Dabado Bolt Pro Kit Review - Lightning Strikes!
Build Quality84%
Vapor Quality86%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Use88%
76%100Overall Score

It’s time to put down the old torch and get with the times, today we will be taking a closer look at the new Bolt Pro – a portable enail made by Dabado. The Dabado Bolt Pro is the most powerful and fastest Bolt that Dabado has released. Here we will discuss the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and our overall assessment on whether we think the new Bolt Pro is a good deal or not.

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Product Pros

  • Water filtration
  • Compact size
  • Large nails
  • Simple to use

Product Cons

  • Not designed for discretion
  • Lack of temp controls



Dabado Bolt Pro Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

When looking at the build quality of the Bolt Pro it is important to touch on the design and how the components work with it. Unlike the Boost by Dr Dabber, the Dabado Bolt Pro uses a heating rod that is replaceable – this is a good feature that allows you to have more confidence in a product that will not totally bite the dust if something goes wrong. Instead of replacing an entire unit the Dabado Bolt Pro has been designed to replace what’s necessary.

The nails that the Bolt Pro uses are much larger than previous models. The larger inner heating rod and Pro XL nails are twice the size of regular nails giving the dab hits a solid boost.

The Dabado Bolt Pro Kit comes with 3 different XL nails – you get a Quartz, Titanium, and Ceramic nail which gives you some options to match your personal heating preference. The kit comes with a glass side arm attachment and if you want to spruce it up even more Dabado does have some pretty cool glass attachments that help to set this piece apart from other portable e nails. The overall build quality of the Bolt Pro is above average and the unit comes with a 1 year warranty.


Vapor Quality

You are in the driver seat when it comes to the vapor that the Dabado Bolt Pro delivers. Overall the vapor quality is good but it can be a bit hot at times depending on how you use the device. If you are looking for a more intense hit and don’t mind the harshness of the higher temperatures you can get some solid cloudy hits, but if you are like me than the lower temperatures will be just fine.

The option to choose between the 3 nails is something that will result in different vapor density and flavor, The combination of the amount of water you use, the nail you have in place, the length of your draw (amount of material you use), and the temperature you have the Bolt on will all factor into the vapor attributes for each hit. What you seek you can find with the Bolt Pro and the water helps to deliver a smooth draw especially on the low temperature.



Look and Feel

The Dabado Bolt Pro is a pretty big step forward when comparing it to plugin desktop rigs and to torch driven pieces.

The Dabado Bolt Pro has a nice sophisticated look to it and feel very durable and comfortable in your hand.

The first time you use the Bolt Pro (really any of the Bolt models) you definitely get a feeling of excitement as it is a unique new age vaping device.



The Dabado Bolt Pro Kit is not designed to be discreet, it’s more of a show piece than anything. This is not the type of vaporizer you will bust out on the subway or something and try and sneak in a quick hit while the security guard looks the other way. The Bolt Pro is something that you want others to see or a unit that is more of a novelty than a unit of discretion. Having said that, you can try and be discrete with it, and I wish you luck.

Adjusting the temperature to the low mode and using more water, and a nail designed for flavor opposed to fast heating will give you the best bet to stay under the radar. The top temperature as listed on the Dabado website is 980°F but there is no precise information on how each nail will perform so that will take a bit of tinkering with to find the best combination.


Ease of Use

Using the Bolt Pro should come pretty natural to anyone who has used a portable e nail before. This model continues with the one button design and there are just two temperature settings (low and high).

The Bolt Pro has the base which houses the battery and heating elements, on top of that you have the nails of which 3 come in the kit as we have touched on, and lastly you have the glass bubbler attachment and cap.

The Bolt is simple to start using all you need to do is choose your nail, put some water in the bubbler, you can change the temperature by clicking the button 3 times for low and 5 times for high, and there is also a automatic shutoff built in as a safety feature.



For an e-rig the Bolt Pro is definitely portable and more so than many of the others that exist on the market. The battery that the Bolt Pro uses is a 18650 which will get you quite a few sessions on a single charge. You should have no trouble getting at least 25 sessions if not more. Devices like this which you only power on for a quick hit last a lot longer than the typical dry herb vaporizer where you will have like a 10 minute sessions. It is because of this that you can get up to a few days of use on one charge. This is where the portability really comes into play fr a unit such as this.

On a sheer portability pocket style vaporizer that you will carry around with you for a full day, this is not one of those. The Bolt Pro is portable and something that is easy enough to pack up and bring with you to a friends house or on a trip where you’re not strapped for space. But if you are looking to travel light and still vape concentrates throughout the day than you should check out the Thunder 2 wax pen.


Overall I think this product is pretty sick, the different types of attachments that you can pair it to both small water bubblers and via a connection to larger bubblers make this a fun device that you can do a lot with. The replaceable heating rod adds some extra value over different brands, and the larger nails make it easier to maintain and delivers more powerful hits. The one downfall with this unit is the lack of temperature control and information about how to control the temperature.

With the different nails. In my opinion this is great device to own, but not if it’s going to be you one and only. A combination of perhaps this and the Thunder 2 would make for a complete wax vaping set.

If you are looking for another unit that will give you a rig like experience for waxes and water filtration for dry herb, we recommend checking out the Focusvape Tourist 2-in-1 vaporizer.

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