Volcano Vaporizer Review
Build Quality90%
Vapor Quality90%
Look & Feel70%
87%100Overall Score

Welcome to the Digital Volcano Vaporizer review! The Volcano is considered the ultimate vaporizer on the market. It’s been around for years now and many wannabes have attempted to dethrone it from its #1 spot, but none have been able to. The unit comes with your choice of a valve set (Solid or Easy), extra balloons, extra screens, a liquid pad, and a cleaning brush – everything you need to enjoy your unit for months. It fills up balloons with vapor in a matter of seconds and is the choice of most vaporizing veterans. Let’s take a look at why the Volcano has left the imitators in the dust like botanical dust in the wind.

Product Pros

  1. Amazing vapor quality
  2. Easy to use digital display
  3. Accurate temperature settings
  4. Auto shut off

Product Cons

  1. Expensive
  2. Only uses bags (more of a minor limitation than a con)


Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review: Video

Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Build quality is one category that Volcano fares the best at of any vaporizer. Rather than being assembled in a low-cost factory in China, they are hand constructed by a team of electricians in Germany. This unit is an investment in your health and your love of vaporizers, and will work for many years.

All of the components are made of high quality materials and will not degrade over time. We’ve tried out a few knockoffs, and their bag sets aren’t close to the quality of the authentic bags. Storz & Bickel uses high quality polyester bags, free of any toxic anti-crinkling agents.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is another category that the Digital Volcano excels at. With the digital display, you get extremely accurate temperature control right down to the degree. This is useful for vaporizer connoisseurs who want to release essential oils at specific temperatures. The unit can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius (446 degrees Fahrenheit), a hot enough temperature to do a great job with your dry botanical or concentrates. All these factors piled on top of its convection heating system means you’ll be enjoying a bag of some of the most delicious vapor money can buy weather you load it with dry botanical or extracts!



Look and Feel

The unit not only looks high quality, but once you put it to work you’ll see that it performs like a high quality unit as well. It is solid and feels heavy, and sits sturdily on a table. The valve set, (Easy or Solid) is very durable and clips right onto the top of the unit. The digital display and the buttons on the Volcano look great, and it is fun to watch the temperature climb up degree by degree to the setting you’ve selected.


Ease of Use

The Volcano is one of the easiest vaporizers to use. You simply fill your heating bowl with your favorite dry botanical and close it up. Heat the vaporizer to your desired temperature, attach the valve, and engage the fan. Within seconds your balloon will fill up with vapor. Once full, you simply turn off the fan and attach the mouthpiece to the valve set.

There is a difference in difficulty between the valve sets available. The Easy valve set is aptly named because it is easier to use, the bags come pre-assembled onto the valve. The Solid valve takes a bit more work; you have to assemble the bags on your own. This isn’t a big task for most people, but users with arthritis or other mobility issues may prefer the Easy valve. Check out our How to Use the Solid Valve and How to Use the Easy Valve Videos on Youtube. Alternatively you can watch a full tutorial video if you follow this link to TorontoVaporizer.



The Volcano has the option to vaporize dry botanical, or oils alone. If you love concentrates, the Volcano’s liquid pads will be a valued accessory to you. They absorb your oil or wax and act as a barrier to prevent your oils from dripping through the system onto the heating element. As the pads absorb your concentrate, they spread the oil thin so that surface area is increased as well. They are also useful to act as “fillers” in the heating chamber when using dry botanical if you want a smaller session

Another great option  is the fine screens. We personally think these are a great thing to have, as some times the normal screen can allow herb dust to fly through. This isn’t ideal for anyone with lung problems, so make sure to grab a pack of the fine screens when you grab your unit.

The unit has a very useful shut off timer which turns the unit off after 30 minutes. This is useful if you end up walking away from the vaporizer or falling asleep. Your unit won’t waste energy and will just put itself to bed after the period of inactivity.



The Volcano is purely a bag-style system, with no whip to draw from. Bags are certainly a more convenient method of vapor consumption, and the Volcano fills up bags much faster than other vaporizers. Bags are beneficial because they can easily reach more people than a whip system. With a whip, you’re somewhat tethered to the unit and can only stray about 3 feet away from it. With a balloon, you can fill it up in your bedroom and walk to your living room with the full balloon. Not something a whip can boast! There is nothing more relaxing than lying on a couch or in bed with a bag full of your favorite botanical vapor.

Warning: Not Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is not compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of compatible units, so we highly recommend considering a whip-compatible vaporizer to take advantage of this stellar ZEUS accessory item. All compatible vaporizers will have a compatibility notice.

The Volcano is one of our favorite vaporizers and for good reason. It has epic manufacturing and vapor quality, and it has been considered the best vaporizer on the market for a decade. Not many other units have been around as long, and absolutely none have had the same success. It’s the best vaporizer to have when friends are over and there is no glass to worry about breaking. Simply a brilliant design and a powerful unit!

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Im looking into getting a volcano and had a few questions. Are there any differences in vapor quality between the regular and the digital? Also is it worth it to pick up a herbalizer?

    • Dan C

      There isn’t really much difference in vapor quality. Any difference you notice will be a result of the temperature settings (which is more accurate with the digital). The Herbalizer is awesome as well, it’s just a bit more expensive, but for the price you get some awesome features and some amazing performance. Check out our review here! https://vapesterdam.com/review/herbalizer-review/

  2. james

    I have an old Extreme Q but want a better vape with less harshness.

    Do you recomentd the Volcano digital or the Herbalizer?


    • Dan C

      Hey James, great question! Choosing the best vape for you and your specific needs depends on quite a lot, but you’ve already narrowed it down to 2 excellent stationary units. We rate the Volcano Digital at 87% and the Herbalizer at 86%. When you were using your EQ, did you strictly prefer the bag option over the whip option ( in which case, the Volcano may be best) ? Or did you like the flexibility of having both? ( which the Herbalizer provides ). If you are looking for less ‘harsh’ vapor, I also recommend experimenting with different temperatures. Start at 190 C, which will provide light and flavorful vapor and you can always boost it up from there if you realize that thicker vapor is preferable. I also recommend reading our Herbalizer review to get a sense of how it compares to the Volcano Digital: https://vapesterdam.com/review/herbalizer-review/. I look forward to hearing back on what unit you decide to go with or if you have further questions about either 🙂

  3. Victor

    No question about it, the Digit is THE best! Have tried all kinds of balloon vapes and nothing comes close. It’s not just the vapor quality, which is obviously awesome, but the way the valve is built into the mouthpiece as well – it’s just so ridiculously easy to use. Been using this thing for years and still have yet to have a problem with it. A+++


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