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Build Quality87%
Vapor Quality88%
Look & Feel75%
80%100Overall Score

Ever since the release and instant success of the Pax Era, we’ve seen an explosion in the popularity of disposable cartridge vaporizers. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen more new devices like this than ever before.

The Double Barrel oil concentrate pen is the latest vaporizer to steal the spotlight, and we’re here to give you the facts. According to the people behind the Double Barrel, this vaporizer is designed for one thing: “to deliver you the best custom vaping experience in the world.” Wow, if that isn’t a massive claim, I’m not sure what is.

Product Pros

  • Feels like quality
  • Great flavor
  • Unique Design

Product Cons

  • Not rechargeable
  • Brass knuckle setup a bit weird
  • 2 tanks = double the oil cost




Double Barrel Oil Concentrate Pen Review: Breakdown


Double Barrel dual view

Build Quality

Build Quality

This is, undeniably, a very well-built vaporizer. Let’s take a closer look and see what makes it tick. The design used with this vaporizer is very odd. The main unit is basically just a double-barrel shaped shell. There are no electronics in the dual-barrel portion of the vaporizer.

All of the electronics are located in the two pods that you load into the unit. These pods hold all of the electronic components that make draw-activated vaping possible, and they even have their own batteries.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, if the Double Barrel’s batteries detached from their atomizers for charging, it would be a lot cooler. Every time you finish a pod, you’re forced to throw it away. That means you’re tossing out the battery and the atomizer.

The Double Barrel is basically a device that holds two disposable THC pens. You get to keep the vaporizer case, but you’re replacing your actual vaporizers on a regular basis. This may or may not bother you. It might seem rather wasteful, and if you’re ecologically conscious, it might seem downright irresponsible.

It does, however, offer unparalleled convenience. The design isn’t necessarily flawed. The way you see this vaporizer totally depends on what you value in a vaporizer.


Vapor Quality

This unit is built around the idea of having two cartridges in one device. Two cartridges should, theoretically, allow you to produce twice as much vapor, and the workload is being shared by two cartridges as opposed to one.

This should allow the Double Barrel to produce more vapor, and it should allow it to do so while maintaining top-notch flavor. I’m here to tell you that this dual-cartridge system works exactly like you’d expect it to.

The vapor production is way better than you’d expect from a device of this size, and the vapor is incredibly delicious. This device truly brings a new and unique experience to the market. Never before has such a small device produced so much vapor, and the vapor tastes great!

Considering the fact that you’ll be using fresh batteries and fresh atomizers with this device on a regular basis, the quality of the vapor is very unlikely to dip at all. This unit’s design, controversial as it may be, ensures consistent quality.

Sadly, you’re limited to Double Barrel’s proprietary cartridges, and so far, it doesn’t seem as though you’ll be able to refill these cartridges. Plus, the battery lasts just long enough to vaporize what’s in the cartridge, and you can’t recharge it.

Even if you could refill the cartridge, it wouldn’t work without power. They at least offer several flavors, and the dual-cartridge design allows you to mix and match a variety of flavors.


Double Barrel bottom part


Look and Feel

This unit feels great in the hand. It’s easy to grip in one hand due to its size and shape. It’s very comfortable to hold until you attach the knuckle ring. This is the aspect of this device that stands out as a bit of a gimmick. We prefer a smoother design aesthetic like what the G-Pen Gio offers.

Most people want to move their vaporizer around in their hand. They want to be able to pull it out of their pocket and use it instantly. The knuckle ring only gets in the way of this.

You have to put your finger through the knuckle ring to hold the Double Barrel normally once it’s attached, and once it’s around your finger, you’re just a lot less comfortable than you would have been had you never even seen that knuckle ring.

I’d be extremely surprised if even 15% of the people with this device used the knuckle ring more than a few times. It basically serves no purpose. It doesn’t make the unit easier to grab, it doesn’t make it easier to hold, and it certainly doesn’t make it more comfortable to use.



The budget-minded vaper will likely see this constant buying of batteries as a huge waste of money. However, to some, this unit might be a godsend. It’s right up there with the Stiiizy as one of the easiest vaporizers to use on the market.

Despite it being extremely wasteful, it does offer unparalleled convenience and quality. Because every battery and every atomizer is new, you get a totally fresh vape session every time. Convenience is a luxury that often comes at a high price.

Double Barrel full kit



The Double Barrel is a very portable vaporizer. Each barrel is roughly the circumference of a slim pen, and the length of each barrel is short enough to mostly disappear in your hand.

You’ll barely even notice this little vape pen in your pocket, making it an ideal vaporizer for those that prioritize portability.



This device is discreet for the same reason that it’s portable. It’s just a rather small vaporizer. It comes in a variety of colors, and if discretion is important to you, I suggest getting the darkest color. It’s a dark grey, gunmetal color that looks undeniably cool.

The only thing that could kill the discreetness of this stealthy little device is the giant knuckle ring that comes with it. There’s nothing discreet about it. It adds to the unit’s size, and it just looks extremely odd. It will draw eyes, so if discretion is important to you, ditch the knuckle ring.


This vaporizer is honestly a mixed bag. It’s undeniably convenient, and it’s an absolute pleasure to use. The vapor is plentiful and delicious pretty much all the time due to the fact that you replace every electronic part of the vaporizer every time you run out of oil. Is it wasteful to ditch a brand new battery every time you run out of oil?

Absolutely, it is. This vaporizer was undeniably built around a wasteful system just like the Dosist is. However, it’s no more wasteful than a fully-disposable e-cig. This is a very odd device, but I honestly like it. You really don’t need to feel guilty about getting something like this as long as you take your used batteries to a designated battery recycling location. If you want to pay for that battery every time you run out of oil, it’s your right to do that for the sake of convenience.

It’s your money, and you should spend that money on what you feel is worth it. If one of the most convenient, easiest vaporizers on the market is worth that extra cost to you, by all means, buy it. It’s a great device with a lot to offer. I like the Double Barrel Oil Concentrate Pen, and I’d honestly recommend it to anyone that finds it appealing. It’s for a certain kind of vaper, and if you’re that vaper, pick this weird little device up as soon as possible.

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