E-Leaf iStick Tria Review - Triple Threat
Build Quality82%
Vapor Quality84%
82%100Overall Score

Eleaf fans especially owners of the iStick Pico will be happy to hear about the release of the Eleaf Tria, Eleaf’s latest design for the iStick line that supports a whopping 3 18650 batteries and fires up to a massive 300 watts. With its simple yet functional design serving as the iStick’s trademark, it should appeal to those who got the smaller models and are now looking for something with more kick in its step. How does it fare against the competition though?

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Product Pros

  • 300W of Power
  • 2ml & 4ml tank included

Product Cons

  • Not pocketable


iStick Tria Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Straight out of the box its evident that the Tria is one good looking device. Sporting a slightly brushed metal facade, its minimalist design helps it stand out amongst an entire ocean’s worth of devices that beg for your attention with their loud colors, flashing LEDs, and sharp edges. Eleaf took the minimalism to such a degree wherein the device is shaped almost symmetrically into a square (or rectangle if you’re being nitpicky).

Measuring out at an even 41 x 41 x 114mm, it’s quite compact for a device of its caliber. Weighing in at 177g, its got some good heft to it, especially with all three batteries installed. Overall, the Tria is a solidly built device. There is no rattle or loose and shaky parts experienced when operating the mod and the rounded edges of the device definitely instill some confidence in regards to the durability of the finish and the device itself.

On the top of the mod, you’ll find the gold plated springloaded 510 pin which can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm wide without any overhang. The 510 pin forms a good connection with the ELLO S tank and I’m happy to report that no issues were experienced in terms of connectivity with the tank.

The front of the device houses the rather diminutive display and while I personally don’t mind small compact screens on my vape, other power users might be looking for something a bit larger similar to the Smok Alien or G150. Of course, this all just boils down to preference.

Despite its tiny size, the display still manages to showcase plenty of information about the device such as the charge of each of the 3 18650 batteries installed, coil resistance, amps used, voltage, and of course wattage or temperature settings. Also found on the front is the square firing button and up/down wattage buttons which feel durable and clicky, offering great tactile feedback. The micro USB port used for charging the mod or upgrading the firmware is located here as well.

Down at the bottom are the plethora of battery vent holes which look sufficient in terms of keeping the batteries cool during operation. The bottom of the device houses the trapdoor battery lid which indicates proper and easy installation of the 18650’s.


Vapor Quality

An upgraded version of the original ELLO tank, the ELLO S improves on the design of its predecessor. Featuring an easy to open, push slide top fill lid for easy refilling of eLiquid, it’s great to see the majority of tanks nowadays moving away from the old style of threading the top cap on and off whenever the tank has to be refilled.

The drip tip is a proprietary design by Eleaf meaning you’ll be unable to use any custom drip tips with this tank, but I don’t find that to be much of a big deal since the drip tip performs well enough and feels great during actual use.

The ELLO S vapes great with the two included pre-built coil heads. Regardless of whether you use the 0.2-ohm triple coil  or the 0.3-ohm quad coil, flavor reproduction is on point, and while vapor density isn’t necessarily the best due to the slightly restricted airflow, its still plenty sufficient.

Coil options are also aplenty thanks to the ELLO S being able to use coils from the ProCore sub tanks from Joyetech (Eleafs sister company) which gives you lots of options to consider to suit your vaping style.

A great thing that Eleaf did that not many manufacturers do nowadays is include two glass cylinders for the tank with different capacities for eLiquids.

A 2ml cylinder comes preinstalled which can be swapped out for a larger cylinder that holds up to 4ml of juice. The kit also comes with the standard extra set of O-rings just in case the installed ones ever wear out over time.




The Tria sports the usual set of features found in most regulated devices nowadays. From temperature control to adjustable TCR and pre-heat functions for wattage mode, advanced vapers looking for more options to fine tune their vape won’t be left wanting with the Tria.

The Tria also has the potential to be converted into a power bank provided you purchase the optional accessory that plugs into the 510 pin essentially turning your vape into a portable battery pack for your mobile devices, a useful feature considering the Trias high mAh capacity.



The ergonomics of the Tria feel good thanks to the round edges. Rarely is it tiring to hold even for extended vaping sessions. It’s not the most pocketable mod though due to the square-ish design which creates a noticeable bulge in most pockets.

It’s a fantastic device to bring outside on long trips where no external power is within reach due to the high battery capacity and you can feel comfortable that you’re not going to run of power even after a full day of vaping.


The Tria is a great option for those who are seeking to upgrade to a high-powered device, or even for new vapers who don’t want to waste time or money by getting a “simple” device first. It’s built to last, easy to use, and vapes well. Add to that it’s attractive design, and you’ve got a winner in your hands.

If you are looking for something portable with a removable battery be sure to check out the iStick Pico and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the SMOK GX2/4.

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