Exxus Mini Vaporizer Review – Mini Exx
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality55%
Look & Feel55%
58%100Overall Score

In the ongoing journey to find the smallest yet most effective portable vaporizer, we have been led back to the Exxus nexus. The Exxus Mini is designed to be an ultra-compact herbal vape with precise temperature control; like so many vaporizers before it, the Exxus Mini is supposed to be the smallest vaporizer ever (!!!). This makes the Exxus Mini positioned to give ultra-portable vaporizers like the Pax 3 a run for their money, but as with such small vapes, we always wonder at how decent the vapor quality. There’s only one way to find out: the Vapesterdam challenge! Let’s dive in and see how the big the Mini can get.

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Product Pros

  • Very small size
  • Pass-through charging

Product Cons

  • Vapor and mouthpiece both get hot
  • Vapor quality is limited
  • Expensive for an herbal vaporizer


Exxus Mini Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the Exxus Mini is not much different from other super svelte vaporizers we see. It functions officially as a conduction vaporizer, though the anodized heating chamber allows it some of the versatility of a convection vaporizer.

The herb chamber is fairly small as well, so keep in mind how the Mini will only be enough for one or two people at a time. A silicon mouthpiece is included, which you put inside the lid for the heating chamber. The unit does get quite warm during use (especially when using the higher temperature settings), which is to be expected from a vaporizer from this size.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is decent from the Mini, as much as one would expect from a vaporizer of this size. The temperature range is between 320°F – 430°F, which you can control using the up and down buttons and LED screen on the front of the unit.

The anodized steel heating chamber isn’t quite as good for retaining flavor as we would have hoped; perhaps a ceramic chamber would have worked a bit better for keeping the flavors intact. As it is, the vapor gets pretty warm with the Mini.

Exxus Mini Mouthpiece & Heating Chamber

Look and Feel

At only 4 inches tall and an inch in width, the Mini definitely lives up to its name. The brushed aluminum gunmetal casing feels solid enough to handle a bit of rough action if necessary, although the build is mostly plastic underneath. The OLED display shows icons for the unit turning on, turning off, charging, temperature settings, and a countdown for the device’s auto shutoff.

We can see why people would be enamored with the look of the Exxus Mini, as it looks fairly similar to the Pax models by Ploom. However, those familiar with both devices will likely see how the Pax models are from a higher manufacturing standpoint.



The Exxus Mini does pretty well for discreetness due to how small it is, and the LED screen can be easily covered up with one’s hand while out and about.

However, it’s not exactly smell-proof (at least not as much as the Pax 2 or 3), so you’ll have to keep this in mind for when you’re out and about with the Exxus Mini.


Ease of Use

The Mini is definitely designed to be easy for vaporizer newcomers to navigate. The unit uses one-button control, which is activated by clicking the button 5 times as per usual. When turned on, the unit will turn on to the last set temperature within the 30-second heat-up time.

Using at 350°F or less is best, otherwise you risk making the device uncomfortably hot and possibly combusting the herb. When filling the heating chamber, only load it about halfway and don’t pack too tight so even heat distribution can occur. There’s also 5 minute shutoff for the forgetful, like yours truly. The unit is charged by micro-USB, which is convenient enough.



The Exxus Mini definitely lends itself to portability due to how small it is. The build is strong enough to give you a good amount of security for carrying with you while in transit.

The battery of the Mini should last 2-3 hours of continuous use or 2 weeks at once a day of light usage, so this can make a decent value for the casual vape aficionado.


Other than the ultra small size, which has already been challenged and trumpeted by a variety of other models, there’s not really much else to recommend it beyond its portability. The LED display with exact temperature control is very much like the Loki Touch, the size and shape is similar to the Pax models, and the vapor quality is as negligible as any other number of vaporizers.

There’s also a glass mouthpiece available to help smooth out the vapor, but the idea of affixing glass to such a minor unit strikes us as a little unnecessary. In any case, at $129 USD the price could be better for a purely herbal vaporizer. For this kind of price tag, you can get more performance out of the V2 Series 7, the Zeus Smite Plus or any other number of other models. Don’t settle for miniature satisfaction!

What do you think about the Exxus Mini? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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