Dr. Dabber Switch Review - Is it worth the Switch?
Build Quality88%
Vapor Quality84%
Look & Feel77%
Ease of Use70%
84%100Overall Score

Today we are extremely excited to review Dr. Dabber’s newest vaporizer, the Switch. This groundbreaking unit is the first ever induction vaporizer to make it to the market! Impressively, it can handle both your concentrates and your herbs! However, there is a price tag to match this innovative technology. In this review, we will explore whether or not the Dr. Dabber Switch is worth the money. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the newest Dr. Dabber!

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Product Pros

  1. 5-second heat-up time
  2. Dabber included
  3. Cleaning mode
  4. Quick charging time
  5. Comprehensive instruction manual
  6. Battery stays charged for days
  7. 25 temperature settings

Product Cons

  1. Minimally portable
  2. Not discreet
  3. No screen


Dr. Dabber Switch Review: Breakdown


Dr. Dabber Switch side view

Build Quality

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the Switch is a great vaporizer. It is quite large and heavy, but completely stable. The 50mil top piece (mouthpiece) is made out of glass and sits right on top of the vaporizer. This huge mouthpiece even feels stable sitting on top of the base.

This machine heats using two titanium induction cups, both covered with a heavy duty ceramic. One is black for herb and one is white for concentrate. Dr. Dabber even includes reverse tweezers for seamlessly retrieving the cups! That’s the kind of thoughtfulness we like to see from vape manufacturers.

Dr. Dabber also included an extremely powerful power adaptor for charging the unit. This connection attaches strongly to the Switch and only takes 60 minutes to charge completely. Pass through charging is also possible if you need your unit asap.


Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor is just like everything else about this machine – amazing! At first, we thought it was a bit strange that the Switch only had 5 pre-set temperatures. What we didn’t realize until reading the manual was that you get to choose the 5 temperatures! You can also customize your default hold time for even more personalization.

Anything between 300 degrees and 800 degrees Fahrenheit is allowable when you are drawing on both flowers and wax. This ups your ability to control the cloud size and the flavor. You can even smoke your herb at a higher setting but not everyone likes this and it creates charred and uneven avb.

As we listed in the product pros, there is an included dabber/carb cap. However, you would need to do some incredibly massive dabs for this little extra to work to your advantage. If this sounds like you, then you will really appreciate the bluntness.


Dr. Dabber Switch exploded


Look and Feel

One of the coolest things about the Switch is the light show it puts on when it is ready to be used. Unfortunately, it may be a little much for some. Fortunately, you can easily toggle between 25 different light options!

The feel of this device exactly matches that of the design: solid. We didn’t feel as though the vape would tip over easily, and we wobbled it a few times to make sure it didn’t. The Switch passed the test!



Discreetness is not this device’s strong point. The incredibly large size makes it almost impossible to hide while you are taking a draw. On the other hand, there is very little smell and it can easily pass as décor.

Dr. Dabber Switch full kit


Ease of Use

The Dr. Dabber Switch will take some time to get used to. However, we are all new to this kind of vaporizer since no one has used an induction unit before! So don’t worry, we are all learning together.

Luckily, the manufacturers included an extremely useful instruction manual. You don’t even have to go online to watch a video or read the directions! To us, that speaks volumes about how serious Dr. Dabber is about our experience.

As you probably guessed from the name, there is a switch at the bottom so you can choose whether you want concentrate or flower. In flower mode, you get to choose between your 5 pre-set temperatures using the up and down buttons. Concentrate mode works the same, except the temperatures are higher to match the material.



If you are looking for a portable vaporizer, the Switch isn’t for you. In fact, it would be a bit difficult to try to carry such a large unit. However, it is not impossible thanks to the ingenious design of the Switch’s box.

That’s right, the box your device comes in can be used as a carrying case. In fact, the manufacturers decided to make a place for everything out of foam. Your vaporizer will be protected, just awkward to carry!


Overall, we think the Dr. Dabber Switch is a fantastic unit! You will not be disappointed by the well thought out design, vapor quality, or 25 temperature options.

If you are concerned about portability, discreetness, or cost, we recommend checking out a unit like the Focusvape Tourist, which is a bit more straightforward, costs less and still does a great job as a 2-in-1 device.

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