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Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality80%
78%100Overall Score

Welcome to the E-Leaf iStick 60W Full Kit Review, it has been a while since we took a look at e-cigarrettes and a lot of improvements have come to the industry. So let’s jump right in with one of the most popular units currently available and look at what makes this unit such a hot item. If this is your first time looking at vapes be sure to check out our Vapes Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Product Pros

  1. Top Fill Melo 2 Tank
  2. Temperature Control Mod
  3. Good power flexibility

Product Cons

  1. A little bulky



E-Leaf iStick 60W Full Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

E-Cigs have come a long way, once bricks with mouthpieces, now manufacturers are offering more elegant and streamlined designs. The E-Leaf is no exception; the curved design of the mod gives it a sleek aesthetic and feels great in your hands. The symmetrical design means it can be enjoyed by south paw vapors or normies alike; it does not force you to use one hand or the other. The screen is vibrant and simple to read and the buttons are easily accessed and responsive. The Melo 2 tank is a work of beauty featuring a top fill system. Top fill tanks are becoming very popular in the vape community and for good reason they are far more convenient than their bottom fill brethren. If you haven’t gathered from the name, top fill tanks are designed to be filled from the top. This means you do not have to remove the tank from your mod in order to fill it, like you would with a bottom fill tank. It may seem insignificant but the added convenience makes bottom tanks look like dinosaurs.


Vapor Quality

We really enjoy the vapor that the iStick produces. We found the mod very reliable with its output which made vapor very smooth and consistent. This unit also features a temperature control mode which is another feature that has become popular with modern vapes. This technology allows you to set the device at a temperature you wish to vape at and monitors the temperature of your coil. If the unit detects the coil exceed that temperature it will cut power to the atomizer. This results in fewer dry hits and less burned out coils, which in the long run saves you money. It also ensures your vapor is always full of flavour and does not taste burnt and gross.

E-Leaf iStick 60W With Melo 2 Tank



The mod of the iStick is quite versatile, with 60 watts of available power and standard 510 threading, it can handle most tanks that you throw at it. However there is not much reason to diverge from the stock tank as we find the Melo 2 to be a great tank, still the option is available should you want an even higher quality tank. 60 watts of power also means you can use a wide array of coil setups to further customize your vape experience.



While not the smallest vape on the market, I would still consider the iStick a decent portable unit. I had no issues fitting it in my pocket though the top of the tank did stick out a bit. This should not be a problem for most and if it is, you can just throw it in a purse or bag for easy transport. The tank is large enough with a 4ML capacity that it should last you a full day of vaping. For really heavy vapers you may have to refill it during the day but with the top fill tank refilling is quick, simple and mess free.


If you are looking for a great starter kit that is really easy to use than the iStick may be your ideal unit. There are enough bells are whistle to help beginners take their first steps, but not so many that you will be tripping over yourself. The Melo 2 tank is where this device really shines, the top fill tank and excellent vapor produced make it hard for me to want to use another device, it’s just so damn convenient. If this sounds like a unit you may be interested, you can pick up your iStick 60W from TVape.com, they offer free shipping on orders over $100.

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  1. Zep

    I got an iStick 30w yesterday with some kind of Smok tank included. So far I’m very happy with my thc ej in it.


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