Everoll Cirro Vaporizer Review - Eve-Roll or Ever-Oll?
Build Quality74%
Vapor Quality76%
Look & Feel73%
Ease of Use73%
75%Overall Score

The Everoll Cirro is a really stealthy dual-purpose unit that you wouldn’t be shocked to find in some sort of spy movie. Do the inner workings match the well-designed exterior though? We’ve cooked up an in-depth review of this dry-herb and concentrate vape to help you decide whether it’s the one for you.

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Product Pros

  • Decent all-rounder
  • Stealthy

Product Cons

  • Vapor isn’t outstanding
  • It’s overpriced





Everoll Cirro Review: Breakdown


Everoll Cirro front profile

Build Quality

Build Quality

We must commend the makers of this device, although it’s not unusual to see sketchy products coming from China—this certainly isn’t one of them. We especially give notice to the excellent design which we’ll go over in a little more detail later.

They have also included something which is rarely seen on dry-herb vaporizers, a herb container screwed onto the bottom. Not only that but it can hold about 0.5 – 0.7 ground herbs allowing for greater portability.

The vaporizer uses convection heating in the chamber, this method of heating ensures a smoother and more even toast, that’s something every vaper should be happy about as it negates the need to constantly mix the bowl.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is neither good nor bad to be completely honest. When vaping dry herbs, you will get run-of-the-mill clouds that taste very standard.

Not bad at all, completely vapable however at this price (around 100 bucks), we really expect better and there are certainly other options that will make a better impression.

As for concentrates, it’s really more of the same. Obviously clouds will be denser if you use wax however there is no growth in flavor quality.


Everoll Cirro mouth piece detached


Look and Feel

The Cirro’s pièce de résistance is its design. It has certainly been a while since I was this impressed with a device’s exterior. It’s about the same size as any average sized palm and looks like a cool, shiny lighter.

Surprisingly, even though we’re accustomed to seeing flaws with Chinese products, this really feels great in the hand—from the hard, cool exterior to the convection chamber inside. All works perfectly and there were no concerns as to the integrity of the device.



As we mentioned, Everoll really put careful consideration into every nook and cranny on the Cirro. It seems as though discretion was at the forefront of its design team’s mind when they were at the drawing table.

I don’t know whether it’s the lighter-esque form or the fact that it only comes in what I can only call, inconspicuous black, but this vaporizer just doesn’t draw any attention. They really hit the nail on the head with that one.

Everoll Cirro flat display


Ease of Use

It couldn’t be easier to use, the one-button system is activated by a three-second press on a satisfying button. After that, you can cycle between three heat settings.

Not great and we would, again, expect more for a product in this price range but at least it offers some sort of flexibility and the heat can be customized a little.

As for its other use, as a concentrate vaporizer, it’s a case of inserting a little concentrate pad and using the Cirro as normal. It makes the device slightly harder to clean but it’s no more strenuous than with any other wax pen.



Great portability, the battery won’t withstand a marathon but it will definitely withstand up to an hour of continued vaping. Then there’s the hidden chamber at the bottom that holds a decent amount of material so you can refill on the go. If you are looking for a battery champion check out the Zeus Smite.

That’s not something we’ve seen a lot of on dry-herb vapes but it’s something that we would love to see more off.


Another overpriced vaporizer. That says nothing about the build quality or functionality of the Everoll Cirro, it just says that the company is very optimistic about the western market. If you need a dual-purpose device then this isn’t a bad choice, especially if stealth and discretion are high on your new vape prerequisites. However, we much prefer the quality of the Utillian 721 which offers a much more well-rounded experience. 

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