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Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality75%
Look & Feel65%
Ease of Use65%
63%100Overall Score

For a long time, the only way to enjoy concentrates on the go was through wax pens. Portable e-nails are the new rage, and it is easy to see why. Dabbing is bigger than ever and people want to take their rigs with them. Not only that, but putting dabbing and vaping together is clearly a recipe for success. E-rigs, e-nails, whatever you call ’em – they’re all basically just electronic bongs. There are a few notable models of this sort about (the Dr. Dabber Boost is a popular and well-performing example), but we’re here to talk about the Cloud V Electro, a new e-nail rig with an attached water bubbler and some super high heat.

If you’re new to electronic dabbing, then you will most certainly want to get acquainted with the Vapesterdam Wax Pen Buyers’ Guide and learn more about the options available to you.

Product Pros

  • Very high max temperature
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Effective use of concentrates

Product Cons

  • Embedded battery cannot be replaced
  • Cumbersome design is still not really portable
  • Tips over easily
  • Fragile glass pieces


 Cloud V Electro E-Rig Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Cloud V Electro is a reasonably well-made, as strong and sturdy materials make up the base and the titanium nail and glass mouthpieces ensure a generally quality vape experience. You can choose either the “straight arm” or “side arm” aqua bubbler options; each are made from high-quality glass and each are ready to be shattered at a moment’s notice.

While the two temperature settings should be high enough to satisfy wax needs, it would have been nice to have more control for thinner concentrates like oils.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Cloud V Electro is fairly decent. Many reviewers have been referring to it as some of the best vapor flavor you can get, but this seems to be a bit of an overstatement. There’s only two temperature settings for the Cloud V Electro, but both of them are very high. This is good for getting big draws from wax, but leads to high-intensity splatter with thinner oils.

The water attachment is a cool idea (pun intended) for keeping the vapor temperature lower, but overall the vapor is comparable to most other wax units (in particular, the Dr. Dabber Boost can get you more flavor from a smaller dish).

Cloud V Electro Straight Arm Aqua Bubbler

Look and Feel

The Cloud V Electro feels fairly solid, but also like something we’ve seen before in the FocusVape Tourist. The package is fairly epic, with the lengthy box bringing to mind a box of fireworks rather than a vaporizer.

Two sizes of titanium nail are included, and even the smaller size should be fine for most users. It’s strong and sturdy, but handling it with the glass pieces is still a pain to deal with. Even just picking up the unit to take a draw will disrupt the water bubbler.



There’s basically no such thing as discreetness with an e-rig (especially an e-rig with a huge side arm piece ready to fall over at a moment’s notice), so this section is always dealt with in relative terms. The only way a device like this will look discreet is if the pieces are disassembled and the unit is left in the charging dock.


Ease of Use

The Cloud V Electro is fairly easy to use. You can either charge the Cloud V Electro via the charging base which comes included with the package. There is also a charging port directly under the base of the battery. This requires the battery to be laid down on its side for charging, so best to only use this as a backup. The manual recommends charging the Cloud V Electro for at least 9 (!!) hours before use, so bear this in mind before using.

The “aqua bubbler” connects with the nail by twisting, and the dab material is placed on the titanium dish. Switching between temperatures is done by holding the power button for 4 seconds. The device will then be set at the last chosen temperature from your previous session. Once activated, the Cloud V Electro will heat to this point and the LED lights will flash while the unit heats up. There’s fairly little draw resistance from the Cloud V Electro, which should be good for users fairly new to the dab.



As with discreetness, there isn’t really such a thing as a truly “portable” e-rig. The side arm piece in particular ensures this device looks like it will fall over at any moment, and may actually do so. The straight arm doesn’t help much for balance, either. To take the Cloud V Electro anywhere, it would recommended to bring the pieces in a carrying case like the Zeus Armor Hard Case.

At least the battery life is pretty decent, with approximately 45 minutes of consistent vaping activity offered on a full charge.


O verall, the Cloud V Electro is enough of a well-performing device. It is comparable to the Dr. Dabber Boost for portability and convenience (or lack thereof, to be clear), but doesn’t provide as much value to us.

For the price point and relative lack of versatility, there are definitely stronger models one can seek out. The Cloud V Electro is too cumbersome to convincingly become one’s go-to device, especially when there are more easily accessible e-rig style devices like the FocusVape Tourist and the aforementioned Dr. Dabber Boost.

Are your paws on a Cloud V Electro at this very moment? Well then, direct those mitts toward the comments section here and let us know what’s up!



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