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Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality73%
70%100Overall Score

The Eleaf Elven is a new pod-style vaporizer that looks very familiar. It highly resembles the Bo One. Even though there are some devices on the market that are similar to the Bo One, what these companies do is just copy what the Bo does and brand it differently. The Eleaf Elven, on the other hand, has a few features that set it apart from a pod system like the Bo.

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Product Pros

  • Small and sleek design
  • 2 airflow settings
  • Refillable pod

Product Cons

  • Small pod capacity
  • Small battery capacity


Eleaf Elven Review: Breakdown

Eleaf Elven available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Eleaf Elven looks very similar to the Bo One. It is a pen style pod system that has a very small form factor and is also very lightweight. But even though it feels very light, the body is made of aluminum alloy and it feels very solid and durable.

The Eleaf Elven also has a high-quality anodized finish that feels very smooth to the touch and the good thing is, you don’t have to worry about it chipping off. It comes in 5 different color options and my personal favorites are the matte black and the blue variant which is more of a navy blue color.

The Eleaf Elven’s design is very clean and simple. It doesn’t have any buttons as it features an automatic draw system. There is a small window on the front of the device for the e liquid, a tiny LED light indicator on the lower part of the body for the battery status, and a USB port on the bottom for charging.

Just like the Jucee Slice, the Eleaf Elven comes with a refillable pod. The quality of the pod is good and it fits snugly into the body. The pod is not magnetic but you will hear a solid click when you insert it into the slot.

The pod has a slight tint to it but what I like the most about it is that you can see the e-liquid inside clearly unlike most pods that are heavily tinted. The overall build quality of the Eleaf Elven is good but since it is one of the smallest pod systems on the market, it has a small e-liquid and battery capacity as well.

The pod can only hold up to 1.6 ml of e liquid and the battery only has a 360 mah capacity. We can never really expect anything much from a device this small but at least the battery is bigger than the one in Juul so you can expect the Eleaf Elven to last longer.


Vapor Quality

For such a tiny device, the Eleaf Elven performs really well. Aside from the fact that it is very easy to use, the flavor and vapor quality I was getting off of this device is one of the best from all the pod systems I have tried.

The pod has a pre-built 1.6 ohm coil and even though the Eleaf Elven only has a direct wattage output with a maximum of 15 watts at full charge, it produces a consistent flavor and vapor production and you will only feel the draw weaker when the battery really needs to be charged.

The flavor you can get off of this device is very clean and while the vapor production can’t be considered the best, it is decent for a low powered device. The automatic draw activation feature on Eleaf Elven works really well, it is very responsive and I have not experienced any issues while using it.

Eleaf Elven detached




We are used to seeing pod systems that only have very limited functionality and it is to be expected as these devices are made for the beginners who are transitioning to the world of vaping. The Eleaf Elven, even though it is a very simple device that is also very easy to use, has an airflow setting feature.

On both sides of the pod are small air inlet slots and one is bigger than the other. So depending on which side you placed the pod, you will get a different type of airflow. The more open airflow setting is just right for a restricted direct lung or mouth to lung hit but I find the limited airflow setting to be a little too tight.



The Eleaf Elven is one of the smallest pod systems on the market. It is only 100mm in height, 20mm in width, and just 10mm in thickness. This is a perfect tiny device if you want to have a quick nicotine fix in a restaurant or in a social gathering.

The device is only 24 grams in weight, it is so light that you might even forget that you have brought it with you. You won’t have any problems putting it inside your front pocket since it is super thin as well.

Eleaf Elven flat display


Eleaf definitely hit the jackpot with the Elven pod style vaporizer. It is a device that has all the right qualities of a good pod system. It is cheap but it has a high-quality build and performs like a much more expensive device. The design is clean and sleek, and it also has a high-quality finish that you rarely see on a cheap device.

If you don’t mind the small e liquid and battery capacity, the Eleaf Elven is a good first device for the newbies who are just starting out or even the longtime vapers that are looking for a discrete vaping device. But if you are looking for the best pod vape check out the Jücee Slice and if you are just looking for a mod check out the SMOK X-Priv.

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