes transporting and loading concentrates  fairly breezy and puts the Paragon a cut above other models for portability.


The Cloud Pen Paragon runs at just around $100 USD, making it a decent starter unit for people just getting into using wax pens. As stated before, it’s small and light and easy to use, which is totally on the level but doesn’t really offer a lot to put it over the edge of finer products like the Dr. Dabber Aurora or the Source Orb. Overall, the Cloud Pen Paragon is not quite top of the mountain, but should nonetheless get you on an ascent.

Have you used the Cloud Pen Paragon yet? We would love to hear about your experience with this vaporizer, so give us a shout in the comments below!

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