Crafty Vaporizer Review - German Engineering ! (+Video)
Build Quality95%
Vapor Qualitty95%
Look and Feel70%
90%100Overall Score

Welcome to the Crafty Vaporizer Review! Today we have the great honor to review one of the first portable vaporizers to be released by Storz and Bickel, absolute heavyweights in the vaporizer world. This little vaporizer sports a tonne of suspicious and great little features making it very interesting for more than a few reasons. We’re excited to see what this thing can do, so let’s get to the Crafty Vaporizer review to see what it can do!

Product Pros

  1. Fast heat up
  2. Very efficient
  3. High quality construction
  4. Amazing vapor quality
  5. Easy to use
  6. Great temp flexibility

Product Cons

  1. Auto shut-off is a bit annoying
  2. Battery replacement will be expensive


Crafty Vaporizer Review: Video

Crafty Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The knee-jerk reaction we had to this unit the moment we saw it was to be wary of the plastic pieces that were used in the construction of this vaporizer. Heat and plastic do not really work well together and usually make for a poor experience, but once we held it in our hands, we had to admit that it felt well built and high quality. The unit is ribbed which helps disperse heat efficiently so that the unit itself doesn’t get very warm, and the battery is even separated from the heating chamber! This is a pretty huge design feature as most units don’t even try to do that which leads to performance issues down the road. The ones who do try often end up failing as it’s a much easier said than done. All the parts feel well machined and the unit seems well designed. All in all, an impressive showing right off the bat.


Vapor Quality

To be blunt and concise, the vapor quality from the crafty was nothing short of amazing. The vapor was cool, smooth flavorful and satisfying. At it’s default basic temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit delivered visible clouds, something I would have never expected. To add to the experience, the plastic in the mouth piece didn’t alter the flavor of the vapor in the slightest. The taste was pure and flavorful. In this category, the unit went against just about every single logical thought we had when we first looked at the unit. It even manages to have a temperature flexibility that ranges from 104 Fahrenheit to 410 Fahrenheit. This is done through the app (download App here), where you can set the value of the unit’s basic temperature and booster temperature to you liking. This is a great way to keep every herb-enthusiast happy!

Crafty Vaporizer Review - Inside Heating Chamber


Look and Feel

The Crafty isn’t exactly the most beautiful vaporizer on the market, but that’s because it was built with a function first-type approach. All thoughts for how the vaporizer looked were secondary to how the unit works. This kind of pragmatism makes for a less attractive unit in looks, but what it can do far outweighs the aesthetic cons. Otherwise, the unit feels like a high quality tool for enjoying your herb. Even the app feels polished and well designed.



This unit is very discreet, mostly because it fits so well in the palm of your hand. You can easily hide it as you hold it to keep people from getting too suspicious and the dark color makes it harder for others to notice, especially at first glance. The unit is also very quiet when you use it, choosing to notify you of things like it turning on or off with a little vibration instead of a beep. This is really great covert unit that makes it a pleasure to vaporize in more public spaces.


Ease of Use

This unit is really easy to use, half because the unit only has one button on it, and half because of how well they designed the app that accompanies this unit. The app makes it easy to adjust temperatures and other settings and then using the unit is as simple as a click of a button. That brings us to one of our very few problems with this unit – to keep it going, you need to constantly keep pressing the power button to keep it awake. The unit has an auto shut-off that turns the unit off after a minute if you don’t press a button or take a draw. As a result, you have to keep pressing the button every so often or taking draws to keep the unit from turning off. This isn’t our favorite feature and we would have liked to either see the ability to adjust the auto shut-off time or turn it off all together in the app. We understand they did this to keep it from overheating and to extend the battery life, but it’s a bit of a nuisance to either rush to take draws or have to continually press the button during a session to keep enjoying vapor.



The size and weight of this vaporizer give it a huge advantage over a lot of other units. It’s small enough to fit in most pockets and purses and the weight of it is pretty much insignificant while it’s there. The mouth piece swivels around to keep from getting in the way when it’s not in use, which keep the profile of the unit from being intrusive and makes it optimal for those who like to take their unit with them when they leave the house. The battery is actually pretty good as well – you’ll get about 1.5 hours of continuous vaporization from this unit on a full charge, and with the unit shutting off every 60 seconds, you can count on the unit not using any more power than it actually has to.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.


Before I get into the conclusion, make sure you check out this video of the inside of the crafy vaporizer. Vapologist sacrificed his unit to show you what is inside!

[responsive_youtube CXTBxBrh2AA]

This was an easy call for us. The Volcano, which is made by the same company as the Crafty Vaporizer, was included in a study evaluating the benefits of smokeless delivery systems. This unit is amazing in pretty much every single way. The Crafty Vaporizer got the best performance spec rating from TorontoVaporizer that I have yet seen and you can check out the details by just following the link. The unit does have a battery that’s locked into the unit, which will get pricey when you do have to replace it, and the unit may also require some pretty constant attention while in use, but the amazing vapor quality, outstanding build quality and fantastic portability make this unit a winner in our books. When Storz and Bickel does something, they do it right. The competition is going to have a hard time claiming the top spot now that the maker of the Volcano has joined the fray, but you don’t hear us complaining!

Editors Note: If you are looking for a convection vaporizer but at a much more affordable price be sure to check out the Utillian 720, you can check out our direct comparison to the Crafty here.

We also wanted to suggest you check out a cool, new the vapor filtration device, called the ZEUS Iceborn that makes a great addition to the Crafty. We recently reviewed it and were blown away by how it cools down even some of the hottest vapour with ice, bumping up its vapor quality by 2 points! The Iceborn is also much more efficient than filtering your vapor with a bong, and allows you to blow massive frosty clouds. You can read our review of the Iceborn here!

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27 Responses

  1. Chris B.

    From my understanding, the 1 minute auto shut off is bypassed when either a button is pressed OR you take a hit from the device. Is this not what you’ve experienced?

    • Dan C

      We haven’t noticed anything that would suggest that the unit cares one way or the other if you’re taking draws or not. Regardless, we’ll test that and if we find that you’re right, we’ll make a note of it in the review.

      • Chris B.

        Looking at the manual, on page 16 it says “The device switches off automatically one minute after the last press of a button or the last application.” In the manual, an “application” is taking a hit. It could easily tell if someone hit it just by the temp dropping. You can also look at videos of people online ( where the unit is hit for 3+ minutes without a button being pressed.

      • Dan C

        Thanks for the information, Chris! We’ll add a note to the reviews to reflect that! I still wish it didn’t do that. I like to take my time with a session so being forced to take a draw or constantly press buttons to keep the unit working still isn’t ideal.

  2. OB

    How much herb do you load in the Crafty and the Mighty and about how many hits per that load? I’m assuming it’s less than .3-.4g for a full chamber. I normally use .2g per session. Also, have you tried using the liquid pad for smaller loads yet? Thanks.

    • Dan C

      This is actually a pretty common question when it comes to vaporizers. We actually have plans to do a post where we answer that question for this unit and as many others as we possibly can so keep your eyes open for that! 😀

  3. owen

    How similar is the vaping quality to other Storz and Bickel products like The Plenty or The Volcano?

    • Dan C

      It’s hard to compare because of just how different this unit is. Beyond the portable vs stationary comparison,the Plenty has that crazy metal tube that gives the vapor ages to cool before reaching you. The Crafty has a short distance between the chamber and mouth piece, but they use a system in the mouth piece of the Crafty that forces the air to move in a serpentine fashion to get to the mouth piece which vastly improves the vapor quality. The efficiency of the unit is also off the scale. It really maximizes every degree of heat it creates to vaporize your herb, so even at 350 Fahrenheit you’ll get visible and intense vapor. Think of it like a little brother of the Plenty with vapor quality that comes damn close to it, especially for a portable.

  4. Bobby B.

    Hi, I want to get a new portable vape but I’ am stuck between air and crafty. Is the vape quality of the crafty worth spending the extra money for ?

    • Dan C

      We would say yes, but the most important question is “would you?” If vapor quality is something that’s really important to you, and nothing but the best will do, we’d say yes. The difference is pretty small and the air delivers some great vapor, so if the price isn’t worth the slight jump in vapor quality to you, then the Air is still an amazing unit. Hopefully that helps you with your decision a bit!

  5. Mingy

    Hey guys!

    First of all: Great job with this website! You’ve helped me most in narrowing it down to this:

    The Arizer Solo/Air
    The Crafty
    The Firefly
    Wait on the ultimate one, which might just come out soon(?)

    How come you don’t have a review on the firefly though? I’d be very keen on reading one from you guys!

    Also, it would be great, if you shared your thoughts on which one of these to get. Here is my order of importance:

    1. Vapor/vaping quality (including: clouds, mouthpiece/vape temperature, material)
    2. Portability
    3. Durability
    4. Ease of maintenance
    5. Possibility of only using a tiny amount of herbs (not more than 0.1 gram)
    6. Discreetness
    7. Price
    8. Looks and such

    Although I have to say that the first 6 are all important while price and looks don’t really matter, except it shouldn’t exceed the crafty’s prize (in case you know of one coming out soon).

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Dan C

      Hey Mingy!

      Based on what you’ve said there, we would recommend the Crafty. When properly broken in, you’ll find it delivers amazing vapor quality over and over and a fantastic all around experience. The unit is durable and very portable to boot and it’s extremely efficient so you can use small amounts of herb and still be good to go. We hope that helped! Happy new year and good luck!

      PS. Check this out, we just put this up today! 😀

  6. Denise A

    Thanks for the informative review.

    I wanted to ask how usable the crafty is without a bluetooth connection. Can I still get some use out of it? What features will I not be able to use without a bluetooth connection?

    Mainly asking so I know I’m good to go without always having a phone on me, or if my phone’s battery runs out. Cheers!

    • Dan C

      Thanks for the comment, Denise! You’ll mainly not be able to fiddle with the exact temperatures of the booster and standard settings. You will still be able to switch between them, but there’s really no need to have your cell phone on you while you use the unit as long as the temperatures are set to something that works best for you. I hope that helps! 😀

      • Denise A

        Thanks for your reply Dan, I only now saw your comment.

        I’ve owned my Crafty for ~3 months, and I love it! Yes, it works just fine without the phone nearby, but now that I’ve used it, I think the phone app is one of the best features. Besides the convenience of the app to tweak settings, it helps with remaining discreet, as you can look pre-occupied with your phone in one hand and not draw attention to what’s in the other.

      • Dan C

        Thats awesome feedback! Some people are mixed about the app so it’s good to know that you find it actually useful 🙂 Glad to hear you love it

  7. Brett

    Awesome info. Sure you have the greatest job in the world, but I’m grateful nonetheless for your diligence!

    My question is this… I’ve used many of the better portable vapes, but none come even close to a desktop SSV or Volcano for instance, as far as vapor quality is concerned. This is just my opinion, and perhaps I expect too much from a vape. I like to see the results.

    So, how does this Crafty compare to the SSV in that regard? Will I get a big draw, or will I go running back to my dugout when I need portability, angry that I’ve squandered away $360?

    • Dan C

      Hey man, well it really depends alot on temperature too. So, the Crafty only goes up to 210 C, which is pretty good but if you’re using your Volcano or SSV on the highest heat settings, lets say 230+ degrees, you will notice the difference in vapor thickness and quality. If big clouds are your thing, I’d make sure you go for a portable vape that can give you lots of temperature felxability and go up to at least 210-220 so you can really ensure you get draws that you’re used to and that will be most satisfying.

  8. Dr JA

    Yet another glowing review for the Crafty, certain to encourage many new purchases. I was there not too long ago. However, in my experience, the Crafty has great vapor quality but is poorly constructed, prone to malfunction and breakdown.

    I purchased the unit in January from Vapefiend UK. Since then, despite only light and careful usage, it has already spent an entire month out for repair and is about to go again. First error was the dreaded orange/ red flashing LED; now it is the Red/blue.

    I had purchased with confidence based on the S+B brand – big mistake! Comparing my experience with the many reviews on S+B customer service, I wonder whether there might be a difference between the US and European HQs. Maybe also between the units themselves, given different power requirements between continental Europe, the UK, and North America?I have no idea. Sending to S+B from the UK is also a drag because of the UK shipping regulations with respect to devices with batteries.

    BOTTOM LINE FOR ME: No Bueno. I will sell the unit when it returns from warranty service for whatever I can get. In the interim, I will purchase a new device – definitely NOT another S+B — despite their glowing reputation.

    • Dan C

      Oh wow! I’m really surprized and sorry to hear about the terrible experience you had with the Crafty. I’m also interested to know if it’s due to a difference between the US and European HQ’s. I hope that by now you have a new vape that you’re enjoying much more!

    • RobertSC

      I had the exact opposite experience and I use the Crafty as my only method. With each chamber, I can get six good draws (spaced out over an hour or so). I do have to charge the unit often lasting anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes.

      I have had the unit for a month now and have had no problems. The unit operates as designed and functions well. It is not poorly constructed; it is made of strong plastic and the ignition tube and the battery tube are separate – something you won’t find in other vaporizers. I have not had a single malfunction or problem with the Crafty.

      I purchased my Crafty through S&B in the states and got the unit in two days. Since I’ve had no problems with my unit, I can’t speak to customer service except that they processed and shipped my order quickly.

      As far as two Crafty’s, one for Europe and one for the US, that would be very costly just to produce the exact same item. Not a good business model.

      Finally, have you asked to replace the unit or for a refund? If it’s obvious the unit is defective – multiple returns – then ask them to replace it. From the sounds of your comments, you haven’t exhausted all avenues that might lead to your satisfaction.

  9. Jane

    If you guys want unbelievable vapor just get a regualar ecig vaporizer and do sub-ohm vaping. Seriously.

    I don’t like the idea of sending the Crafty and Mighty back to Germany and paying 60 euros for a new battery pack. Otherwise they look good. I’ve always preferred rechargeable batteries that I can recharge and replace myself (with the ecigs).

    Good review Dan, thanks!

  10. Jane

    Dan, you forgot to address the battery. Or did I miss it? I only saw that it’s expensive to replace in the specs at the top, but I need to know more.


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