Elevape Smart Vaporizer Review - Elevape-tion
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel55%
55%100Overall Score

Have you ever looked at a brick and thought “Man, I wanna vape that”? Well, probably not, but there’s now a vape which may put the image in your mind. The Elevape Plus has been developed by the all-American manufacturer IpuffUSA with the idea of a thick and sturdy American-made herbal vaporizer made to fit easily in your palm and get instant, and instantly powerful, vapor. The addition of a Bluetooth-enabled mobile application to customize heating is another plus. However, like so much of life, expectations exceed reality, and we don’t end up as elevap-ed as anticipated. Read the Vapesterdam takedown to see how the Elevape tries to get off the ground.

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Product Pros

  • Strong build quality
  • Instant heating
  • Lifetime warranty for electronic components

Product Cons

  • Battery life is only indicated through app
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Inconsistent app operation
  • Unattractive design


Elevape Smart Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

If nothing else, the Elevape has a pretty stable build. It’s precision-machined from airplane-grade anodized aluminum, the heat source is a titanium alloy, and the heating process is controlled by a microprocessor designed to check and maintain heat at a rate of 100 times per second.

The battery is a custom-made, 6-cell 1200mAh unit to power the light-activated “digital glow sensing technology”. The titanium alloy of the coil should  last for a decent amount of time, and even if the controls go buggy on you, the electronic components all come with a lifetime warranty.


Vapor Quality

The Elevape is a convection unit where the heating element is only really activated when you draw from the unit. The purpose of the microprocessor is to monitor the “glow” emitted by the heating coil over 100 fps to maintain consistent temperature in the heating chamber. There are 3 temperature presets  ranging from 305°F – 450°F, and these settings can be further customized using the mobile application.

The vapor definitely gets a bit hot due to the herb being located so close to the heating element, but it’s at least consistently performing.


Look and Feel

Part of the appeal of the Elevape is how solid the piece is supposed to look and feel, but this thing goes a bit farther than really necessary. The thick and blocky shape of the Elevape does not exactly imply elevation upon first glance; honestly, the rectangular prism build is kind of gross to look upon at first glance, like a big block with a mouthpiece on it. This sort of chunky build is better handled by more versatile units like the Prima.

There’s a few positive elements to the look and feel, however. The Elevape is measured at 2.7”x 1.25” x1.9”, and the surface is treated with a fairly smooth matte black finish; the Elevape is also pretty small and light (weighing in at 5.7oz / 168 grams), making it a fairly feathery device to handle for how obtuse the shape is.



Discreetness is definitely a stronger point of the The Elevape as it is quite small, which makes it easy to conceal in the hand.

As well, the instant heat-up helps to be able to take a few pulls on the sly. There is still some odor from the Elevape which is hard to cover up, so you’ll have to be careful with this when you’re out and about.


Ease of Use

The “smart” element to the Elevape is in reference to the use of a Bluetooth-enabled mobile application. This application will also automatically update the device’s firmware, though we have our doubts on how well this will hold up. The unit is easy enough to use even without using the mobile app, but you’ll be stuck with the standard issue vapor. This will still allow users to pull relatively easily just from a few quick drawls.

The modular design of the Elevape allows for the heating chamber to be disassembled and cleaned fairly reasonably, which is also appreciated.



The blocky shape of the Elevape won’t necessarily fit well in most pockets, despite how small the unit is overall. The way the mouthpiece sticks out also makes us think we’re eventually going to break it off while we’re in transit.

It is recommended to charge the unit for around 5 hours to start, then subsequent charges should only take 2-3 hours and will give the Elevape at least a day’s worth of battery life (somewhere between 50 to 80 pulls per charge). This puts portability more or less on par with most devices to grace our hands (and lips).


Will this be the last vape you’ll ever need, as per the manufacturer hype? Not likely, unfortunately. The Elevape is a neat idea, but at $325, this is a pretty premium-priced unit and we need to see better vapor performance and functionality before we feel like shelling out this much.

Here’s hoping the mobile technology of the Elevape is further refined in the future; as for right now, for this much dough, you can get something like a Pax 2 or 3 which will perform much more consistently. Even the Zeus Smite Plus or Utillian 720 will give strong performance at a much more reasonable price.

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