Ed's TNT WoodScents Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Review
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality83%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Use60%
80%100Overall Score

Today we are excited to review Ed’s TNT WoodScents Vaporizer Kit. One really cool feature that sets WoodScents apart from other aromalog brands is the wide variety of wood used to make this vaporizer. No two units are the same, so you are guaranteed to have the only WoodScents that looks exactly like yours! In fact, Ed makes every single device himself. We think you can feel the love and attention put into each individual log. Let’s find out how Ed’s TNT WoodScents Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit measures up to our standards!

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Product Pros

  1. Variety of woods from domestic to exotic
  2. Fully adjustable temperature
  3. Includes tons of accessories

Product Cons

  1. Inflexible power cord




Ed’s TNT WoodScents Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Ed's TNT WoodScents mouth piece detached

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Ceramic cartridge heater is housed inside of stainless steel, and the unit uses convection to heat your herb. However, the rest of the internal parts are made of Grade 2 titanium. Including the air path.

In fact, this piece doesn’t even touch the surrounding wood. Instead, it floats above to prevent char ruining the taste and the vaporizer itself. This reflects Ed’s desire to use high-quality, less harmful materials in construction.


Vapor Quality

If you have never tasted the nectar from Ed’s TNT before, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The flavor is off the chain! For a bigger hit, take a draw from the included WPA. If a thicker feeling is more up your alley, use the glass stem.

If you don’t like the vapor quality, simply change the fully adjustable temperature dial. The heating options run 1-10, where 1 is 220°F and 10 is 660°F. In degrees Celsius, that is a range of 104-349°.

At higher temperatures, we found the vapor could be too warm for some lips and throats. However, using a water pipe with the included attachment can remedy that problem fast!


Ed's TNT WoodScents heating chamber


Look and Feel

Our first observation is that the wood is beautiful. You can really feel the quality of each unique piece as you hold it in your hands. It is also much lighter than expected due to the Grade 2 titanium as opposed to the typical stainless steel interior.

Nonetheless, the unit itself feels extremely sturdy. The accessories are also very well made, including the glass stem, glass adaptors, and the DynaVap VapCap. In fact, the last item on the list is virtually unbreakable!



In terms of discreetness, this tabletop unit is pretty inconspicuous. We think it looks a lot like a pepper grinder, an aromatherapy mister, or a nice wooden statue.

Regardless, most people who don’t enjoy dry herbs themselves do not know about logs. When taken care of properly, they won’t be able to smell any evidence either!

It’s almost needless to say, but the VapCap on its own is the most discreet way to carry the WoodScents.

Woodscents with Glass Parts


Ease of Use

For anyone that has never used an aromalog before, Ed’s TNT can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, the hardest part is learning how to use all the cool accessories that are included! Gathering the finely grated dry herb is exactly the same as in other vaporizers that use a stem.

Don’t place the stem inside until the WoodScents heats up. Now you get to choose how you want to vape for your session! Ed gives us 3 options.

First, take the included glass stem and slide it onto the titanium airway. After a few seconds begin taking long, slow draws. Be sure to rotate the stem for a more even flavor.

The second way involves using your own personal water pipe. Use the included 14mm and 18mm glass adaptor to attach the unit to your bubbler. The water will produce nice and cool clouds for your throat.

The third and final way is with the included DynaVap VapCap. Fill this custom design with flowers, place on the heating unit, let stand a few seconds, remove, and sip in the vapor. You can even use this portion with lighter, eliminating the need for the log altogether. This is the best option for on the go vaping!



When used with a glass pipe, this is definitely a tabletop aromalog. Even when the main unit is used, it is considered a desktop vaporizer due to the need for electricity.

However, portability increases exponentially when the VapeCap is used in tandem with a lighter. In fact, this lightweight option may be the most portable version of any aromalog on the market.


We know you can feel confident in purchasing Ed’s TNT WoodScent’s Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit. If not for the high-quality materials, deliciously smooth vapor, and a boatload of accessories, then for the lifetime warranty. Ed knows how to take care of his people, and it’s reflected in his product’s quality and guarantee.

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