DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review - High IQ
Build Quality82%
Vapor Quality89%
Look and Feel86%
84%100Overall Score

Today we’ve got a review of a portable vaporizer that’s truly worth getting excited about: the DaVinci IQ. DaVinci made a big splash with their first two units, the DaVinci and the Ascent, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the day when they would release another. That day is finally here, and the wait was well worth it.

From the name to the features, everything about the IQ screams that this is going to be one of the most advanced vaporizers on the market. The absolute coolest feature on this is what they call ‘Smart Paths’. These smart paths are just a really simple way to do something that vape users have been doing for years: slowly increasing temperature over the duration of a session. The thing that makes this revolutionary is the fact that it’s all automatic, and you can program the progressions to any temperatures you choose.

Product Pros

  • Small for a dry herb vaporizer
  • Bluetooth app connection
  • Removable 3500mAh 18650 battery
  • Outstanding vapor

Product Cons

  • Purely conduction

DaVinci IQ Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

DaVinci put a lot of work into the IQ. Attention to detail is apparent in absolutely every aspect of this vape, from the materials used to the app. The design is sleek and very pleasant to hold in your hand. It just feels like it belongs there.

The vapor pathway and the heating chamber are made from ceramic, though not just any ceramic. The IQ has something called ceramic zirconia, which is essentially optimized ceramic so you can expect a long life and great flavor out of it.

There’s just one problem. The IQ is 100% conduction. We won’t get into a long discussion of the merits of convection versus conduction heating (you can read more about the difference here), but we would have at least like to see a blend of the two for more even heating. With that being said, this is easily the best conduction vaporizer ever produced.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality was extremely good, especially for a conduction vaporizer. I can’t help wondering what might have been if there had been even a little convection heating incorporated into the design, but I guess this leaves room for improvement and something to look forward to. It is certainly better than an all steel vapor path like we find in the Pax 3.

The Smart Path mode and Boost mode are both huge advancements that I imagine we’ll see a lot of people copying in the future. You can still choose to vape at one temperature the whole time, but choosing a smart path makes it very easy to make sure you extract everything from your herb.

Boost Mode is essentially just a temporary manual mode. At any time during a session, simply click and hold the power button to engage it. When you do this, the power will continue to increase until you let go. This is a great way to add a little extra oomph to a hit or to sneak some extra power while enjoying a session with friends.


DaVinci IQ Heating Chamber


Look and Feel

I definitely love the way this looks and feels. It feels great in the hand, and you can tell that it is a high quality vaporizer just from looking at it.

There are four different color choices, which are stealth (black), copper, gunmetal, and blue. All of them look great.

The display is also pretty cool. Instead of an actual screen, the IQ has a grid of 51 small LED lights. These lights will turn on in different patterns in order to convey different modes and settings when they are activated. They claimed to have added this to give it a ‘sophisticated’ feel, and I have to say that it worked.



The official dimensions of the IQ are 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D, and it weighs in at just 5 ounces. Needless to say, this is a very compact device that can be easily concealed in your hand.

If you really need to keep a low profile, keep this at a low temperature and you should be able to stay as discreet as any other portable vaporizer would keep you.

DaVinci IQ with Tools


Ease of Use

Lets address the app right away. While I was excited by apps at first, this is a trend that I haven’t been the biggest fan of lately as most have just been complicated and unnecessary. This app is different. Its extremely easy to use, it allows you to program your smart paths to specific temperatures, and, most importantly, it isn’t vital to the functioning of the device.

If vaporizers are going to have an app, this is how it should be done. It should actually offer improvements to your experience that you couldn’t have otherwise, and you should still be able to enjoy the unit without it.

DaVinci did a very good job at keeping this simple and straightforward to use while packing in a bunch of features. The button combinations are all simple to memorize, and the app is also very fluid. Even a complete novice should have no problem getting used to the functionality of this.



On top of all of the other features that I’ve already gone over, the IQ also offers removable 3500mAh 18650 batteries. Some of you probably already understand the significance of this, but for those of you who don’t understand any of that, let me explain.

First of all, 3500mAh is a pretty big battery. That should give you a ton of life, and last you through quite a few sessions. We’ve heard reports of people getting 3+ hours on a single charge!

The removable part is the other awesome feature. This means that even when you do drain the IQ’s big battery, you can have another already charged and ready to go. Get an extra or two, and you can pretty much guarantee that your vaporizer never runs out of juice.

Add to all that the fact that this thing is nice and tiny, and you’ve got yourself a very portable vaporizer.

DaVinci IQ and Flavor Chamber


The DaVinci IQ is an awesome vaporizer that actually offers a bunch of novel features that advance vaporizers. We really haven’t seen much of that lately. Most new releases have just been new combinations of features, but the IQ actually has new ones.

The Smart Path and Boost modes are definitely going to be a big hit, and something tells me we haven’t seen the last of ceramic zirconia. While removeable batteries aren’t anything new, it’s nice to see more high-end options offering them.

I could go on and on about this vaporizer. There are so many things to love. There really is just one problem worth mentioning, and that’s the fact that its conduction based. Maybe the other improvements will outweigh this enough that people don’t notice. Our tests certainly didn’t suggest that it was being limited in any way.

Convection is normally the more popular option, but do you mind that this uses conduction heating to create vapor? Let us know what you think…

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  1. pat

    i have a davinci iq and like so many before me i do have serious problem with it…it as stop heating,it doesn’t work anymore after only 3 months of use it’s dead.
    my davinci is registered and under the 10 years warranty but their is the big catch about their warranty they just make it very very difficult to get your device fixed,so much that i have decided not to have it fix and just take my lost and never buy anything from davinci again.
    whenever a company mistreat its customer after selling them default item should never be encourage by buying more from them.
    on top of that the device taste like s””t after a very short time of use because it’s impossible to clean it properly.
    definitely not worth 275$+tx
    i’m using my arizer solo that i bought before and loving it better then davinci iq…buyers beware of poor services with davinci they really don’t want to make you happy


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