Ecapple Miracle S Wax Attachment - It's a Miracle!
Build Quality77%
Vapor Quality81%
79%Overall Score

If you’re looking for a wax attachment for a box mod, it’s important to check reviews. There are a lot of options, but they don’t all work. The Miracle S is one that definitely works, and it works in a big way at that. This is definitely worth checking out, and the review below will give you everything you need to know before buying one.

Product Pros

  • Huge capacity
  • Well made
  • Good airflow
  • No splatter

Product Cons

  • Doesn’t perform as well with smaller quantities
  • Limited flavor


Ecapple Miracle S Review: Breakdown 


Build Quality

Build Quality

There is a lot to say about the design of the Miracle S, but let’s start with the size. This is what gets everybody’s attention. It can fit an entire gram of wax inside. In case you aren’t familiar with using wax attachments, a gram is a lot! If you are looking for something with a big capacity, you likely won’t find anything better than this.

Another nice feature of the design is that it doesn’t splatter. A lot of people take this to mean it only splatters a little, but when used properly, it actually seems to not splatter at all. This is thanks to a new airflow design, causing the air to come through the bottom and exit out the sides. That’s a pretty great feature in it’s own right.

The only problem with the design is that it doesn’t work as well with small quantities. While you won’t suffer from splatter, you may notice yourself using more wax than usual.

Some other facts worth knowing: the wire is made from 316L SS with 0.8 ohm resistance. Ecapple recommends using between 10 and 20 watts with the Miracle S. Overall, these seem to have good longevity. There is also an optional bubbler designed to work with this atomizer.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is good but not great. If you are interested in getting big hits, you’ll definitely be able to achieve that with the Miracle S. No need to worry there.

The problem, if you can call it one, has to do with the flavor. The flavor is good, just not as good as what other wax atomizers are capable of delivering. There is nothing to complain about and the experience is still very enjoyable, but if you want to taste all the subtle nuances of different concentrates, this may not be the best option.

You’re essentially dealing with a trade off between the ability to fit an entire gram in your atomizer and top-tier flavor. There is no right or wrong answer, and there is arguably a time for both.


Ecapple’s Miracle S is an impressive atomizer. The capacity alone is remarkable.

Add in the new airflow design with no splatter, and you’ve already got a winning combination. If you are looking for a high-capacity wax atomizer, then this is definitely a good choice.

The only cons are the fact that it doesn’t perform as well with lower amounts of wax and the somewhat limited flavor. If you are looking for a daily-use wax atomizer, these factors may make you want to consider other options.

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  1. Richard Freifeld

    Greetings. I owned two of these Ecapple Miracle S atomizers and had liked them very much. However I dropped them and they easily came apart at the base. (I am disabled and tend to drop a lot of things.). When you put them back together they don’t stay together very easily for long. I understand that these items are not built to be dropped however, I switched to a Saionara and a Divine Tribe atomizer, each of which do not suffer from said problem. When I tried to contact Ecapple to let them know in a very respectful way, I cannot say that I received a polite respectful response from them. I was quite surprised. I would never ever purchase one of their products again, and I would only stick with other higher quality atomizers. I am an individual not associated with anyone else. Thank you. Respectfully yours. Richard


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