Eleaf iWu Review - YouWu, iWu, WeWu!
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality70%
72%100Overall Score

We have another pod system in town and this time, it is from Eleaf called the iWu (pronounced as eye-wu). Every vaper should know by now that pod systems are taking over the vaping industry and there is no stopping it. Vaping has come a long way from the old school cartomizers to the advanced mods and rebuildable atomizers, and it seems like we are going back to the basics with these pod systems.

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Product Pros

  • Stylish ultra-portable design
  • Innovative leak-free side-fill pod
  • 700 mah battery capacity
  • Protective cover design

Product Cons

  • Hard to see e-liquid level


Eleaf iWu Review: Breakdown

Eleaf iWu parts


Build Quality

Build Quality

Eleaf is known for the quality of their devices and the Eleaf iWu is no different. The body and the pod are made of high-quality plastic and the protective sleeve is made of zinc alloy for a more premium look and feel. Speaking of the protective sleeve, it is a part of the whole design element which adds to the overall look and style of the Eleaf iWu.

It is kind of like a removable exoskeleton or armor that not only adds to the aesthetics but it also protects the body and the pod. I know some may not like the sleeve design but I really dig it as it adds a little bit of character and flair to the iWu that helps it distinguish itself from the saturated market of pod systems.

The Eleaf iWu is available in 5 different color options and aside from the classic silver and black combination, the rest have some playful color combinations that will surely fit every vaper’s taste. Once the protective sleeve is removed, you will see a basic 2-piece pod system construction, the pod, and the body.

The body houses a large battery that has a capacity of 700 mah and the pod can hold 2 ml of e-liquid. The pod might seem like a standard pod but Eleaf added an innovative feature to it that makes it very convenient to refill. Instead of taking out the pod to refill it with e-liquid just like with most pod systems, the Eleaf iWu’s pod makes use of a side-fill method.

The pod has a rubber grommet on the side which covers a decent size fill port that is large enough to fit any dripper bottle tips. It is actually just like any other refillable pod but with the fill port on the side. It is convenient but with the protective sleeve on, it is still a 2-step process since you have to remove it first, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the whole “convenience” thing but it is still better than taking out the pod to refill.

Aside from the protective sleeve, the only thing you can see on the Eleaf iWu is the LED indicator for battery status and the USB port on the bottom for charging. It also has a very small e-liquid window and that is the only thing I don’t like from the design since it is really hard to see the e-liquid level from the sleeve gap.


Vapor Quality

The Eleaf iWu utilizes a standard coil build with a resistance of 1.3 ohm. This pod takes a little bit of time to break in but once it starts going, the flavor production is top-notch, probably one of the best pods when it comes to flavor. It produces a clean flavor and a slightly warm vapor which perfectly fit my vaping preference.

The automatic draw system is very responsive and the ramp-up is excellent. It has a slightly tight draw but not too tight which makes it a perfect balance between a restricted lung hit and a slightly loose mouth to lung hit. The vapor production is also decent but just like any pod systems, don’t expect it to produce massive clouds.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Eleaf iWu’s performance and it is definitely on par with some of the best pod systems on the market.

Eleaf iWu detached




The Eleaf iWu is a fairly simple device meant for newbies who just got off smoking cigarettes. It is very simple to use and a pretty convenient device if you really want to transition to vaping. The Eleaf iWu only has a direct wattage output of 15 watts which means the vapor production will go down as the battery drains.

It also doesn’t have an airflow adjustable setting but in my opinion, the airflow on the Eleaf iWu is just right for the beginners and even the long-time vapers since most veterans who buy pod systems are fans of restricted lung hits.



The Eleaf iWu is an ultra-portable device that is super lightweight. It is only 98mm in height, 30mm in width and 14mm in thickness. It only weighs 58 grams which means you will have no problem carrying it inside your pocket when you are out and about.

It’s large 700 mah battery can also last a day or two depending on your vaping style which means more vape uptime.

Eleaf iWu flat display


The Eleaf iWu may not be for everyone with its unique design but it is definitely one of the best pod systems when it comes to quality and performance. Its excellent build quality is actually not a surprise considering it is Eleaf but it is definitely one of the best pods when it comes to flavor production and it has a very decent vapor production. The automatic draw system is very responsive. The airflow is smooth and has a perfect balance of a restricted lung hit and a slightly loose mouth to lung hit. If you are looking for a pod system, the Eleaf iWu is definitely worth checking out.

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