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Build Quality80%
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Looking at the huge world of entry level and all in one devices, vapers are unfortunately still having to make compromises when selecting the features that they want in their device. May it be sacrificing battery life for pocketability or giving up ergonomics for style, there always seems to be some tradeoff occuring when finding the perfect mod. Luckily, the iKuun i200 kit by Eleaf is seeking to remedy that problem by creating a mod that doesn’t skimp om features and tries to cater to everyone’s tastes and needs. Does it live up to its own expectations? Lets find out.

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Product Pros

  • Massive 4600mAh battery
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent tank

Product Cons

  • Coils could be more durable


iKuun i200 Review: Breakdown

iKuun i200 Color Seleciton


Build Quality

Build Quality

The E-Leaf iKuun i200 is a great looking mod. With a combination of reflective surfaces contrasting against the sleek carbon fiber inlay, its hard to dislike how to this device looks. It features a firing trigger that covers one entire side of the device making holding and using it a convenient affair.

The firing bar is responsive, clicky, and satisfying to press without being mushy at all. Overall, its simply a beautiful and very ergonomic mod. It is rather light though due to plastic being used in some parts of the device. I find this to be great design choice to complement the large 4600mAh internal battery housed inside this device, as using metal exclusively would make the device a bit on the heavy side. To give an exact idea on this device’s footprint, it measures out to 78mm in height, 45mm in length, and 28mm in width.

The i200 kit comes packaged with the popular Melo 4 tank which usually accompanies most of Eleafs flagship devices. A fairly compact subohm tank, the Melo is sized to 48mm in height with a diameter of 25mm. Built out of sturdy stainless steel and pyrex glass, it’s definitely a tank that plans to stick around for awhile.

The coil heads are well built with smooth threading that screws in easily, and the sliding topfill mechanism is an absolute dream for refilling the tank with juice making topping it off a breeze given any scenario. The Melo 4 also supports all 510 driptips making it a great choice for vapers who have a big collection of 510 driptips that they’d might prefer using on this mod.


Vapor Quality

The kit comes packaged with a 0.3ohm and 0.5 coil head and while both vape great initially, there is a distinct tapering off of the flavor, vapor production, and wicking ability of the included coils after about 4-5 days of use. This isn’t necessarily a bad benchmark for coil head longevity but it would’ve been nice to see longer lasting coils packaged with the kit, especially when given how well the entire Melo tank performs as a whole.

As to the features of the Melo 4 itself, it sports a 4.5ml tank which is a fairly adequate capacity for a tank with its dimensions. Opening the topcap is a simple process of pushing or sliding the top out which makes refilling it a lot easier than other tanks which require you to unscrew the topcap off, fill the tank with juice, then screw the cap on again.

The Melo 4 is well designed with a nice, slightly restrictive airflow even when setting it  at full open. This is a great thing because most tanks which airflows are set to full open are too airy, and not desirable at all for a big percentage of vapers. The way the Melo’s airflow is designed makes it easy to configure for the best possible vape experience.




This is where the iKuun i200 shines. Aside from featuring temperature control for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, it also supports adjustable TCR curves and a preheat mode for those who prefer vaping in wattage mode. The menu is simple yet informative, and navigating it is a simple task compared to the complexity of other devices.

But just because the menu is simple to navigate doesn’t mean that device is lacking in any capability. To fully make use of the huge 4600mAh battery, the iKuun even supports a USB charging mode wherein the device acts as a power bank for times where a cellphone (or even another vape!) needs charging.

The mod supports atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without any overhang, which is great considering the device can output to a maximum of 200 watts making installing larger coils or builds in a suitable atomizer a must for the iKuun especially if you want to take advantage of all that power.



While not exactly the most compact of all the devices available, the iKuun definitely leans towards the smaller side of the spectrum especially when considering its massive internal battery pack, its a wonder that Eleaf was able to cram so much into a sleek, and functional frame. Comfortable to hold and it’s light weight not being a burden on any pocket.

Although the internal battery pack means that you wont be able to replace the battery with a spare, I dont really find to be an issue as the 4600mAh of the iKuun is plenty enough to last you all day. In case it does need charging though, the onboard 2 amp charging rate via micro USB should get it up and running in no time. Another great feature is the onboard temperature protection for when charging or using the device ensuring that the mod always operates within the most ideal tolerances.


The E-leaf iKuun i200 is a stellar choice for any type of vaper.  Transitioning vapers, to intermediate and even advanced vapers should easily see the value that this device brings to the table. With its rock solid performance, well designed form, and capacity to power any build you want, its hard to pass this one up. Just dont forget to take a charger with you for longer trips with this device.

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  1. Courtney

    I have a ikunn i200 which the display no longer works at all. In addition the unit gets so hot while charging to the point I put a fan to cool it off & even gets hot to hold while vaping. I’ve kept it since I’ve needed a back up due to other problems with a variety of mods.

    I contacted the company, there is a 3 month warranty; however the company didn’t respond back for a week & asked for a video showing the problem. The unfortunate thing was I couldn’t email the video & I never heard from the company again.

    I have purchased 5 different mods during the last 2 years, each one fails within 4-5 months. I’m beginning to wonder if quitting was even the right thing to do in order to save money since I’m spending so much on mods every 3 months.


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